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From Sister To Wife

  • desipapa
  • November 26, 2015

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Shalini, 31 years old divorcee, was walking past her 18 -years old brother Jagan’s room one day when she heard a moan. Thinking he might be ill, she peeked through the slightly-open door. The sight that struck Shalini’s eyes shocked her.

Her brother lay on his bed naked and was masturbating ofcourse, this fact alone came as no surprise to Shalini. She knew that all boys and most girls masturbated. Hell, she even did it herself everyday since her divorce when she read porn novels.

But what shocked her was her brother’s cock – it was immense. Shalini could see that it was at least 9 inches in length AND thicker than her wrist. She stared as Jagan slowly stroked his massive cock. Shalini gaped at his huge red cockhead glistening with pre-cum. She saw her brother’s big testicles.

My God! Shalini thought, stunned. Look at the size of Jagan’s lund (cock) then she thought of her husband Mukesh’s- just 4 inches long and not very much thicker than her thumb.

Shalini kept watching in fascination. Her husband was only good for 10 or 12 desperate thrusts when he entered her cunt. Shalini heard nasty wet noises as Jagan picked up the pace of his strokes. Involuntarily, Shalin’s choot (cunt) began to tingle and moisten.
Jagan was breathing heavily now – and so was his divorced sister. He pistoned his cock frantically then, it happened. With a deep groan, Jagan began to ejaculate.

Thick white cream of sperm began erupting from the engorged cock, touching the wall almost 5 feet ahead of the fisting brother. Shalini simply couldn’t believe her eyes as she watched her brother’s incredible cock throwing fountain of semen, so many times she lost count with a few final strokes, it was over at last.

Jagan lay there panting in exhausted satisfaction. Shalini had been missing the little fucking she had been getting from her husband since their separation and it excited her more because of her abstinence. Her silky panties were sopping wet with her choot ras (vaginal juices). She knew what she must do if she was to have any peace tonight.

She tip-toed to her room and closed the door quietly. She quickly took off her clothes and got onto the bed. She began to rub her big, swollen clitoris, engorged with blood. She rubbed her huge, puffy nipples with her other hand.

She put first 2 fingers into her sopping pussy. She finger fucked herself furiously, reaming her lovely pink hole even this was not enough, so she began fisting her pussy in spite of herself, she imagined her hand was her brother’s cock ramming deep inside her.

Shalini knew it was terribly wrong to have these fantasies about her own brother, but she just couldn’t help herself. She listened to the nasty wet sounds her cunt was making and it spurred her on. She bucked her crotch off the bed as she imagined her brother fucking her.
Ohhhh, Jagan she moaned. She rubbed her pussy like a crazy woman until she could take no more. She began to cum like never before.

She had to bite down on her free hand to keep from screaming in ecstasy. Wave after orgasmic wave went through her nude, sweaty body.
Her soft butt quivered and the sensations were so intense, she lost control and let out a long and loud scream aaahhhhh even though she was alone, her face turned beet-red with embarrassment. Her brother also heard the scream and rose to see what was wrong with his sister.

When he peered inside her room, Shalini was extracting her hand from her satisfied cunt, which made an obscene sucking noise. He saw that his sister’s hand was coated with her thick choot ras(vaginal juices). Jagan lost his mind as his sister brought her hand to her nose, inhaled deeply, then sucked it all off as she lay there catching her breath.

The guilt began to set in: Ohhh, how could I stoop so low as to fantasize about my own brother? She thought horrified. God forgive me! But Jagan was admiring the naked body of his sister, her rising boobs, long brown nipples, her shaven pussy and her round ass.

I must possess my sister, he thought as his cock began to rise again although he knew it would be a sin even to think of it. Shalini was also thinking like her brother. After all, I’m only human! Any lady would have reacted in exactly the same way on watching her brother masturbate like Jagan did.

And besides, I’ll certainly never have that awful fantasy again!” she promised herself. Now, Shalini was truly a horny woman but these taboo feelings profoundly disturbed her. But now, no matter how hard she tried, she simply could not get her brother’s huge cock out of her mind.

I am not a filthy incestuous slut who lusts after her own brother! Shalini cursed herself as the wicked thoughts tormented her yet again and I will overcome this!

But Jagan could not get the naked sister’s memory out of his mind. I cannot let that hot sister of mine go starving like that for a healthy cock when I am starving for pussy.

At night he walked into the drawing-room, in shorts only. He had a massive erection. Shalini immediately felt her throat tighten and her heart begin to pound as she looked at the bulge in her brother’s shorts. Her pussy began to twitch with lust.

Didi, have you seen my books?” Jagan said as he was oblivious to the effect his erect cock was having on his sister.

Oh, I, uh, d – don’t know …No I have not seen books which books?,” Shalini stammered. She struggled desperately to keep her eyes off her brother’s crotch – and failed. Jagan also noticed his sister’s lack of composure. Then he saw that she was glancing furtively at the bulge in his shorts. Their eyes met.

