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Fuck My Mami

  • desipapa
  • September 10, 2015

Hi to all desi papa erotic stories reader i am kunal (obviously changed name) from uk,i am 22 yrs of age , i live with my parents in UK we moved to this country about six years back from Bangalore we have relatives only from my mum’s side over here i.e my mama mami mausi mausa aur cousins.this is an incedent i am narrating now is happened between me and my elder mami. I have two mama and incedent i am about to tell is of my elder mama’s wife elder mama has got two sons both are about 5-7 yrs younger than me, I always go to my mama’s plays to play woth their kids as i havent got too many friends of my age and my mama also like their kids playing with me istead any gora’s (british) kids and after few hours of play i take shower at my mama’s place, have lunch and tea and go back home this is been routine for long time. and at tea i always seat with my mami on dining table while kids go and take their shower and start their homework after play.
I had very gud relationship withmy mami and we used to chat about everything like news movies tv soaps music relationships, now this days we had new topic came along and that was puberty as mami;s elder son is just turned 16 and mami is start finding wet socks under his bed means he started masturbating, and mami and mama were feeling hesistance about talking this stuff to kid so mami asked me to explain and teach all this thing to ravi, and i mischiviously asked what i need to tell him so mami gave me naughty smile and said dont play with me kun u know what i meant , and she squeezed my bum after saying that since that moment i started fantasizing her and started looking at her differant way.

My mami is about 32 years old slim and short lady average size boobs, now story begans when my parents decided to go india for week, it was happiest day for me as i decided after they gone i will arrange call gurls and have a sex fest, but insted that my parents arranged my mama and mami to look after me , which made me bit of dissapointed but it was gonna turn out good for me in end,my mama got his shop out of town so he goes to work at 9.30 after dropping kids of to school and return at 7-8 at night and mami was complete house wife, so after my parents left to india mami used to come every morning at about 10 – 10.30 as she given keys b my parents and cook my lunch and do bit of house work and then when i come back from college at 2.30 we chat until kids and mama comes back one day I cam home in my free clas$ from college and i seen mami’s car was parked outside i was bit amused by that as normally she dont come this early so i opened door but there was nobody down stairs so i went upstaris and i started hearing moaning and heavy breathing sound  from my room i looked from key hole i see that my mami was wachin porno from my pc, I got excited and flet like I got my chance now which I was looking for long time, now I slowly opened my bedroom door and got in as the way the door was located in bedroom she was unable to realize that door is opening and somebody is standing behind her watching and moaning sound of her and porn movie was unable to hear any noise of door opening, next step I wanted some how to get her attention so I made noise by clearing my throught and she turned around on shocking speed knowing she is caught, and she said what the fuck? U doin here now and I replied I came to see what u doin” and then I started staring her ‘wat u looking at ? huh’. I was like ‘mami wat else can i look at, now dont ask me to get into the details’. She then said ‘hmm.. boy u’ve grown up’.. i replied ‘long time back, its just that u noticed it now’. Continuing i said ‘ waise maami u havent changed.. ure as pretty as any other girl.. u’ve done a lot to maintain ureself.. havent you ?’.

She was like ‘oh common, u asshole  dont be flirtatious with me,  and go away I am feeling ashamed now i was like ‘maami im serious’. She replied ‘yea and you noticed it now’ and started to laugh. I was like ‘okaaaaaaay’ and told her that yea i have been admiring her for long but never had the courage to tell her. She asked me is there anything else u want to tell me as u are full of courage right now ?. i replied ‘yea.. i find u very hot and ive many times….. u know wat i mean ?’ She said ‘yea i know… u have many times dash dash dash but do u want to convert ure fantasies into reality ?’ I replied ‘i would love to’. She said ‘that u’ve got it hero’. With that we both smiled and she stood up came close to me.. sat on my lap and gave me a real tight hug. I moved my finger on her face.. from her forehead till her lips and opened them a bit and started kissing her.

