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Friend’s Mother And Maid

  • desipapa
  • October 2, 2015

Hi this is sunny 28 year old from Hyderabad, India. I’m good looking average guy without any bad habits. but i’m very interested in sex right from my childhood, you know what i mean.i was more attracted to the boobs and belly buttons.the story which i’m going to write is not a real story.

the story is about my friend’s maid and her mother Sunita.Sunita was not very beautiful ,but was having good amount of flesh at the right places .she is 38 year old with 38,27,38 measurement .i was very close to friend’s family as i use to spend most of the time with his family on festivals and also for studies ,etc. she use to wear the saree well below her belly button. her blouse too use to be very low cut, hence shows good cleavage. i was attracted to her very much and use to dream about fucking her.i was almost 18 years old and my college was in morning session , so i was free in the afternoon .once after coming from college i went to friennd’s house to see the cricket match. the door was not locked from inside, but even then i knock the door but there was no response from inside.slowly i push the door enter inside the house, i saw auntie was sleeping on the sofa while the tv was on. i think she was watching cricket match as match was running on the tv already.

I thought not to disturb her so i just sat opposite to her on the other sofa. she was in very sound sleep and her stomach was fully exposed including her belly button. as i saw her in that state my dick become very hard and stood at right angle. now i was less interested in the tv and was looking at her. as i was looking at her i was lost then suddenly i woke up to the sound. i saw maid was coming from kitchen, i ask her what she was doing here. she told me she was sleeping in kitchen because sunita told her to sleep because sunita was not well. in fact she said that sunita was having body pain so she massaged her in the morning with balm. the maid too came and sat near sunita on the floor. she brought a glass of milk for sunita so she started to wake her up. then sunita woke up and sat on the sofa and drank the milk then again she was lying on the sofa. maid took the balm and asks sunita whether she would like to get another massage before she goes .

so sunita told her to massage her waist and her maid started by applying balm on the waist and her hands were on from just beneath the blouse to lowest point of her belly. sunita closed her eyes and feeling comfortable and i was looking at her body and at the hands of the maid. maid too was looking at me and smiling, i guess she understood what i was upto. so she started running her hands all over suntia’s stomach, also touching the belly button. now she was like teasing me and i was also enjoying the proceedings. i was going out of control as dick was almost tearing me to adjust my dick i stood maid was also looking at me, she too noticed my tent on my trousers . she smiled at me and just nodded her head to come to near to her. as i went near she caught my dick squeezed it hard and winked at me. this move surprised me a lot since i never expected her to do this. with one hand maid was squeezing slowly my dick and the other hand was on sunita. i was now very tempting to touch sunita’s boobs and signaled the same to maid. she said no with her head and lifted her hand from my dick and took her pallu and slides down showing me her boobs, which almost the same of sunita’s and then she took my hand put on boob and told me press it i was standing at maid’s back and squeezing her boobs with both the hands.her hands were on sunita giving her massage.

After doing for a while i came in front of maid sat in front and took her dark brown big nipple in my i was suckig very hard sometimes biting it hard. as she was getting aroused she started moaning .because of that sunita woke up and she was surprise to see me sucking maid’s boob. sunita told me stand up so i stood sunita was even more surprised because my dick was outside my trousers, which i was also not aware of. she sat on the sofa and asks maid what was she plan to do and why she was doing it. when the reply did not came from maid, sunita dragged maid towards her.then sunita asks maid if he likes the dick. maid told her yes and she also told that she enjoyed feeling the big and fat dick. did you enjoyed, when sunny was sucking your nipples bitch, sunita again asked? maid just replied yes.all this while my dick was standing like a pole outside my trousers and the maid boobs too were freely hanging outside the blouse. then sunita opened her blouse and the bra ,pull out from her body, sitting naked on the sofa she told maid to massage her boobs in the same way as sunny did. as maid was pressing her big watermelons sunita closed her eyes and moaning slowly was watching sunita’s naked boobs and felt thirsty to suck her i went near to her and slowly licked her pink nipple, when sunita did not put any resistance i took her nipple and started sucking her. now i started sucking her boobs alternatively and mauling them.maid was just looking at us not knowing what to do. i signaled her to massage sunita’s cunt, but she was afraid to do. so i took her hand and press her palm on sunita’s i was playing with sunita’s boobs, the maid too started playing with sunita’s cunt. now sunita was totally in our control moaning loudly and moving her hands in my hair, shouting and telling maid to finger in her cunt. maid lifted sunita’s saree and started fingering her and suddenly sunita’s back was arched and gush of water came out of her, i guess she had her big orgasm. seeing this maid signaled me to come and fuck sunita.

So i moved in between sunita’s white milky soft thighs and went close to my destination.then to my surprise maid took my dick suck for a few seconds and made it wet.then gladly guided my dick in sunita’s love goodness sunita was very wet because my dick no problem entering in.when i started moving in and out sunita was shouting with pleasure, so i told maid to put her nipple in sunita’s mouth. that worked very well as sunita started to suck maid nipples and also she was feeling her mound.that day i fucked sunita for more than an hour until we were friends i will continue the storyof my fucking sunita and also the maid in the next episodes.but don’t forget to send your feedback to me and let me know how could i write better.also if any females of any age who is not able to enjoy sex for some reason and interested to indulge in relationship. please don’t hesitate to mail me at . remember i’m from hyderabad so people around hyderabad and vijayawada can also meet me, privacy is assured and expected.

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