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  • desipapa
  • September 11, 2015

Hi this is Jyoti Panigrahi from Orissa I am 20 year old with a sexy body and a very sex appealing look. My profile is 36 – 28 – 36 with dark colour I am extremely attractive and sexy like any thing.I am a regular reader of Desiapapa stories. I like incest story (brother fucked his sister) and in xxx movie I like cum swapping. I have read a lot of stories after reading the stories I was emboldened to share my own experiences with all others. It is not only a true story but it’s all about my life and there is a big cause to share with all of you.

Actually I want to become an XXX movie star because in this field money is running behind you beside this one can enjoy the real happiness that is fucking, yes to be fucked by handsome male having different size of Penis. so Any body want to fuck me in new way or want to sign me for XXX movie please contact me.He readers ! I am serious about my porn film career. when I was in 2nd class. He was Sunil my neighbour. He was 10 year old guy. I used to play with her younger sister Pooja “Ghar-Ghar” at their home. His parents used to go office and they were alone in home. That day Sunil was alone in home and he said me to wait for pooja. I said ok and sat on sofa. Meanwhile he came near to me and starting to kiss me.

Then he undress my clothes and I was fully naked with little pussy without tits. Then he takes off his pants and underwear too. His cock was about 4″. That time I have no idea that what was he doing then he asked me to open my mouth I obeyed then he put her cock in my mouth and said to suck it and I begun to suck. By the time the door bell rung. She was pooja. Sunil ne mujhe jaldi se kapde pahnay or khud bhi phan liye. Use din ke baad se wo daily mudhe apna cock chosne ko kahta tha aur iske badley me mudhe ek chocklate deta our main bhaut khush hoti thi. Lekin mudhe ye yaad nahi ki ye sab kiyne din tak chala lekin kuch months ke baad sunil aur uske parents kahi aur chale gay. So I am a girl who sucked a cock in only 4 or 5 year age. Now I know that what he did with me.

When I was in 10th class I had a boy friend name tarun. Our desk was in corner in the class. He used to sit with me. Once a day he showed me an xxx book. There are many pictures of fucking and sucking. Usko dekh kar mere body main kap-kapi si pada ho gai thi aur mudhe bhut maha aya. After showing the book he showed me his cock fully erect and asked to hold it. At first I forbidden but after a little encouragement I did as he said. He is the one who showed me how to masturbate since then I use to masturbate and it felt really good. He showed me many xxx in a cyber café there was a cabin facility. We used to hot chat and visit porn website like desipapa. Then it became our usual work but he never touched my pussy. After passing 12th class I got admission in a +3 women’s college in my area. There I met a girl her name was also pooja. She was very horny girl. We were three room mates the third one is priya. They are one year seniors to me. Strangely unhoney meri raging nahi ki. I was very happy because I was very scared about hostel raging. They became my fast friend. After one week I heard some noise of kissing in night. Then I woke up and switch on light and I found that pooja and priya was fully naked and licking pussy in 69 positions. I was wondered to saw that. Then she asked me to join at first I forbidden but when pooja encourage me I said ok. Then Pooja undress me. I was fully naked.

Then he start kissing me I got a great pleasure. Then she sat on her knees and starting lick my pussy it felt so good that I did not want her to stop. She must have licked out my vaginal area for 5 minutes. I was top of the world. By the time priya kissed me on my lips I sucked her tongue and she sucked my tongue. Then she pulled my nipples they turned hard as a rock and very pointy. I start to release my juice. That time I have some public hair. Then pooja asked me to get shaved my pussy and I said ok. Then she get a hair remover spray and remove my hair it was very good to see my own shaved pussy. Then priya get candles and all of us start to masturbate. After some time we reached our orgasm. I was very happy to get friends like that.