Shalini saw her brother’s probing gaze and turned beet-red, looking away quickly. It was unmistakable: Damn – Shalini is turned on! Shit!! Jagan was stunned. He didn’t know what to do, so he just stood there, saying nothing. Shalini saw from the corner of her eye that her brother’s big cock was throbbing with every heartbeat.

I, um, I don – don’t know wh – where your books are,” she stuttered again. Jagan kept standing there silently, his eyes boring into his repentent but aroused sister. Shalini squirmed in her seat, avoiding his burning stare. Jagan knew it was his only chance. If he was to fuck his sister, it was now or never.

If she is dying without a cock and is forced to finger her horny cunt, and I am jacking off for a pussy, why should I waste such a hot cunt which is dying for my cock? He mused and took a final decision and began to take off his shorts.

Jagan! W- what are you doing!?” Shalini said in a panic.” Bastard I am your sister stop it th-this instant! But Jagan paid her no mind and stepped out of his shorts. Shalini stared wild-eyed at his giant cock. A thick string of pre cum drooled slowly, evilly, from the engorged head of his giant cock.

Jagan, oooh bhenchod (sisterfucker)!” she croaked out. “Put your shorts back on – ri-right now! I know you want it, Didi,” Jagan said in a husky voice choked with lust. “I saw you masturbate in the afternoon ohhhh my God, didi, you are as sex starved as I am.

You deserve better. Now that you have no husband, you have your brother. I can see it written all over your face you are lusting for my cock. How Dare you bastard!” Shalini said. “This is your sister you’re talking to, bastard!”

I know exactly who I’m talking to,” he shot back. “I’m talking to an incestuous bitch in heat!” you dirty little bastard!!” Shalini jumped up tried to slap his face. But stronger brother grabbed his sister and kissed her hard.

Shalini struggled but she was no match to her 6 feet brother as she was just 5 feet 2 inches. Jagan cupped her boobs and kissed. At first, Shalini kept her lips pressed tightly together, but her struggles became weaker. Finally, it ceased altogether.

Shalini whimpered helplessly into her brother’s mouth as she began to return his kiss – tentatively at first, then with equal passion. Jagan now began to rub and squeeze his sister’s soft, shapely butt as he offered her his tongue. Shalini opened her lips to accept it and began to suck it hard.

After a few minutes of this, he released her. Take off your clothes. I want to see you nude the way I saw you fingering your hot pussy. Shalini started to protest, but was stopped by his command: Do it! now!

Shalini was shocked by her brother’s suddenly masterful attitude. She had been the one giving him the orders, but now he was turning the tables on her. Shalini’s knees went weak. She felt feminine need to submit to her dominant new man standing triumphantly before her and, deep down inside her soul.

She loved it with trembling fingers, she unbuttoned her blouse and took it off. Then she slowly pushed her pajamas down her hips and let it drop to the floor. Shalini just stood there in her white pant and bra.

Take the bra and panty off too!” and obediently Shalini reached behind her and unhooked her bra and reluctantly let it drop, but covered her breasts with her hands.

Move those hands sister, I want to see you naked as you presented yourself to Jijju on your Suhagrat (Wedding night)!” Jagan ordered. Shalini obeyed, removing her hands from her full tits. “Oh, Godddd – DIDI, your titties are fantastic!” Jagan said.
Shalini blushed again.

Ok – now your panties,” he said with excitement.
Ohhhh, Jaggu, you’ve seen my tits. That should be enough, huh? Please!”

Take your panties off now, you horny cunt” he roared. Shalini slowly obeyed her brother turned master. Her silky panties slid down her soft thighs and fell to the floor…

Shalini stood nude and quivering before her real brother. His eyes feasted on her naked body. Her naked body fascinated him: her magnificent tits with their glorious nipples, her curvy hips and lovely thighs. Above all, he was transfixed by her shaven cunt. His huge cock was jumping with lust.

Oh, Didi- you’re so sexy… I’ve just got to fuck you”
Oh,God, no! Please!” She begged and we cannot fuck- we just can not! It is incest. I’m your sister!”

I know you are my sister but my cock can’t see that!” Jagan said. “Look at this cock! Cock has no sister. It knows that your cunt is its goal” He was touching his hardening cock.

Shalini too couldn’t tear her eyes off his cock as if her life depended on it. You’re trying to lie by saying you don’t want to me to fuck you. How can you explain away that pussy juice running down your thighs, sister, huh?”

Shalini realized how vulnerable she was and hung her head in shame. She had another shock coming. Come on, sister, suck my cock. I know you want to suck my cock.”

Shalini looked at his magnificent cock as he sat on the sofa. All her moral principles screamed ‘No!!’, but her aroused body had a will of its own. It was not that she had not sucked a cock. Her husband had enjoyed her blow jobs, but now it was her brother.

