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  • August 19, 2015

This one happened while I was going at a office in Malviya Nagar. It was the month of September and I got late in the office. As I left it was already around 8 and I took a bus as usual starting from malviya nagar terminal to ITO. As I caught the bus from the main stop, I usually got a seat every time. That time too, it was a nearly empty bus and I sat on the second seat from the left. At the next stop, a few more people boarded the bus and as I was sitting, watching that market from the window I felt as someone has sat on my right.

As I looked on my right, adjusting herself was a beautiful lady, maybe around 40 years of age. She was in a sari and sleeveless maroon belouse. She had big eyes, round face and quite not–so– very heavy structure but she surely was full, full of mass on those right spots. I still remember that scent of her perfume which was very nice. She had a few bags in her hands as I could get that she must’ve come after having some shopping from the market. I still remember those eyes which looked at me asking for some more space as she was trying to adjust herself and her bags. I zestfully responded by giving her way till she sat comfortable.As I was still watching outside from the window, I couldn’t resist the temptation of having a look frequently on my right so as to have a look on those lovely arms which seemed smooth and were all visible till her armpits. As and whenever I looked at her, she always seemed to nearly do the same. I don’t know what happened to me, wanted to feel at least a slight touch of her arms.

I slowly stretched the sleeves of my half sleeve shirt a further up and moved it a bit so as to feel just a touch of her arm on mine. And it did, soon I felt that soothing touch on my right arm. It gave me a very arousing feel and I was lost again in those waves of ecstasy. Now I wanted to explore more of her body with my eyes. I started looking on her thighs and those creases created on the sari by the fullness of her thighs made me go red. I could sense my cock getting harder and harder smelling the scent of her body. Now the conductor came for collection and this was the time I felt I could touch her. I had kept money in my shirts pocket but I still intended to put my hand on the back pocket of my trouser as I knew this was the way I could feel her thighs. As I moved my hand towards my back pocket, I deliberately touched her thigh and as I was deliberately trying to pull something from my pocket, I touched the side of her soft buttock.

My word, it was such a nice feeling.After getting the ticket, I again preferred to put it in my back pocket again and repeated the same thing. This time i prolonged my work and touched her for larger time with my fingers. To my surprise, as I looked at her she was looking directly into my eyes and with a very very magnificent smile, maybe she must’ve read my naughty thoughts. The bus was still less than half full. Now I was wondering as to how should I start again as that smile of hers had given me some encouragement to act. Now this time I started by scratching my right arm with my hand and obviously feeling her softness on the back of my hand now. Feeling no resentment from her, I continued to touch her slowly (as if accidentally) with my fingers. I started feeling that she too started liking it. With my heart in my mouth, I simply placed my hand on her thigh. These horny feelings had now got over my decency and only some resentment from her could have made me normal, nothing else. But as my good luck had it, she simply ignored what I did and instead started hiding my hand under her shopping bags. Now, I had a sigh – of relief as well as sex. Now, it was my hand which was doing everything. I moved a further up and placed my hand over her boobs. Gosh, they were really really big.

I started pressing them gently. Going faster and faster sometimes. I started doing it continuously, stopping only at the bus stops as some people used to move up and down the bus at that time. But luckily, the bus never got full and there was no one standing in the bus. So I was able to do whatever I could have at least in the bus. I sometimes pressed her smooth tummy with my hand, mostly concentrating on those great boobs. I was trying to find those nipples from within the belouse with my fingers. Now I was getting faster and faster and to add to the fire she slowly whispered to me “Zor Se” …Now I was pressing them as hard and fast as I could and as I looked at her, she had closed her eyes and was breathing a bit heavily. One of her shopping bag even slipped from her hand in that moment of sensuality. She too started to lose her senses and I could see her moving her thighs apart as she wanted my hand in there. She gave me the way by moving the bags in her hands as she was opening her thighs at the same time. I put my hand in there and started pressing it harder and harder. Now she was breathing heavily and her face had gone red. Within no time my stop of ito came and I had to leave the bus now. As I started looking through the main frame of the bus, she could have understood that I’ve to leave now but before I could, she herself stood up and started moving towards the front gate. I too followed her and as she was standing near the gate, waiting for the bus to stop I softly touched her ass from behind with my cock which was bulging out from within my trousers. She turned her head towards me, her eyes were heavy and were begging to get something.

