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Fuck On Eid Day

  • desipapa
  • September 14, 2015

Hallo desi friend, Asif once again with his new sex encounter. This was happened on very next day of eid when my Khala was at our home along with their daughters, because Khaloo lives abroad so they decided to spend a day with us. My two cousins were Samina and Nadia. Samina is 22 years old and she is getting marriage in two weeks, and Nadia is 19 years old. Both are beauty of its own class, Samina is very fair in color and have a very evenhanded body, height is 5’ 4” and figure 36B-25-38, when ever she wears tight cloths her figure looks more prominent, and every boy wishes to fuck her. On the other hand Nadia is around 5’ 2” and figure 34B-25-36, she has his own style, short silky hairs and whenever I saw her my dick came to life. As a cousin we are very frank and open. We often chat about films, movies and friends, but never on sex.


It was second day of eid and my Khala’s family was at our home, in the evening I was going to my friend’s home, Samina called me from behind, where are you going Asif?, I said, my friend’s home, She said, Are you going Model Town, I said yes, She said, OK, I also want to go with you because I have to go my friend’s home as well. Can you drop me at G Block? I said OK, than hurry up I am waiting for you in the car. After five minute Samina was on front seat of the car and when we left the home she said that she had to pick a gift from home for my friend, I said OK, first we will go your home and than to yours friend. I turned my car to Samina’s home. After 10 minutes we were at her home, she turned on the light and I asked her for some water, and I sat on the sofa, when she was handing me the glass of water her dupata slipped from the shoulder and I have a nice glimpse of her front, she arranged her dupata in hurry and went back to her room to collect the gift, she called from the room, Asif it will take five minutes and she was in little anger, when I was going towards her room I was thinking about all the sex encounters I had before, Pakiza, her maid Shabnam, Pakiza’s friend Nisha and my family mate Rija, my dick was becoming hard and at last the view of Samina’s beautiful hite breast was making my dick rod iron,  When I entered her room I saw that Samina was busy in wrapping the gift and she was talking to herself that Nadia kee bachi I said to you wrap the gift, but she left it as is it, now we are getting late, Samina was busy in wrapping the gift while her dupata was on the bed and she was bent and I have a very good view of her white breast, when she saw me, she picked up the dupata, than I said you looks beautiful without dupata as well, and I gave her a smile, she smiled as well and said, Asif I am observing you are becoming more naughty these days, I often observe you stares at my breast, and you trying to find something in them, she smiled with some meanings.


Than I said, Samina, You know I love to adore beautiful things and your breasts are on top of them, though I didn’t saw them full, but I can imagine how beautiful they are?, white rounded and your nipple must be of pink color like cherry, Samina was listening me open mouthed. Than I picked myself up from the bed and I put my both hands on her shoulders and I said, Look Samina, you are going to be merry in two weeks, but my wish to saw your breast will remain the wish, I wanted to saw them unwrapped and open to me, and I kissed on her lips, she was totally surprised on my these actions, than I requested her that I wanted to saw her unclothed and she smiled on me and said, only without clothes, I said what you wishes, her these words were even more shocking to me when she said, I like it when your hard dick will fucked me and I wanted to be fucked by you. When I listened this I went out of control and I kissed her passionately and she was kissing me back in the same way as well, I was fondling her beautiful breast while she was rubbing her hands on my back. I kissed her neck and throat and I was making her horny with my passionate kisses and touches, I was unzipping her qameez and she unbuttoned my shirt, my shirt was out of my pant and I was busy on her qameez to free her from her white body, I kissed on her front and on her breast while she was rubbing her hands in my hairs. I pulled her shalwar down and she was in her black panties I kissed on her naval and than slowly I pull down her panties, ohhhh goooddd what a pussy she has, the pure white pussy without any hairs, I start kissing her and she was opening her legs more and more for me, she was hot like blaze between her legs and I was sucking her pussy lips, I push her down on the bed and I was on the floor, on my knees, and than I put her both legs on my shoulders and I start sucking Samina’s wet pussy, than I put my middle finger on her pussy lips and I rubbed them hard, Samina was moaning, oooohhhhhhh….aaahhhhhhh…aaammmmmm, and I was fingering her fast and fast, whenever I touched her g-spot Samina squeezes her breast and moan aaaaammmmm…aaahhhh..Aaaaasssiiiiiiffff it’s very nice, touch me like this, I love itttt….aaaahhhhhhh…ooohhhhh, these words made me hornier and I fingered her faster than before.

Than I stand up from the floor and I dropped my underwear, my dick was erected at 90 degrees and I rubbed it on Samina’s hot pussy, and during this I start sucking Samina’s breast, I was sucking them hard and I took Samina’s right breast into my mouth while squeezing the left breast. Samina was moaning oohhhhh..aaahhhhh aaaaaahhhhhh, yeah do it Asif, I like it, yeah I like it, than I wrapped her legs around me and I pushed my hard dick deep into the wet cave of Samina’s pussy, it was hot and slippery, I was pushing hard and rough, when I was jerking my dick in and out of Samina’s wet pussy her breast were moving like two hills and her nipples were popped out as well, I was fucking Samina very hard and I was sucking her breast as well, while her hands were on my hips, and she wanted my whole dick deep inside her wet and hot pussy, she was now shouting yeah yeah Asssiiiff….aaahhhhhh…aaaahhh….iii ammm commiinnng…oooohhhhhh fuck me hard, if I knew that you are such a nice fucker I liked to be fucked everyday by you, you have such a nice hard big dick. I like to sucked him, I said OK, I withdraw my dick from her wet pussy, my dick was white due to a lot of discharge of Samina, now she was sucking my dick, and she was master in that as well. Her hands were on the base of my dick and when her mouth comes upwards with the dick her right hands moves on my dick as well, than I asked her to come into 69, and she was sitting on my chest, sucking my dick while I was sucking her pussy. My whole load was now inside her mouth and she was enjoying it a lot. Than I asked Samina for more sex, she said no, not now we will do it again, and I said is it a full promise? She said yeah, it is.

Then I went into the bathroom and I wash my dick while Samina washed her pussy. She picked up the gift for her friend, and I canceled my program to visit my friend, on the way to home I asked Samina, is she was fucked before? She said yeah her fiancé Mazher had fucked her before, she told me that Mazher thinks that it’s an adventure to fuck the wife before the marriage. Samina said but I liked the adventure if wife is also fucked by anyother before her marriage and I am happy that I choose you as my fucker and I wish to be fucked again by you before marriage once again. I promised her to fuck her again before her marriage than I asked Samina that I wanted to merry Nadia and either she can help me? She said OK, I will try for it, but you have to do one thing for me? I asked what sort of thing? Samina said you have to fuck me again. I promised her to fuck her again, because I wanted to merry Nadia and I wanted to fuck her as well.


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