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  • desipapa
  • October 1, 2015

This story is about my father witch I came to know shortly. I am working as a sales officer and frequently I travel out side. One day when I returned home late, I was tired and was having pain in the back .My wife gave me two sleeping pills and I went to sleep. In the mid of the night I got up and I did not found my wife in the bed. I found there was mooring sound and light coming from the next room.

I peeped through the door and found both my father and my wife LEEN were completed naked. Leena was standing in front of the dressing mirror and my father was fucking her daughter-in-law from the backside. They were seeing the erected cock going in and coming from my wife’s pussy in the mirror. My cock got erected and I hold the hot rod in my hand, started giving jerks as I see the father’s land working as a train. But what I was doing. Leena is my wife why I should not fuck her. I fund my father has changed the position, now my father was lying on the bed and my darling Leena was sitting on his panes facing towards me, father was holding her 36c size boobs in both the hands , Leena was giving up & down jerks on him. Suddenly Leena got exhausted and fell on my father, but my father did not stop there. Immediately he Rolled Leena to bottom Leena lifted one thigh and place it on shoulder, which allowed more fucking space. You are doing nice chudai, keep on doing.” father fucked her pusy with full speed.

At time even the whole cock was coming out from the pussy and going deep in side. The whole 9” lond of my father was totally in side his daughter-in-law’s vegina. I could not control my self. I went inside the bathroom masturbated and discharged. I returned to bed and slept. Next day night I again pretended of back pain and asked for sleeping pills. Leena gave 2 pills witch I did not took and slept. In the midnight I got up and again I found leena is missing my bedroom and was in my father’s bed. They are again playing the same fucking game. Now Leena is in doggy position and my father is fucking her like a dog. Leena told “fuck me hard daddy ,push further in side ,do not take out. Don’t stop your cook fucking When I was in school you were fucking very hard.

Though I was14 years only I was not looking for young boys, not even to your son till you gave the proposal of getting him married. I was so happy to be your daughter-in-law. I could get two cooks as I desired. When he is out on job I get the real pleaser. But daddy I want both of you once to fuck me and give me the pleaser. I have to wait and find some occasion to propose.” My father how is around 50 now but is able to fuck daily. I could under stand what my father is doing when I am out on official job. My mother has died when I was a child. My wife Leena’s parents were our neighbor & Leena use to come to our house when she was a child. Since than father use to fuck her. I find Leena started moving her Gand to & fro in doggy position, but suddenly she fell on the bed and asked” Daddy don’t stop I am coming. I am in the haven” She closed her eyes and fathers land was full of jues.She was making “ohh-ahha-our jour say. “After few seconds she told “ Daddy I can not take further, Let me rest.” Leena told. Father has not discharged till than. He told “Leena just few minutes , let me discharge” saying so he put Leena flat on her back, lifted both the legs to his solder and inserted the 9”long cock (land) straight in to her pussy. He started vigorous strokes in her pussy.

My cock got fully erected. I could not control my self, and started giving jerks. Leena has closed the eyes and was saying “No Daddy, already twice I have com, discharge to day . Monday he is going out, we can have nice fucking.” She cot hold of father, and father with 2,3 jerks discharged in side my wife’s pussy. I could not controlled my self seeing father and his daughter-in-law having so nice fucking. I went in side the bathroom holding the hot erected iron rod. When I came out I found Leena has come to my bed room. Seeing me also she was not disturbed.

I asked, is the game over? She replied, darling, you know father is not having his wife, what is wrong if I give him some pleasure. Saying so she kissed and cot hold of my erected land. Seeing the blue film of my wife and father I was hot. I asked since how long you are having this game with father. Darling don’t get angry, your father has fucked me when I was 14-15 years only. He was playing with my small breasts when I was of 10 years and was in class 6. He was playing with my pussy before the hairs grow in it. He fingered my pussy when I was a child. He first fucked me at the age of 14-15, when I became 16 he got me married to you. Darling, tell me how I can say no to him when he has lost his wife .All along he was holding my land and was giving slow jerks. I was hot at that time, holding her 36 sizes I pressed her pussy in other hand. I removed her nighty, bra and panty, took one breast in my mouth other in my hand. She was not in a mood far another round of fucking as she had 2-3 trips of fucking with father.

She told darling let me take your land (cock) in mouth and discharge. She took my land in her mouth and started sucking .The land got further erected, became 91/2 “ long and 3’ dia. After few jerks I discharged and poured my love honey .we went to bathroom to clean our self. In the bathroom she again kissed my land and told darling why can’t we have fucking all three together one day. I can take both of you in my both holes. I told, yes we can have that style also some day just like the films we have seen. Friends that story some other day. If you want to have friendship with me specially if you are from Bhubaneswer and have information regarding call girls at Bhubaneswer please contact me at

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