As we left the bus, I went to her, this was the first time I spoke to her. (Isn’t it a tyranny that u r speaking for the first time to a person with whom u were enjoying, and enjoying to the fullest.). Anyways, I asked her about where she had to go, to my disbelief she told me that she had to leave at sarojini nagar only. And when I asked her as to y she remained in the bus till ito, she gave me a naughty smile (actually I myself knew that she enjoyed the time in the bus a lot and that’s y she left her stop very far). Now I thought it was the time to have one of my fantasies fulfilled where I make love with a middle aged woman, with full and heavy boobs. I live alone in a rented house in laxmi nagar. I offered her to come with me. After some little hesitation she agreed. We boarded an auto from ito and in the auto too I was massaging her bosom and she was kissing hard on my neck. We reached at my place soon as both of us entered my house. There were no raised eyebrows in the locality as that woman looked very gentle and older and obviously it looked as if some elder from my family had come to see me. So no one made any notice of us. Even my landlord (who is a lady too) wished her smilingly, mistaking her as some of my relatives. Anyways, it was all good for me as both of us entered the room.

She sat on the chair looking at the walls and that anticipation of having nice time in her eyes too. She was a bit hurrying too as she has to go to his house and it was already around 9:15 but she still was a bit relieved too as she had come after attending a wedding ceremony and had not that problem in staying out a bit late. I locked my room from inside. This was the first time that I looked at her clearly under a bright light. She was not that very beautiful, but had quite heavy boobs and buttocks and I love them most. I put on my tv loud so as to stop any sound from going out. I slowly moved towards her, picked her by her hand and made her sit on the edge of my bed. I dropped her sari from her shoulder. Slowly started undoing the hooks of her belouse. I removed it out. She was in a black colored bra as I unhooked that too with my hands. Now she was sitting on my bed with those nice huge boobs hanging in front of me. I moved a bit back so as to see those nice huge balls. I just loved that sight. She was sitting there, unmoved, with her eyes closed and anticipating me to come closer to her. I was wearing shirt and jeans. As she was gazing at me wanting to be touched, I unzipped my jeans, pulled out my dick which had grown full and hard. I moved towards her, grabbed both of her boobs in my hands and put my dick in between her boobs while pressing them hard against each other with my dick in between those beautiful balls. She started to moan with pleasure and wrapped her arms around me, grabbing my buttocks with her hands.

I started jerking harder and harder in her boobs. My dick’s head was sometimes touching her chin from beneath as I was pressing it harder and harder in those boobs. I enjoyed it to the fullest till she told me to put it in her pussy. But before doing that I asked her if she could have it in her mouth. She was willing for everything at that time and grabbed my cock with her hand and put it very nicely into her mouth. Now I was flicking like a leaf. This was the first time that someone had done that to me. She started sucking it harder and harder. Licked its head by the tip of her tongue. God that was the only time I’d had oral sex and I can never forget that. After some time, I made her rest on the bed. Had her petticoat removed as she was lying there, all naked with those huge thighs and buttocks waiting for me to enter. I came over her, separated her legs as the pussy was quite visible and waiting for to be entered now. She pressed me hard against her as I placed my dick over her pussy gate. I started to give jerks and slowly and gently it was entering inside her pussy.

I loved those pleasurable sounds of hers as she was moaning in that beautiful pain. Soon, it was all in and I was jerking harder and harder. She grabbed me very hard and was kissing me everywhere. As I ejaculated inside her pussy, she kissed me so tightly that I had that scar on my neck for 3 weeks. It was very very pleasurable but I still wanted to have it in there in her asshole. I told her about it but as she looked at the clock, it was 11 p.m and told me that we can have it next time. As we were putting the clothes on, she was constantly kissing me and urging me to meet her again. Wasn’t it something out of belief that u r caressing someone so passionately whom u had not even seen 3 hours before. I dropped her at sarojini nagar in the auto with the promise that I’ll meet her again.

This was just one of the episodes of my life. Will sometimes try to write about the other which were great from their own point of view. I would luv to share ur experiences ANY GAL WOMEN OR BHABHI WANNA HAVE FUN WITH ME MAY MAIL ME AT

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