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Fucked At Job Interview

  • desipapa
  • August 31, 2015

At the age of 20, Sapna was a very provocative young woman. At 5’4″ she towered over her friends. She had waist length raven black hair, emerald green eyes, high cheekbones and a full red mouth. Her pussy was shaved bare, and her breasts were firm and full tipped with large red nipples Her legs and ass rippled with muscles from years of competitive swimming. And, as she studied her nude body in the mirror she could see a few drops of her own honey glistening on the swollen, purple lips of her pussy. Sapna was daughter of my neighbor and friend Dina Nath.

I had seen her grow in to a lovely sexy women and she has filled me with a strong desire to hold her in my arms, kiss her soft rosy lips and finally shove my hard cock in her tight smooth pussy. The opportunity came when she asked me for a part time job in my office. I was too eager to ask her to come for an interview. I was making all plans to get her to my private office and fulfill my long desire of fucking Sapna. I had no idea that Sapna had a desire to have sex with me too. She later told me that she had noticed bulge in my pants on occasions and always thought of holding my cock in her hands, sucking the red supada and getting her cunt filled with my monstrous cock. She had decided to wear a short black skirt that accentuated her legs and ass, and a sheer satin blouse. Unlocking the door she demurely walked back down the hall to Raj’s private office. There was a receptionist who had greeted her when she came in, but other than that there wasn’t another person anywhere nearby. When she walked into his office she could see him suck in his breath as I caught his first glimpse of her, and then studied her more carefully. “Come in, Sapna,” I said. Nervously coming around my desk, I offered her a chair directly in front of me. “How’s your Dad? I haven’t seen him for a few weeks.” “Oh he’s fine Raj uncle, he’s been out of town on work a lot lately.” Sitting down in the chair I had offered, Sapna crossed her legs, allowing her skirt to slide up her long, bare legs. As I moved back to sit behind my desk she could see that I hadn’t taken my eyes off her for a moment. Smiling she slowly inhaled a lungful of air pressing her erect nipples against the thin material of her blouse. From the way I was squirming she was pretty sure that that meaty pole was swelling — pressing against the inside of my pants. Allowing her purse to drop to the floor and spilling it contents caused me to jump from behind the desk to assist her — as she had hoped.

Bending forward she allowed me an eyeful of her breasts and hard nipples. As I moved to help her pick up her things, I could hardly believe what I was seeing, and as I moved closer to her I could smell the musk of her sex fill the air. Leaning back against the desk I just hoped she didn’t notice the incredible bulge in my pants. As she sat up her skirt hiked even higher up her thighs and I could now get a clear view of Sapna’s honey soaked, white lace panties. Looking up casually, Sapna was pleased to see that her act was having the desired effect. Incredibly, I began the interview, but not surprisingly the bulge in my pants refused to subside. As we talked she found herself just staring at the swelling in my pants and thinking more about how it would feel, than about the job she was supposedly applying for. And, as she stared she could feel a familiar twitching and itching between her legs. The more it itched the more she would squirm — trying to make it stop — and the more she squirmed the more she would rub her bare pussy against the increasingly damp material of her panties. I noticed her acting little strange which she later told me was because she wanted my hard cock in her pussy. After a few minutes her panties were totally soaked and she could feel her honey oozing out onto the cool leather of the chair she was sitting in. It was clear from watching me that I knew exactly what was going on, and that there was no point in maintaining any sort of pretense. Smiling at me provocatively, Sapna spread her legs to give me a full view of her honey soaked panties.

