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  • September 14, 2015

HAI DESI FRIENDS, I AM ALSO ONE OF U,My name is Raju , I am Bangalorian stying in Kolar now, I already published one my story name BANGALORE BEAUTIES FUCKED ME and because of this story, another story happenned ie iam going o tell u now.

Just before 1 month ago happnned this, 11/2 month before i recieved one mail about reading my story, to my address I read it. Its was from a lady of 21 years , her name is ASMA From K.G.F ( Kolar Gold Field). saying that Mr Raju I read ur Story in desipapa, really it is beautiful thank u for publishing it. I replayed thanks to her, like that we each other exchanged our information snaps and phone number, we two chat so many days for somany hours, and talk in phones for somany days One manth ago she phoned me to come to KGF that she will geme being friend, she gave me her address Being I was studied in KGF College I understood her address and the next day I attended for the correct time before Her Door.and I rang Door Bell. Door was Opened I ,she was her servant i think , i think she already planned, her servant invited me idide and i sat on sopha i asked her where is ASMA servant replaid wait a minute and she raplaid please come and have ur brakfast, just i am looking for asma i was tensed But no one else only servant. i had breakfast idly’s with drumstick sambar. ilike it very much. I had all. servant came and now she told me that Sir,Please come i astonished the house is already very big it is like palace she picked me to one of the room and she ponted one door and said please Go to that room madam is waiting for u, my work is over Now i leave sir, she daid this and she went to her house by closing the front door of the house, I feel an peculiat acting of her. I really tensed about what is happenning there. but i entered the servant pointed room….

!!!! oh myyy Goooooooood I just opened the door No one one inside and no lights inside DARK room i feel some one pushed me inside and the door was close,a sound appeared Hi raju iam ASMA now All the lights are one My God , What a beauty standing before me waring the thin sary and jocket which was also thin, the nipples are being visible outside the sary Border will be putting onmiddle of the two boobs the boobs are standing a very nice rounded well devoleped boobs just like two hills stand each side and the sarry is of one rounded only and without wearing the underwear her tits was rounded like banana tree and i really she is
totally different from the snap she already send. it was not so clear and it was halp snap. I was looking
her just standing Onceagain All the lights get off. I think the powercut. within 2 seconds AC get on and the cool air started to feel, oneside i am sterlink thinking is she is devil or some think why its happening like this onother side i am feeling coool, for that coool nes my lund become riseing to hotten and harden, unexpected the lights on.

Angel lile asma lying on the bed with same dress , that room very big i think Big bedroom 20 X 30 she called me i moved near to her She told I am ur friend asma this something like special invitation to u look me full, I am feeling peculiar, but when i looked her HER FACE IS LIKE FILLED , AND AS SAME AS TITANIC HEROIN, AND MORE THAN HER , HER LIPS WOW SHINING TWO ( TONDE KAYIGALU) LIPS. TWO HILLS LIKE BOOBS STANDING ERECRING. AND HER SPOT ON STOMACH IT IS CALLED HOKKALU IN KANNADA I DONT KNOW IN ENGLISH, IT IS HJUST LIKE WELL REOUNDED WELL. I AM BECOMING TEMPTED Now shestood and accidentally hugged me the hills like nippelled boobs suddenly give me pushes. Wow what a boobs i never seen such a boobs stood like that and given me an such tipe of push i feel two of them killed me by pushing like sword. her dress was already sexy toooooooo. the pussy point was viseible very nicely through white sarry She pushed me on bed and she jumped on me parallel on me oh my god what her trix to make me emotional toooo, i excited really, and now laying on me she told this 3 days my family will gone to attend the
marriage of my father friend. so i remained for u saying that i have college to ,So I invited u like this a man dont think bad,Now think about me only, The Good fragrance is coming in room fragrance is saying excite man
fuck her kill her like anything. She put her mouth on my mouth and sucked like anything about 25 minutes
so excited she was. i was not yet stated my art, in bottom i am feeling her pussy on my lund rubbing on it
the cloth will be there inbetween, now I stated my art, suddenly i stood , she become astonished i just asked her where is Toiled ,oh!!! she loughed oh my god i get tensed see that is toilet shepointed, I entered to it and
and i cummed there i was already excited to her beauty, but not wanted to fuck her directly. Iam always dont fuck directly after playing silly thing about one and half hour i make the female to be excited tooooo and then i enter. B BECAUSE I KNOW THE 42 ARTS OF FUCKING, I CAN FUCK ANY WOMEN SHE JUST NOT

I finished in toilet and returned to bed, she herself Gave me apple and milk which was kept beside the Bed on table. i had it, the AC and lights was running through REMOTE she showed me and raised the degree of cold the climate become too cooool, now the only the ways to become hot is we both should tough each other. I understood the reason and I jumped on her the bed was about 4 feets thickness CURLON BED with nice pushings, when i jumped on her her boobs pushed my chesh and my harden lund entered middle of two
her legs giving a for push on pussy, she sai aan, just like the sound when we pierce any oneby sword. She was Virgin, her colour was ful whitish and smoooooooth skin, if i touch her hand just for touch only the spot become red somuch colour she was, I STARTED TO PLAY MY ARTS Playing like silly baby, Aa thonde
hanninantha thutigalu kachi thinndubidalu try madide i bited her redddd lips shinign bited like anything, like
that i entered to the neck i bite the neck also she is fondeling now i asked her one tie she asked me for why.i
just told i want it she gave it from draw. i tied her hands and legs to cot, now the each hands of her was
90 degrees, and the legs also far from eachother 90 degrees, now she is like X shaped her stomach is thin
but the booobs man i never seen like that girl she has boon to get like that boobs I payed with that boobs
about 11/2 hour if u trust or not it is real, they are milky boobs stood stright and the nipple point is like straberry on ice cream i have sucked ,eaten,pushed and did evary thing what i like all, she is dying like anything for that by feeling great heaven, The sroty is tooo long it is just 20% only if u want to know Full mail me to my address.
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