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Fuck Hard In Train

  • desipapa
  • October 3, 2015

Hello to all desi papa users .As u sual i m fond os surfing this site and i love reading eriotic stories. I love doing sex .i m 22 yrs old normal built guy living here in varanasi and doing my graduation from here.i m telling u my first experience about fucking when i fuked my friends sister . my friends sister name is anita and she is also the medical aspirant preparing for medical examination.she really looks very sexy having figure about 38,26,28 a.she really posses a nice boobs (chuchi)and i had my eyes always on that. sometimes i used to touch but not get success but once i just get a chance to fulfil my desire. jow i m telling u all about the incidence. once me my friend arpit and her sister anita filled the form of medical of and we get the admit card of examination .we all had to reach there i mean me and anita and arpit had to reach to Lucknow .

Now it was really very strange coz both brother and sister had got their centres of examination away from each other.So now since they both had to go seperately so i just planned to go along with sunita and since everyone in her family knows me so their was no problem so we all make the reseravations and leave at the right time.their in delhi anita mama (mothers brother)live and so we had to stay since the train is in the evening so its really became dark soon as well as since we just get only none reservation in the a.c. compartment so we just give few rupees to the t.t. just to give us one more seat.he said he can’t manage so we just beg from him that we both can manage on the same seat if he allows .after long conversation we get the right to stay there and so we just sat infront of each othere and drawn the parda i from so that w can study .now since it is too late so most of the persons were sleeping in the train after sometime anita said that she is feeling skeepy now.i said just sleep aside me and i will study more at about a hour and then if feel sleepy then manage anywhere else.he just slips in betwwen the space and late night since it was not too much space on the seat so her hips started touching my waists when i realise that i started feeling horny coz her hips (buttocks) are really large and full of soft muscles.

Soon i just kept the book down and started touching her hips with my hand .now i m feeling really very hot and just planned to fuck her in i just after touching her buttocks (chutad)for sometime i just thrown my hands on her boobs slowly so that she didin’t wake god her boobs are really big and hard to i m feeling bit horny and started touching her whole body with my hands and also kissing her at neck.she suddenly wake up for a moment when i kiss on neck but again sleep as she is not really knowing what is i feel that she is also liking this so i just lowers doun my pant and then underwear and then pressed my hard erected cock against her buttocks.and then pull her shirt above her boobs and just pressings her boobs she is also feeling horny coz her breath is now more faster and heavy.

Now i just unhooked her boobs from her bra and started massaging them .they were really hard but i mliking to press them now i just lie upon her and started kissing her lips.she was too helping me i just opened all the buttons of her shirt and ten kept my mouth on her chuchi(boobs)and started biting then ..she was making horny voices ahhhhaaaaahhhh…hoooooooooonnnnnn but slowly coz other passerngers were also sleeping there.i just utter somewords in her ears that ” anita i had never seen boobs like that and i juat want to eat them all”she said jaan this is all urs come on eat them and fuck me….aaaahhhhhh plzzzzzzzz fuck me.i now just unhooked her pant and lowers doun her panty their i see the real girls struture and i really love to see that.i just push a finger inside her cunt and started putting in and out and suddenly their comes a fluid from inside which i dring whole in my mouth…………aaaaaaahhhh i really like the taste and so i started chweing the lips of her cont.she just holds down my head in her hand and pressed hard on her cunt and sail slowly plz vivek fuck my looly plzzzzzzzzz aaaaaaaaahhhhaaaaaaa plz dear .

Now i was also hold my dick on hand kept on her cunt and forced inside she just behan to shout with pain but i just closese her mouth with my lips and started forcing my land(dick)hard in her cunt now she is becoming normal and also enjoying the process and started helping me.i just fuked her for about 5 to 10 minutes and then again started pressing her boobs hard …she is saying fuck me u bastard fuck me hard and i m too breaking all her holes.after sometime i was coming out and i pour the whole of my juice in her mouth and she dring every single drop of that and then we again packed ourself in clothes and went ot sleep. contact me at(”

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