She hesitantly walked to her brother and slowly sank to her knees between his legs. His cock was just inches from her face now. She inhaled deeply the rich musk. She extended her fingers and tremblingly circled his massive cock.

The taboo touch thrilled them both. Her tiny fingers couldn’t completely circle Jagan’s cock. She slowly began to stroke him. Jagan couldn’t believe his sister actually was jacking him off. With her other hand, Shalini lifted and squeezed his testicles.
You’re so big, Bhai. Shalini whispered.

Suck me, didi – please!”
Shalini looked at Jagan with shame but said , “God forgive me, but I need your cock so badly ever since I saw you masturbating a little while ago.

This surprised Jagan, but he had no time to think about it, but his surprise disappeared as Shalini slipped his cock into her mouth. She sucked the huge, pink cockhead first. Then and she took in more of the fat shaft, rubbing the big head against the roof of her mouth.

She loved the taste of his pre cum. Jagan watched in amazement as his cock disappeared into his sister’s mouth. He was in ecstasy as his cock began to fuck his own sister’s throat.

It feels so good didi Jagan panted. Shalini had fought her wicked needs and desires for a long time but now that she had finally submitted to them and to her brother. She decided to indulge in the wickedest taboo desires with her own brother.

At length, he could hold no more oooh, God! I’m going to cum sister! uhhhh! I’m cuming didi! uhhhhh!!”
Shalini quickly took his cock out of her mouth and started to pump him frantically with her hands. Then he began to ejaculate as his cream spurted from his cock, his sister aimed his cock at her face. Semen splattered on her lips, nose, cheeks and eyes.

She licked her lips which had her brother’s incest seed at last, he stopped ejaculating. Shalini cleaned her brother’s cock and wiped her own face clean when they caught their breath, he said “That was incredible! You’re a fantastic cocksucker, didi!”

Jagan kissed his sister and cupped her boobs. He was hard again in 10 minutes. He smiled wickedly. Lets fuck now. I want my sister with her legs open. Come on Didi! She did as she was told and lay on the sofa. Jagan grasped her legs apart as far as possible, lifting her knees to her breasts.

Now, she was spread totally nude before him. She felt so weak and helpless before him – the way her husband could never make her feel. Her sloppy cunt was totally exposed to his gaze for the first time. Jagan got on his knees between her wide-spread thighs and started rubbing his cock between her sopping pussy lips.

Shalini moaned in ecstasy as the tremendous shaft slipped between the slippery folds of her pussy, her swollen clitoris throbbing with the sweet friction wait Bhai! Please!!”

What? Ohhhh, Bhai do you really understand the size of your cock? My husband did not have even half of your monster cock. Do you intend to destroy my pussy? Please be gentle! Yes. I am being gentle didi, but I have to fuck you. He pushed his cock further into the incest cunt of his sister ooohhh! I was all that came out of her mouth

The wonderful friction of her brother’s cock against her cunt aroused her so much that she could no longer fight her evil need. She whimpered: yes!! ohhh, yes!! do it!! take me!! my lover – my brother! with that, Jagan ever so slowly eased his cock into his sister’s cunt – the one cunt in the world forbidden to all brothers.

Jagan’s huge cock parted the slick, rubbery walls of Shalini’s burning cunt inch by heavenly inch. The massive cockhead was pressed against her cervix. Shalini whimpered helplessly as her brother’s cock filled and stretched her cunt to its limit.

He began to fuck his sister seriously, his big balls pressed snugly to her sweet asshole. Jagan loved the feeling of his sister’s tight choot. The tender flesh of her choot felt like silk on his throbbing shaft. He didn’t thrust yet, giving her time to get used to his lund. They just fucked, saying nothing. Then the horny sister broke the silence with a torrent of verbal dirt.

I just can’t believe my bhai has got his lund thrust all the way into my womb!! ooooo!! It feels so good!! Screw me, my brother!! Take me!! Fuck me with your massive cock!! fuck your didi you sisterfucker!!.

Excited by his sister’s words, Jagan began to fuck his sister savagely. Shalini whined like a little girl as her brother pounded her pussy without mercy. Her sexy moans spurred him on. She listened to the wet sucking noises coming from her sopping cunt.

She was aroused by the nasty sounds as their bodies clashed and rubbed her brother’s chest with her fingers as he rode her like a lady should always be ridden.

She could not believe she was capable of uttering abuses which were coming from her lips. It was almost like the voice of a woman suppressed with sexual frustration: Yesss! That’s it! Take me! Screw me! fuck me hard mere bhai, chod mujhe chod apni shalini didi ko ohhh bhenchod chod dal!” she shouted.

I am yours! You own me, my brother! My cunt, my womb, my tits, mouth and butt belong to you bhai! I now know that I am your whore!! I need to have your baby in my womb – your incest baby!! Breed me!! Fuck me!! Knock your shalini didi – whore up!! Make me pregnant with your baby!! I need to give birth to your child!! We’ll make your jijju die of shame!! I’m your wife now!!”

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