Then, sliding off the chair, she moved over to the desk next to me. Figuring the job was a goner, Sapna decided to go for what she really wanted — a good fucking from the monster she knew I had between my legs. Standing up she reached behind herself and unzipped her skirt, allowing it to fall to the floor in front of her. Then unbuttoning her blouse she tossed it down with her skirt — standing before me in only her thin honey soaked panties. I was amazed by the promiscuous behavior of my friend’s daughter — but not necessarily shocked, and certainly not disappointed. “I saw you the other day swimming,” Sapna said. “I saw that incredible cock, and I have been fantasizing about it ever since. I want…….no I need you to fuck me anyway you want…..but here and now………pleeeeeeassssssssseeeee.” “I know you did,” I said simply, “but if we do this, then you must do whatever I say…………no questions.” “Anything you say,” Sapna said smiling hungrily. I grinned with “You like men, don’t you Sapna? .. mota lumba lund..Nice big, hard cocks?” Sapna smiled back challenging him — nodding. “You’re very young, though Sapna? 19 I think.” “20….yes,” she said, “just last week.” “Have you ever had a hard cock up your ass.. kabhi tumane gaand marwai hai..?” “Noooo,” Sapna said a little nervously. “Well you will today, aaj tumako gaand marwane ka maja main dunga..” I said. Never taking his eyes off her luscious body, I pulled off my shirt and took off my pants tossing them onto a nearby chair.

Then pulling off my underwear I revealed a cock that was easily 8″ — fat and swollen. “Take it deep in your mouth,” I said to Sapna, “lo mera lund aapane munh mein..chooso mere lund ko..suck it.” She nearly gagged on its length as she knelt between my legs. She smelled the muskiness between my legs. She had never seen a cock this size before. It was huge with a swollen purple head. She had little time to dwell on her thoughts under the current circumstances, however. Grabbing it with her fingers, she allowed her head to bob up and down, her teeth lightly teasing his swollen shaft. Abruptly, I grabbed a handful of Sapnas’s mane of heavy black hair and yanked her head back. “Now, I am going to see if your ass is as sweet as your mouth. Take down your panties and bend over the desk… aab main dekhunga ki tumhari gaand bhi itani hi mast hai jaise tumhara munh..aab mere table per jhhuko..aapani gaand upar kar ke..” Aroused by the way I was treating her, Sapna followed my orders. No sooner was her firm backside exposed as she bent herself across my desk than I inserted a long slender finger deep into into her hot vagina and wiggled it vigorously. “Mmmmm,” I whispered, “your pussy’s wet…tumhari boor to bahut gili ho gayee hai..tumako mera lund chahiye na .you do want my cock, don’t you?” My observation was undeniably true. Sapna felt her honey flowing all down her thighs, and the thought of me in her was making her crazy. I slid my finger in and out of her juicy cunt, quickly, finger-fucking her while massaging her engorged clit. Sapna was on fire. “Ooh, yes, Sapna somehow I knew you’d like this, but wait till you feel this monster probing your backside…maja aa raha hain na baby..abhi to aur maja aayega jab ye mera lund tumhari tight gaand mein ghusega……..stretching you out..tumhari gaand bhaar dega mera lund….filling you up.”

I crawled between her legs, never ceasing my finger fucking of her wet pussy. I slid my entire hand over Sapna’s pussy, coating it with her sweet, fragrant honey. The aroma of her young juices filled the room. Sapna steadied herself against the desk while she heard liquid being poured behind her. She dared not turn around or ask questions, but her mind reeled with possibilities. Her sexual experiences had been varied, but she had never allowed any to take her from behind like this. Some of her friends had said that ass-fucking was ugly and painful, while others had said it was wildly sexy and hot. Her pussy was so hot under my probing fingers; it was hard to imagine that a horrible experience was to follow. My finger now drew back from Sapna’s steaming cunt and probed for her asshole. She wondered if the pussy juice on his finger made it ease so smoothly into her virgin hole, but then she realized that I must have poured something on my finger to make it feel like sweet oil — greasing her up. Once inside, the finger wiggled about and Sapna heard herself moan. The sensation of penetration and movement reverberated from my finger up through her belly clear through her spine to the base of her brain. She shouldn’t like this, she told herself…..but she was loving it. Unconsciously, she rocked her behind in tandem with my skillful finger as it slid in and out of her. Sapna felt like she had a pulsating piston in her ass. And when my movements abruptly stopped, she wanted to scream in protest and frustration. Then she felt her cheeks being spread wide open.