Around one month its going on, But one thing I noticed that on every Sunday they used to go outside in morning and came back in evening. One day I asked them that where have you gone on every Sunday. They said that on every Sunday they got fucked with boys. And said to me that if I like to get fuck go with them on next Sunday I said no because I was scared to be pregnant than pooja showed me condoms and said Darling I will make sure that nothing happens’ than I said yes. And waiting very keenly for Sunday. On that day we go to their friend home name VIKAS. Pooja introduced me with RAJ and said that she is our new partner. He said hello and go to kitchen and got some cold drinks. Then priya asked VIKAS where is RAJ. She said he about to come. After some time RAJ has come carrying a vcd with a girl name seema then pooja introduced me with RAJ and seema. Then VIKAS turned on CD player and insert the vcd and adult xxx movies started on the TV.

Then VIKAS came near to me and undress me and start squeezing her boobs and giving invitation for safe sex I said ok. Then he kissed me wildly. We could now taste each other saliva. By the time all of them got nude. Seema was sucking RAJ’s cock, priya and pooja in 69 positions. Than VIKAS start licking between my legs I was out of world and I start to release my juice. Than VIKAS asked me to suck his cock but I refused then he said me that it is a part of sex. After some encouragement I start to suck his cock because I knew I was safe from getting pregnant by giving him a blow job but I am not a good sucker that time then he told me how to suck then I began to suck hard , my head moving rapidly back and forth.. Secretly I found myself enjoying sucking his dick. Then he put condom on his cock and said “I am going to fuck you.” At first I hesitated but then I said ok. He started to pump in and out of me the head of his penis went deeper and deeper inside me I really enjoyed having his cock inside me. It was my first sex and I really enjoyed it. I had heard that fucking is very enjoyable but I had never dreamt that it would be soooo fantastically great. Then I saw that priya split saliva into pooja’s mouth and she swallowed it. I am wondered by seeing that. And that time RAJ was fucking seema’s pussy. Meantime I was about to cum. Then I got a great orgasm. Then VIKAS said me to sat on sofa, feel relax and watch the sex. Then VIKAS went near to priya and she start sucking his cock. And seema moans deeper and harder with each stroke of RAJ’s cock. And Pooja was masturbating. By the time pooja and priya got an orgasm. But I found that RAJ and VIKAS fucking them without condom. Then RAJ said that he was about to cum then seema opened her mouth and RAJ cummed into her mouth. And she swallowed every drop.

I was feeling very bad because I thought that an Indian lady don’t like to swallow cum. Meantime VIKAS was also about to cum this time pooja opened her mouth and VIKAS cummed into her mouth. Oh god I can’t believe that pooja pour all cum into priya’s mouth and she swallowed it. Then pooja and priya kissed each other. After one hour we came back to hostel then I asked to priya and pooja why did they swallowed cum then priya said me that it is a part of sex they like to taste cum and more ever by doing this they feel safe to get pregnant. On the very next Sunday priya and pooja had to go somewhere so I went to VIKAS’s house alone. There was RAJ and seema also. Then they asked me that am I ready to get fuck with two boys at a time and I said yes. After some time all of us are fully naked. Then I start to suck VIKAS cock and RAJ was licking my pussy. Then I said seema to split into my mouth because I want to do that what priya and pooja done. Then she split into my mouth and I found out that it give a pleasure.

Then I said to VIKAS that I always eager for sex and I want to become a xxx movie star then he staring me with a lot of wonder. Then he said me that for this you must swallow cum I said I am ready then he start to fuck me but this time without condom and RAJ put his cock into my mouth and seema start pressing my boobs. Then RAJ said “I am going to fuck your ass” I said no it will be very painful. He said it is very necessary to be a xxx movie star then I said ok then he said to suck his cock and to apply some saliva on his cock and I did that then I got into doggy style and he entered into my ass hole and then VIKAS start to fuck seema. After some time RAJ said he could feel his cum gona shoot out and I said let me taste it. He cummed into my mouth. I felt his jism hit the back of my throat. I swallowed every drop. Then I found that it is very tasty and give a great pleasure. Meantime VIKAS was also about to cum then seema opened her mouth and VIKAS cummed inside her mouth and I said seema please swap cum with me. Then I opened my mouth and then seema pour cum into my mouth and drunk each and every drop.

