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  • September 19, 2015

Hi! to all desipapa fans. I m V. I m 28 years old and married and a father of two. My friends called me GUY4MASTI, untill I got married. Coz after my marriage, my life started stinking. All that I had thought to with my wife never came true as she is a real spoil sport. So i started thinking of girls. I must tell u that before I got married, I never spoilt a single girl thinking that I will save my manhood for my wife. But all in vein. She is so cold about sex that we have sex only once in a blue moon. It is coz of that my parents ar eliving at a saperate place from mine. My story began after three years of my marriage. There was this girl called G living behind the our office in a HUDA sector. SHe is a real beauty. She was into some job and came home at 5.30 pm and I saw her many times passing our office. When my life after my marriage started sucking, I started to watch her more. I started following her to her home. She also came to know that I was interested in her. After a few days I started waiting for her on the road to her home. We started smiling at each other.

But I never talked to her. I wanted her to start it. It is very foggy in Jan. end in our area and it was this Jan. when she took up the courage out of the invisibility through the fog. She stopped near me and said hello. Then onwards I started waiting for her everyday. I told her all about me and my wife and my lifeless life. She understood. To my luck, my wife went to her parents home in the beginning of Feb. this year and I planned to make full use of this vacation. I told her that we could have more of intimate time if she agreed. And she agreed. I invited her to my house one fine morning and she took leave form her office. In the morning I called up my father in office and told him that I would be late for office as I had some work to do at home. When she came to my home she was dressed in a red body sticking suit, that made her look so beautiful that i gasped my breath. Her 38-24-34 figure was bursting out of her dress which was making her look more sensous. When she came in I closed the door. I could not control myself and lifted her in my strong arms like a flower, a bud actually. She giggled in my arms and asked me to be patient. But I could not control myself and planted my lips on hers. She in my arms wrapped her arms around my neck and started feeling the warmth of my mouth. We exchanged slaiva.

Our tongues were on each other as if hers was a vain and mine a mango tree. I laid her on the sofa in our drawing room and we kept on kissing. I dont know for how long we kissed but now I was convinced that some of fantasies would be coming true now. Then we saperated and she said she was very to be with me. Then i went to the kitchen and got a bottle of Kingfisher beer alongwith two glasses. She siad y 2 glasses. We will share it in one. I was more than happy. I opened teh bottle and poured some beer in the glass. She took the first sip and I took it from her mouth. I felt the beer stronger than ever so I asked her to make me drink it the same way. We consumed about half the bottle that way and then I asked her to take the rest of it. She said she had never done that before, but she agreed. Once the beer was inside her, she got a bt tipsy and I turned the music on. We started dancing to the tune. I had set a romantic English number. The music filled the room. I was holding her from her waist and she hung her arms on my neck. I pulled her closer to me and now her full breasts were resting on my chest. I started feeling her tight butts and moved my hands all over her back.

I could feel her bra under her top. Now I planted a kiss on her neck and nibbled her ear. She shivered as I kissed her ear. She turned and now my hands were on her tommy. Her hands still on my neck, I could see her boobs inside her top. I started moving my hands on her tommy in a way that she did not now where my hands would be heading next. Suddenly i touched her bobs. I found that she had closed her eyes and taking full enjoyment out all that we were doing. I moved my face forward and kissed on her cheeks. I was taking it very slowly as we had ample time at our end. She again turned towards me and we started kissing again. Now I lifted her top from her butts and felt her skin. My hands were on her back and i was moving them in all directions. She was standing cery close to me and breathing very hard. I knew that she was hot and ready for it. But I took some more time to arouse her. I odened the hooks of bra inside her top and she did not react. Our lips were still together and we were kissing very passionately. Our bodies were moving with the music. I lifted her top to her arms and then she got a bit back, lifted her arms up so that I could take it off. The top was thrown away alongwith her bra. It was a red bra with Lovable tag on it. Now her tight boobs were against my chest. She also took off my t-shirt and my vest. Now her naked boobs were resting on my hairy chest. WE both were topless, considering the clothes. We danced for a little more time till she could not take it any more. I lifted her in my arms and took her to my room.

On the way i kissed her nipps and sucked them. I even bit them at times and she would moan out of pain and ecstacy. Once in my room, i laid her on the bed and untied the knot of her lower. I too it of so gently that she did not even had life her ass to get it removed. The fabric of the dress also helped me in doing that. Now she was in her panty that matched her red bra. I kissed her panty and got off the bed to remove my jeans. Then I came near her and lay beside her. We again kissed for some time with our bodies wrapped in each others arms. Meanwhile I kept on moving my hands over her body. i had made the room pretty hot by turning the heat convector on before she came to my house. So the cold was not disturbing us much. Moreover the heat coming out of our bodied was enough to keep us warm. Then I turned to her Heaven hole and licked it over the last piece of cloth that she was into. It was already wet and I tasted her from there itself. mmmmmmmmmmmm man, she was tasty. She tasted as if some salt was mixed with honey. Then I held her panty in my mouth and started moving it down. The sily fabric of the panty helped me a lot in doing that. It slipped off her body in a flash. Then I went to the drawing room and returned with the beer bottle. I kneeled in front of her legs and asked her to raise them. She rested them on my shoulders. I opened the lips of her already wet pussy and poured some beer init. She shivered as if she got a 440volts current. I knew this would happen, so I held her tight in my arms.