She broke the kiss and said lets do it on bed, its not comfortable at all over here. i was like as you say mistress. We laid into bed. I started to take off her clothes  as there was hardly any thing left on herone by one while kissing her and my tongue explored her mouth. and we were still kissing like crazy teenage lovers. I held both her boobs in my hand and started to press them. I lay her on the bed, kissed on her neck.. gave her a lovebite and then came down and started to suck her boobs. i moved further down, started to finger her pussy and lick it with my tounge.. i kept on doing it for 10 mins when finally she came squirting and felt exhausted and breathless. i laid next to her and kissed her again. She got up after 5 mins, came on top of me nd started to undo my shirt while biting my chest, soon after that she removed my pants then and then my boxers !! My dick came out as if it was released from some prison. She started with licking my dick and moved her tounge rite down till my balls. She then sucked my dick up and down and took around three fourths of it inside her mouth. Boy i was feeling the pleasure and some after when i was about to come, i removed by dick from her mouth, got up and sprayed all my cum on her boobs.and she said u know quite a bit about this how it done I replied that I have seen lot of porn movies and she said yea I can see ur pc u got about 16 Gb worth pornoafter saying that she went to the washroom to clean herself up. My dick was all swollen. She came back and laid next to me in my arms. She was like ‘kunu beta you have quite a nice tool,bit smaller then ur mama but  its hard and that’s all it matter so i wonder how is it going to be like once it enters my lovehole’. i replied ‘maami don’t worry, u wont have to wait for much long and laughed’. She hold my dick in her hands and started to move it to and for, she managed her way down and started to suck me again, within 7-8 mins i felt my dick getting hard again. Now the real show began. I got up, made her laid on her back, opened her legs wide, kept them on my shoulders and guided my dick in her pussy, which was already wet and helped in the movement. I started fucking her and gave her some big strokes deep down her pussy and she was moaning and pressing my as$ cheeks with the rhythm so as to give her a deep stroke. I fucked her  in that position for while, i then asked her to come on top of me while i will lay on the bed and she can ride me.

She got on top of me, guided my dick in her pussy and started to move up and down. I was laying still while she rode on my cock for about 15 – 20 mins, she came and the intensity of her hot juices couldnt help me  hold longer and i come at the same time. I loaded her bag with my hot cream and she lay in my arms while my dick was still in her pussy. We then laid there for quite some time and all this time i was pressing her arse cheeks and slapping them. After some time she got up and said that lets shower together and enjoy once more for the day. We got up and went to the washroom to take a bath. She opened the shower and turned her back against me and started to rub her as$ cheeks again my dick. I held her by her waist and moved her more close to me and rubbed my dick against her arse until it was hard again.

She took hand full of shower gel in her hand and applied on my dick and made my rubbing to her as$ more smoother, she asked me to wash her asshole  as she said she always ask my mama to do it and he always deny it I say mami let me know your all fantasy today as today is your lucky day, then I taken  bit of shower gel in my hand and started washing outer side of her asshole  there was bit of pubic hair all over asshole  and pussy I say mami if u want I can shave this all of for you and say this was my second fantasy that man shaving my pubic hairs, we both got out of shower , and got into bathtub so its easier for me to shave her now she sat same side as me the way her gand touching my dick and she laid back with her legs spread wide open then I took my shaving foam and covered all her pussy with thick foam changed my razor blade for smooth and gentel glide and started shaving her pussy I left a straight line of her on her pussy as well to give bit of style and she laughed at it now I asked mami to bend over so I can clear her asshole  covering hairs I followed same thing covered her as$ with foam and shaved her as$ hole , I wanted to give her surprise now so I put condom  on my middle finger and started rubbing my finger in her asshole  she moaned and said what the hell u doin and I said u never heard about anal pleasure she say I heard that u asshole  but its gonna be pain ful I say I will lubricate this and I put bit of showergel on again on her asshole and lubed it well I started fingering deeply now in her asshole  and moving my finger towards her clitoris done this for few mintues and she came squirting all over my legs from her we both got up and took shower again washed and dried our selves.