With a sudden thrust I greased lund invaded her gaping, hungry bottom and Sapna screamed in pain. “The pain will stop in just a second,..abhi tumhara dard khatam ho tumhe bahut maja aayega..” I said urgently, “and then you will feel intense pleasure.” Sapna almost fainted from my initial searing thrust but lust kept her on her feet. My cock had plunged only halfway into her virgin bottom. Even the generous amount of lubricant couldn’t mitigate the sheer size of my monstrous cock. My hands gripped Sapna’s hips firmly and squeezed as I penetrated her deeper. Sapna squirmed and moaned in a mixture of pleasure and pain. Her body was overwhelmed by swirling sensations that seemed without origin or destination. And then her sphincter relaxed and admitted my enormous girth and length of the my throbbing penis. The rest of her body was suddenly at sublime attention as my cock foraged its wicked path up her anus. I thrust my hips back and forth twisting my cock deep inside Sapna’s primed ass relentlessly, plunging my cock deeper with each thrust. Sapna’s body trembled as it absorbed the constant pounding. Her body twitched, writhing in sensations that spun her brain around the room. With a lust that overwhelmed her, she spread herself across the desk, while her wide-open ass voraciously consumed the cock. She’d never been hungrier for anything in her life.

We writhed and moaned pumping each other like the sexual animals we were, yelling out our pleasure, filling the room with our untamed, pungent odors. Oblivious to anything except herself and her own pleasure, Sapna shoved her ass onto my prick with single-minded abandon. She threw her weight toward me each time I rammed into her. Sounds emerged from her throat that seemed to emanate from some non-human source. As her hungry asshole attempted to devour my shaft, Sapna thrust her hand furiously at her own clit. Sapna’s lithe body undulated with each orgasmic wave, riding it to new heights by constantly playing with her pussy. When rubbing her clit took her to one level, she grabbed for a cylindrical piece of crystal that was decorating my desk. Twisting her body slightly she shoved it into her cunt. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as she alternated my cock in her ass and the warm glass wand in her hot pussy. Her heart pounded as she experienced the sensation of being fucked from both ends. Exploding in total ecstasy Sapna thrashed under me convulsing in a wild series of uncontrollable orgasms. And, remarkably I reciprocated — taking one long, last thrust I plunged deep into her bottom shooting a torrent of white hot cum deep inside her — so deep she thought that it felt as if I was coming in her throat.

Incredibly, I was still hard and apparently not finished. Grabbing Sapna’s hips I flipped her over and pushed her back up onto my desk. Then, spreading her legs wide I exposed her bare, wet pussy, bending down, I flicked my tongue across her swollen clit, tracing long slow circles around it — tasting the juice — sucking on it — biting it -making her shiver. Staring into her eyes, I ran a hand over my enormous cock, and smiled. “Now you can have what you really came for, and where you wanted it all along.” “Oh god yes Raj uncle,.. mujhe chodo..meri boor mein aapana mota lumba lund ghusa do.” Sapnas moaned, “fuck my pussy, please fuck my pussy….chodo mujhe..phar do meri choot..” Wiggling her hips in anticipation she reached for it trying to grab it and put it inside her. “Stop teasing me..aab tarapao nahin raj uncle..” she screamed and “just fuck me hard… baas pelo..meri choot maro..meri boor ko phar dalo..ohhhh” Spreading her legs wide I rammed my penis deep inside her exposed and hungry pussy — pumping and twisting — with no pretense or subtleties. Under me Sapna squirmed and screamed, thrusting her hips off the big desk — her eyes locked on the monster that was filling her up. Panting and moaning she begged me to fuck her harder, while she reached down to squeeze my balls doing everything she could to make me come.

Driving harder and harder, she could feel every nerve ending tingle. Her mind was lost in the intense fucking. Feeling her orgasm approaching she pounded the desk with her fists and screamed, “comeeeeeeee with meeee nowwwwwww!!!!! Mere saath jharo uncle..Oh god ooooooh goddd I’m coming..main jhar rahi hoon..ohh my god..kitana achcha laag raha hai..!!!!” I kept pumping as her body was wracked with wave after wave of massive orgasms, and then in a single final thrust, I shot another stream of hot cum deep inside her. Moaning loudly I collapsed on her sweat streaked body. My chest covering her flushed breasts. After a minute, raising myself onto my elbows I lightly kissed her lips. “You’ve got the job,” I said smiling, “assuming you can work nights.” She simply smiled and squeezed my cock. “Whenever and what ever you want uncle Raj” Anyone interested in having friendship should e-mail me

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