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  • desipapa
  • September 4, 2015

Hi I am Anjali aged 36yrs and goodl ooking housewife in Bilaspur and my husband is in business and I belong to a rich family and in my sasural I have MIL,FIL and one brother in law who is unmarried and studying engineering in Bombay and have two children.

My sex life is now in routine and my husband always wants to share my fantasy with him and always I say I don’t have any but actually when I masturbate I think about my brother in law and one of my mamajis friend who is very tall.

My husband quite often ask whether I will like to have sex with somebody else and I always refused and he insisted to do it and he wants to watch me and encourage me to open in talk in our sexual activity but till today I am not very bold with him. Due to this encouragement last month in real my first sexual encounter with a stranger happened.

I went to Kanpur at my parents place and my younger sister who is also married also was there so one day I asked my sister to go along to see movie in afternoon and she agreed and my mom said she will not join as she had to attend a puja ceremony in neighborhood and we both sister went to movie. When we reached cinema hall we got the ticket easily and we entered in the balcony and found that barely 15/20 people were there and we sit in middle row.

I was in saree because in morning I had a plan to attend puja ceremony with mom and later I decided to watch movie and I came here in saree .

Movie was really bore from the beginning so I was thinking to go back home but then torch man came to us and said hall is barely occupied so we can sit in the last row so we can watch better and I came to know that he had something in mind and I asked my sister to come in back but she said better go home and I said now I am enjoying the movie.

We sat in the last row and my sister in 5 minutes slept on the chair. Then the same torch man came and sit next to me and I saw him and found that he must be around 50yrs old and was dark in color and masculine body and was drunk in afternoon and first I thought I should wake my sister and ask her to move then I thought first let him initiate and in

2/3 minutes he place his hand on my back at chair and slowly he touched my shoulder with the fingers and then he touched my bare potion in back near my neck I looked at him he withdrew his hand and unzipped his front and took out his penis and it was placid not erected but it was app 7inch in that form and I was shocked to see that immense penis and struck it in my mind after erection it will be 10 inch and never thought a man can have so massive penis and I remembered that my husband encourage me to taste the sex with somebody else so I thought I will enjoy to some extent and till that time I was bit aroused and again he placed his hand in my back on the chair and did the same and touched fingers on the lower neck portion and I said nothing and my sister stirred at that time and he immediately put his penis inside and again when my sister resumed her sleep he started and now my pussy was getting dripping slowly and he

Then placed his hand firmly on my shoulder again then I said nothing and he tried to slide his jand on my boobs and instantly I removed his hand because in that position anyone can see his hand on my breast so what I did that time I put my one leg on my another knee and taken pallu in that manner my front was totally covered from the view and left open space between my breast and saree for him and he understood immediately

And he instantly put his hand on my breast from the side and started squeezing it slowly and now I was on fire and really enjoying and then after 2/3 minutes with his fingers he started open my hooks of blouse and easily he opened all and then he placed his hand in back and unbuckled my hook of bra and now my bare breast was his in hand and he was now squeezing both my breast and nipples and

I saw my sister was in sleep and everybody was looking ahead in theatre and after 10 minutes he bent and tried to place his mouth on my breast but I refused him and signaled towards my sister that she can see anytime so he used some force and then I got up forcefully and he also scared and left me, my sister also woke up and asked what happened and I said nothing and I felt some rat was there but It was my own saree touch so she again slept

And after 10 minutes he again came near to me and sat next to me and placed his hand on my breast and started squeezing it and then from the breast he started his hand journey towards my navel and then inserted his finger in my saree and touched my panty and simply he could reached where my pubic hair starts and beyond that point there was no scope so he kept massaging there and he very softly said in my ear now in 5 minutes interval is there so after that he will wait for

Me in ladies toilet and no ladies were in balcony barring we sisters so nobody will come and I refused simply by nod and interval was on screen and lighting was getting on and he went away and I immediately hooked my bra and closed my blouse opening and shook my sister and I asked to come out to take some cold drink and she said didi this is a bore movie and asked me to ahead for home but I said what will you do at home only will sleep so you can sleep here.

I said I am enjoying movie and when we bought cold drinks and popcorn then I saw that torch man was standing in the corner and I looked around no other staff was there and in 10 minutes everybody came in the hall sat on their respective seats. Again movie started and this time my sister was watching movie so now I thought there is no chance for me to play with torch man and he also did not come near me after half an hour my sister again started sleeping.

I started feeling horny and then I said to my sister I am going to toilet and I handed her one small purse I was carrying to her and I started towards toilet and when I was about to leave the hall I saw my sister was again and she was sleeping so I knew her sleeping habit she sleeps without time and came out and found total lounge was deserted and nobody was there and even torch man was not around.

I entered in the washroom and I opened first cabin there was no one I opened second no one was there too and I opened third one and he was there and waiting for me and when I entered he locked the cabin and tried to kiss me on my lips and I avoided his face as it was very rough and drink smell was like a rotten fruit so he started kissing me on my neck and simultaneously tried to open my blouse.

I said no and for his sake I opened my two buttons and pulled my breast out for him and he unzipped his trouser and pulled his massive penis out and he placed my hand on it and it started erect and he asked me to suck and I refused and he forcefully tried and I said I will vomit and go out then he asked can he suck my pussy and I said go ahead and he sit on his knee and removed my panty.

I uplifted my saree and put his mouth on my pussy and he started sucking it and he was a good sucker and he was drinking my juice happily and I started moaning like see ahaaa lo ooo vellyy and I asked him to do fast my sister is not sleeping so he stood and sucked both nipples for 2 minutes and by that time he had full erected penis and when I saw full erected then really I was in love with that thing and looking so immense and thick and when

I saw his red glans penis it was like a throbbing animal and I said wait one second I felt it with hands and then I don’t know how I took him in the mouth and he started breathing heavily and by sucking his cock I made him so hard like a rock and he pulled me up and said he will not be able to hold for long so he asked me to take his penis inside and I pulled up my saree and he withholding his penis with one hand he was looking for the way of my lower entrance and then

I by the help of my hand I guided his penis into me and he thrust his penis and started stroking and at that time my internal wall were on fire and I wanted more of penis inside me but we couldn’t get in position so he asked me to bend in doggy style and from behind he entered me and this time his penis was in full inside me and the pleasure and pain was so immense and was worth to had sex with this guy and after almost 15-20 strokes

I felt my second orgasm with him really shattering and he also shot his sperm in my cunt and I felt huge load of his penis and started dripping out from my pussy then I stood properly and I asked him to leave and he zipped his trouser and opened the door and looked around he said nobody is there and went away then I made myself as better was possible and came out and entered in the hall and my sister was waiting looked concerned and she said she was about to

Come with the help as I was out for more than half an hour I said I got scared thought some male entered in the washroom so I closed myself and when I got confirmed then I came out she said yes you are not looking normal and asked me to move towards home and I said ok and we came back. Please tell me and advise me should I share it with my husband or I should keep in my memory box.

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