None of the beer dropped out of her. Now I kept the bottle under the bed and started drinking her beered pussy. SHe had clean shaved her pussy which i liked a lot. Now there were no hair to disturb me while I licked. I played with her clit for a while and she started moaning. Till now she had not uttered a single word from her mouth and I was amazed that how could a talkitive girl like her kept quite for so long. Now she started giving loud moans and all of a sudden her pussy lips went very tight on my tongue. But I managed to keep my tongue in movement. She was cumming. She burst loads of her cum into my mouth. I licked it all. A few drops rolled down her ass hole and I licked those too. Now she was quite. Her eyes still closed she was not making any sounds. Then i came near her aand asked her if she would also like to lick my tool. She shook her head to say yes. I think she was in a mood to fulfill all my desires on that one day. Now she took the bottle in her hand, removed my underwear and made me sit in doggy style. She slipped herself under me so that my penis hung straight on her outh. She poured some beer on my penis which flowed directly into her mouth. She drank the entire quantity of beer left in the bottle that way. Now she took the full length of my penis in her outh and started making moves. She moved her mouth up n down to stimulate my penis. I loved the way she was doing it.

My penis is about only 6 inches long but as it was her first time she could not take it in her mouth for long. I asked her to stop doing that. But she did not stop and said she wanted to make me feel happy. She was about to vomit when I took my penis out of her mouth. I asked her that I was already very happy and I loved her. I did not want this moment to go waste in cleanig the vomit. So she agreed. Due to this vomiting episode she got cold a bit and to make her feel hot again i started fingering her. I could feel her pussy was very tight and i could not put my finger very deep inside her. When i tried to insert my finger inside her pussy to reach to her depths, she started screaming. She whispered that it was her first time. SHE WAS A VIRGIN. So I thought of making her fully hot before inserting my penis inside her. I started licking her vagina again and did it for some time. She started moaning again and I continued it for some more time. Then she cried out that she could not take it anymore. I understood that she was ready and I climbed her. I widened her legs to adjust myself between them. I rubbed my penis on her pussy lips for a while and inserted it inside her.

I did not try to enter it fully. Till now she was not feeling any pain. Then i took one of her boobs in my mouth and started palying with the other with my hands. I started circling her nipple withmy tongue. In a while, all her attention was on her boobs and she giggled. This was the time and i made a strong move and inserted half my penis in her vagina. Out of pain she started shouting and screaming. I left her boobs and started kissing her lips so that her cries were not heard by the people outside the house. I kept still for some time untill she got involved in the kiss. I now started moving my penis in and out of her vagina. The pain had subsided by now. She also started enjoying the moments. I lifted my body on my arms so that I did not put my weight on her body so that she could move her body freely. Now she aslo started moving up and down to meet with the pace of my moves. Doing this she aslo started raising her mouth to mine to kiss my lips. With every movement down there, her lips met mine and parted. It was the best sex of my life. I was having a gala time then, when suddenly I felt like my balls were going to burst. My arms started shaking and they could not take my weight anymore. I lowered my body on hers and she wrapped me in her arms. I kept on moving and started moving faater. Her nails wer nowe digging in my back and her vagina was going tight again. She wrapped her legs also around my waist to make my penis do deeper and deeper into her vagina. She was moaning like hell. Her lips were sealed with mine and now we both were moaning.

I shot huge loads of cum into her vagina. She later told me that she could feel my cum was so that that she felt me cumming inside her. Her nails were digging my back and some my sking had peeled into her nails. This was the best fuck of my life. In my three years of married life I had not had so much of pleasure. Our lips were still sealed and I could see tears in her eyes. We both loved each other and lay there in the same position for a long time. Later when she went from my house, she still had tears in her eyes. We kissed each other a passionately and said good bye. After that, I asked her to come to my home many times, but she refused saying that she did all that to give me the pleasure I had never got from my wife. She is going to get married in a few days from now and I m not even invited to her marriage. I can understand that no one at her house knows of her relationship with mine. But I will remember her for all my life. I would like to read the view of all my Desipapa friends (girls and boys – botj) out there. Please write to me with your pictures and telephone numbers (if possible). My e-mial address is I promise not to disclose your identities. Bye.

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