And start going back to bed now I say instead doing it hear now mami can we do it at your place (i.e. at my mama’s home)   and she said u naught boy she put her gown on without bothering wearing bra or panties so I done same I put my payjama on with tshirt opened my kitchens back door as I got access to my garage door from back as well so nobody can see us we both got into car and moved off I say mami I got one fantasy as well and she smiled naughtly again and said I know what “ u need a blowjob while driving and I say ya how u know she say we done all this long time back with ur mama when we were newly married. And she put her hand in my payjama as I was not wearing my boxers now it was easy access she started by giving handjob as my car windows were not tinted so giving blowjob it was most likely that we get caught , I cummed on her hand just before we reached at mama’s house she opend garage door and I drove my car in she say ok come out I say no it was only handjob u gave me mami it was not blowjob with ur mouth she replied u are one horny bastrd as no one can watch us in garage she dropped her gown and I opened driver side door and she gave me blowjob now , I was not coming after long time as I already came just minutes ago in handjob so say ok its enough its bit cold in garage lets get in house, we got in and she started moving upstairs to bedroom I pulled her hand and said I always fancied to fuck u while you cook she say ok we will do that as we were both hungry after all this fucking around so she started making roti’s while standing against platform so what I done spreaded her legs apart a bit and entered my dick into her warm and wet pussy and stoking her while she making rotis she was not cumming for while as she already came twice so I took my cock out and sat down next to her where she was standing and started licking her pussy and put my tounge in and licking her fresh shaved wet pussy , roti’s and shak were done now so I  stand up and carried her like kid with my arms and laid her down on dining table spread her lags and licking her pussy.

I then gone into kitchen and she shouted where u going I was having fun, I replied hold on more fun stuff is about to come, I took out pot of double cream, I got some dairymilk chocolates put in microwave melted the chocolates into liquid mixed with double cream and strted pouring over mami’s tennis ball size breast and she started laughing and said your mama never done this sort of stuff with me where u learn all this I said my gurl friend like this all crzy stuff so I know, then I asked my mami to stand as doggy style then I started puring that melt on his back which came running down between her as$ buns I started licking chocholate and cream melt from his asshole  and gone down further more when melt reached at her pussy I got up and enterted my dick again into my mami’s chocolate and cream covered pussy and started stroking for while then I truned her aroung and laid her on her back back to normal posture and started stroking her with her legs over my shoulders and with puring of last bit of left over melt after about 5-6 minutes whe came but juice was less then first two times I stated licking that as it was mixed tasted with chocolate cream and her cum, I wiped some from my finger and given this finger in to her mouth to lick and she said it was most amazing thing she ever tasted , she now got up went into kitchen and made same stuff again as the one I made was finished now it was my turn to cum so she gave me the bowl and ask me to pour it down slowly over my cock while she sucks my balls after lots of ball sucking and cock sucking I came as well and she done same thing gave a bit of it from her fingertips I enjoyed it as well .

We both were so exhausted now as I never cummed this time in one day we both went to bathroom sat on tub cleaned our self then I filled water with warm water and I sat in tub and she sat on my lap in water we both laid back for while and relaxed after while she started rubbing her arse against my dick surprisingly my dick erected again I said mami its enough I cant do it any more as my dick was hurting erected due to lot of fucking she said don’t worry we not gonna do it again I just wanted you to enter your etected cock in my pussy while we sit laid back , and I done it so slide my dick into mami’s pussy and to keep it erect she slowly keep fondoling my balls and I kept rubbing her clit . after relaxing half and our in tub I got exausted with my erected dick and we both got out and got dressed. As it was nearly time of mami’s kids coming back from school which we forgotten how whole day went past . then on whole week I bunked my college while my parents were away and me and my mami continued our sex fest I asked my girlfriend to join and do gangbang but she felt its disgusting and she broke up with me , but hey who cares I got my super horny mami now who I can fuck any time I want. Any gurls or mature women in south England wanted same pleasure as I am giving to my mami please don’t hesitate to contact me on

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