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Fuck My Language Teacher

  • desipapa
  • August 27, 2015

My name is Jahan. I am 6 feet 2 inch tall with good physic, I am not very fair in colour but you can’t say that I am black. I live in Delhi. Now I am twenty eight years old. And now I will share my real experience with you all. Let’s start the story. Two years ago I was learning German language from a reputed institute. As this is not a common language that’s why I was taking personal tuition in the institute. I was only student in the class because all other students were keen to learn only french language. But since my uncle is in Germany. They advised me to learn German language. Little bit description about my teacher. My teacher was a German lady born and brought up in Germany, however after schooling studied in India. She was the only faculty for German language in the institute. Description about her, She was whitish lady, age was 34 years old, figure 34, 28, 36. She had a very cute smile. Her name was “Claudia”.

I always like to talk to her and even think about her after coming home. Because she was the only girl in my life to whom I have fucked her N number of times. My German Language course was for 2 years. In starting she seemed to be very strict, but later I came to know that is strict because she was very punctual about work. I always completed my work on time. Then after few months we became frank as Communication classes were going on. So we always use to communicate in German language on any topic. She had very white and rounded boobs. While communicating I always liked to watch her boobs. One day we were communication and She was looking into my eyes and I was continuously looking at her boobs. It was not first time but She always ignored me while I used to watch her boobs. On that day She shouted on my and pointed her fingers on her boobs and said. “Jahan what are you looking at”. I was blushed and said sorry.

After coming home, On that particular day I though that I would not do this again. Next day I went to class and looked at her. I was amazed to see that she was wearing tight black top with deep neck and blue jeans. Now my penis started erecting. I was out of control. Then again I started to see her boobs. While we were communicating I forgot my complete task which she gave me last day. Nicely she told me that Jahan you are not concentrating from last few weeks. what is the problem. I kept mum, but she asked me again then I said Ma’am My mind and my eyes always slips when I saw you since we have started our classes. And Ma’am I want you to be my girl friend. She laughed and said I was already aware, because while studying you never looked into my eyes, you eyes were always somewhere else. After this statement we both laughed and continued.

Since that day we used to talk a lot about our personal lives and I came to know that she is divorced last year. And now she is single. And I told her lie that I don’t have a girl friend. We used to talk a lot in the classes. Then I asked about her living place. She told me that she lived in Lajpat Nagar Part 1. Now you can say we were very good friend with no hesitation, but we had not any physical relationship yet, I always wanted to fuck her. Few week later on I asked her “Will you give me extra personal classes at your home since I have to go to Germany soon. She agreed on that point.

Next day after my tuition classes in the evening I went to her home. I knocked, few minutes later on she came and she was looking very beautiful as she was wearing sleeveless red top with capri. She told me to sit and she offered me for water. Then she sit next to me on sofa in the dining area. Now my penis was not at all fine. it started erecting again. And now I was feeling out of control hugged her tightly. She didn’t said anything and seemed to be very excited as well. Now I smooched her and started pressing her big boobs on the red top. It was very amazing experience because she was also smooching me with her tongue.

After 5 minutes of smooching I removed her top and now she was only in red bra and white capri. She was looking like a barbie doll. I removed her bra and sucked her boobs for around 15-20 minutes. because i love sucking boobs a lot. Now we both were very excited and wanted to fuck. Now she touched my cock and said wow it is big. Now she remove my trouser and under wear and now my cock was in the open air. I have 6.5 inch long cock. Now she started sucking my cock in a seducing way. I only saw that type of sucking only in blue films. Believe me my girl friend never sucked like that. I was ver happy and amazed.

Now I removed her capri now she was in red transparent panty. I removed her panty and saw her pussy. It was pink without any hair. I touched her pussy and put my two fingers in her pussy, it was wet then I licked her pussy with my tongue and she became very excited. while i was licking she removed my t-shirt. Now we both were completely naked. She said Jahan Please fuck me hard and hard. I took my cock and inserted in her pussy and she started saying “Bastard fuck me hard … more harder … more harder..” I fucked her for about 10 minutes and cum in her pussy. Now we both were relaxed. On that day I stayed at her place. She ordered some burgers from Mcdonalds and she went and brought some beers. I did sex 5 times with her on that night.

Now we used to have sex daily 1 or 2 times. We were in contact for about 1 year. I fucked her daily even on Sundays. But at the same time I fucked my studies as well. And now I am not an professional German language speaker, now i left as beginner…..

After a year she again went to Germany and since last two years we are not in contact. Even I didnt go to Germany. As I didn’t learn German language very well, however I learnt fucking very well…….

But It was very nice fucking experience of my life……

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