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Friend’s wife & I in Goa

  • desipapa
  • August 16, 2015

I m slim but strongly built guy gaurav from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. I am regular reader of desi stories on various sites. After a while now i think i got the confidence to share my story with rest of the readers. Here it goes. God has favored me a lot in matter of friends.

All my friendship of school days is still alive and we meet very regularly even after settled in Varity of business. Raju is one of friend among this circle. Since he had affair with one gal he went first for marriage and bought the first lady in our group called sweety. Though sweety wasn’t dream gal kind of gal but surely you having to give her good rating in terms of appeal. She has a great appeal in her talk, eyes, behavior and specifically her perfect round boobs aren’t just the attractive but it is mind boggling. And she wear the clothes that make her boobs more projected. Though lookwise she isnt that glamorous but her nakhras enough to attract the attention of any man. Due to our intimacy when we they go out we go together and we all share lots of double meaning talk also. But it was purely fun until the incident took place last year and we entered in to whole new relationship, which exist even today.

Since Raju was the only married person we many time get together and see blue movies on computer, raju is also take part in it and then keep the CDs with him 2 enjoy it again with Sweety. But everytime when he returns back the CD he has some Qs related to experimental sex. like how harmful is the oral ? anal sex is possible or not? later on i got the idea that sweety is too horny gal and she loves to do experiment in sex more than raju. Raju has told me several time that she loves oral & she is master in sucking coke. So then i had started masturbating on name of her. Because to fantasize on sweety is very easy for me and i find alway around in different mood and style. Apart from it i get many times a chance to touch her various parts of body. Even she too loves to talk with me on various subjects.

Many times she does intentional physical touch also to me. Last Holi almost she has grapped my whole cock in her hand & then leave it like nothing is happened. But i didn’t have that daring to take that kind of initiatives, i was much worried about the relationship i was sharing with both of them.But last year suddenly star got in to my favour and my dream turned in to reality. Raju wanted to expand his business in gulf country so made a plan to go gulf for some 14 days. I was together in all commercial and non-commercial preparation. Before leaving one day he told me that Gaurav would u like if u have to fuck actual woman instead of masturbating everyday? I said ” man thats the dream thing. but who is that lady? ” He said Sweety. I said what Sweety..are you mad (actually from inside i was getting crazy by listening all these from Raju ) how can u think about it? And what sweety does think if she listen it? He told dear sweety loves to be fucked everyday. Its not possible for her to be dry for 14 days and even we were toying with this idea since long back to arrange the group sex party with u. so she hasn’t any kind of problem if u have any problem then we dont mind too. I was in heven and accpeted this proposal. That night i masturbate twice on name of her.

Finally raju flew as per his schedule and i too got busy with my business, but third day i got the call from Sweety. Initially we talked just casually but finally she had broken the silence and asked me that weather raju has told u anything? But then i decided to tease her and wish to make her speak all from her own mouth. And she told me in straight words that u r suppose to come everyday and screw me up till he comes back from Gulf and if u wish u can come after that also. By listening all these from her i got literally mad and got sudden erection also in my pant. Because i was getting invitation words from the gal whom i paid my lots of seman. we talked almost half an hour on fone that day all about my fantasy and her wild idea about the sex. She loves to be squeezed by any machoman. She like hard fucking insted of normal fucking. She loves MMF also. Infact she had already arrange the CD 2 see together and then follow it. She was talking too dirty language that it had forced me masturbate while talking with her on fone.

Now i decided to enjoy this time in a very special way and i planed to fuck her in Goa. coz from her talk it was sure that she was very hungry for getting cock inside her pussy and other end i was looking for this moment since years. So we got agreed on this point to go Goa and spend their whole week by just making love. very next day we left for the Goa and got one nice room in one beach resorts where only couples were allowed and having the facility to make outdoor sex. most of tourist were the foreigners and there were hardly 4-5 couples there from indian origin. she was equipped with all her sexy and erotic dresses and she was in mood to utilize this opportunity at its best. she had already taken the advance promise form me that i will fuck her atleast 3 times a day. at other hand i had put the condition that we willnt wear any clothes when in the room on which she fully agreed coz that wasnt the condition for her but for her it was the chance to get fucked more then 3 times.

Soon after get in to the room i took her on the bed and start squeezing her boobs like mad person. she felt pain by my hard squeezing but she didnt want me to stop so she had started to encourage me by saying ” Darling Aaj To Ji Bhar Ke Dabalo dont stop it and i m in heaven muje yeh junglee ki tarah dabana bahot hi pasand hai” for first 20 mins we did only sucking and squeezing each other..after that sweety insert her hand in my loose fitting trouser and start playing with my stiff cock. she told me in my ears ” yours is quite longer and thick then of Raju” i said “my queen it will be more larger once u take it in your mouth and suck it with your style” she was waiting for my words only she took it out from the nicker and took the half length in her mouth.. now her small mouth was filled with my long thick cock..i seen that it was difficult for her to manage but even then she was licking it..i had never thought oral is such a nice thing. as raju said she was master in cock sucking and it resulted in to more tight cock of me..i took it out from her mouth but she garbed it back and got in her mouth..i was near to cum now so i told her “darling leave it i want 2 incert it in your pussy” she told “oh no darling u just release the load in my mouth and then u fuck me in my pussy.

I want to get fucked for longer time so this time let it be released in my mouth. i love to taste your cum. Finally i had dump all my load in her mouth and i could see the feelings of satisfaction on her face. we got in to the bath room after this long round of oral..bathroom was quite large and there was one long and tub in the middle of it. we both got in it naked and started the tapwater with foam.somehow while taking bath i though to fuck her without making her aware with my intention i started moving toward her ass hole…and started fingering..she was enjoying each moment with closed eye..she opened it up only when i had instead forcefully my again erected rod in her small ass hole. she wasnt prepared for it, so she started moaning but i was pushing more and more hard to fit my rod in her ass..with her each urge my rod was getting more and more hard. but after some time she had started pushing me back and shown the sign that she also liked it..i was to and fro my cock like mad dog and she was making the loud like bitch..we did it anal fucking for some 10 mins in same doggy style.

Meanwhile she was barking like…”great darling great..i m your slave for life and you fuck me like rand…i was enjoying her words and reciprocating her words with ” kutty aaj to teri gand ka hole bada karke hi chhodunga..bhosdiki din me teen baar chahiye..madarchod tuje to aaj chhodunga nahi..” but she was enjoying it like anything..she took the promise while this round that i will fuck her whenever she wishes. and she had promised me to arrange other gal also for some change. This is the only description of first day..afterward we exchanged the partner and even experiment with three some and experience group sex whole week with the other couple in the resorts.

I am waiting for the feedback from the reader..i have already written whole story of seven days but rest i will post only after getting feedback from the reader…gals, bhabhis, single lady of ahmedabad can mail me on I love to talk and act on sex.

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