VIKAS had an instant hard on seeing me at his door step. His cock started to form a tent under his shorts and VIKAS was bit uncomfortable. Seeing the hard on, I smiled and entered the house. VIKAS closed the door and hugged me from behind and rubbed his hard cock all over my ass. His hands slowly moved over my hips and cupped my big beautiful breasts. My nipples were standing erect due to the attention that they were getting. VIKAS pinched my nipples and a moan left my mouth.  The moaning made VIKAS even more turned on. He squeezed my breasts with all  his might making me yell. He quickly made me turn around and slowly lifted  my T-shirt and admiring every inch of my body under it. To his surprise, I didn’t wear any bra. He slowly unbuttoned my jeans to expose my panties. During this time, I was toying with his 8 in cock which were now to the extent of making a hole in his shorts. I started to  pull down his shorts and underwear. By this time, I had only silk black  panties on while VIKAS was naked with his 8 inch dick to its full length. Both  were fascinated with each other’s body and surveyed them like two hungry  wolfs seeing their food. My pubic hair could be seen thru my panties. VIKAS slowly moved from his place and took me in his arms crushing my  body against his.Our lips met and probed each others hot mouth. Our tongues  were playing with each other. We both were feeling the heat generated from  each other’s body and were enjoying it. We were lost in the world of lust  and not knowing what was happening around them. We kissed for about 15 minutes  and then we fell into the nearby sofa bed still kissing. VIKAS quickly removed my panty and inserted a finger into my cunt. I  arched my hip forward and backward with the moments of his fingers. Slowly  VIKAS moved his mouth away from my mouth and turned towards my other lips but   fulfilling breasts needs first. He slowly nibbled on my nipples with  his mouth while his fingers were fingering me. Meanwhile, I took his rod in  my hands and started stroking it. His dick was not only long but even very   thick. His balls were large too and fully covered with hair just like  any man. I slowly started pressing his balls sending shocks all over his  body.

VIKAS nibbled my boobs with even more vigor and made his teeth marks  all over her boobs. I got completely turned on and had the first of my orgasms. My orgasm started and never stopped. My hot juices started flowing out of my  pussy into His fingers making it wet and sticky. VIKAS quickly licked his  fingers and wiped them clean. He said, Jyoti, you sexy goddess, your cum juice taste first-class. He left my breasts and went on to my pussy and licked out every drop of  my sweet hot juice. When I was dry and my orgasm got over he turned around  and lay in the bed and I took his cock in my mouth. Slowly and steadily, I  took the whole of his eight-inch cock into my mouth and felt the tip  tickling my throat. I started giving him a blowjob that he badly needed.

VIKAS was shouting with pleasure as I slowly brought him to his orgasm. Suddenly, he burst into my mouth taking me by surprise and almost  choking me in the process. I didn’t remove his cock from my mouth and I completely   drained his cum and slowly his dick fell limp but I was still hot so  VIKAS tongue fucked me to another orgasm. By this time his cock had regained  its real size and glory and was rearing to enter my hot pussy. VIKAS laid  me onto the bed and spread my legs as far as he could and then slowly put  his rod into my waiting cunt. He inserted his cock slowly into me so that I   could adjust to his cock. It took some time for him to fully insert his  cock into my aching cunt and to his surprise I took his whole length into  her even without a cry.

I had closed my eyes and was enjoying every moment of his fuck. VIKAS  at first fucked me slowly but later rammed me like a wild bull making me  scream every time his cock went in. He pressed my nipples making them even  more erect and kept on fucking me till his body got ready for another  orgasm. I had come two more times and I was ready for the third. I could feel the   pressure in his body and anticipated his orgasm. Suddenly VIKAS spurt  his cum into my cunt and I could feel it hit my cunt wall. VIKAS didn’t  stop fucking me and cummed till he was fully drained and there was nothing  left in him. He lay over me fully exhausted as I milked the last drops of  his cum. His hot cum started to ooze from my cunt. We both fell asleep due to the hard work that we had done and were woken up by the stroking of the clock at 5 PM; We both were still hot and we concluded with quick fuck  during our bath. We dressed up and I left to my house pleased.

Around three years we enjoy group sex. We enjoy all kind of sex like anal, group, lesbian, cum dripper and ass fucking.

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