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Friend’s Hot Mom & Two Aunties

  • desipapa
  • September 4, 2015

Hi everyone I am Rohit. I am regular to so I thought I should share my experience with you guys as well. I am 22yr old and the incident took place with my friend’s mother and his two aunties. As a profession I have just joined an Asian Male Escort service. As one of my mate was a male escort so I called him to join cause I was straggling with money at that time so he told me to meet him in the office next day.

I went to meet him next day in the office and filled couple of forms etc and the boss was a lady. She was around in her late 40s but she was a MILF an Half, she greeted me and she said she will take few pictures of mine for the clients, so I agree, she took me to their studio, asked me to take my top off and she took my few snaps.She took me back to the reception where she showed me the pics and she was quite happy with the result so

She told me that my first assignment is tomorrow in Leicester with 3 mature ladies, she gave me the address and she told me to be their by 1pm and also to finish the assignment in 2hr and charge them £250 for it, from that I have to pay £100 to the company.I was really excited all night and couldn’t wait for next day. I woke up at 10am next day took shower and wore an Armani jeans and black Polo top and left home by 11.

As it only takes 1hr from London to Leicester but to be on safe side I left early. I got there by 12.30 and I was shocked to see, it was my best mate house, I remember I went their once before. I was hesitating to go inside but then I thought to myself that if I don’t do the assignment I still have to pay £100 to the company and I was broke already I could not afford to pay, so I got some courage and rang the doorbell.

It was my friend’s mom who opened the door and she was surprised to see me on the door. She greeted me and asked me to come inside as we went inside I saw his 2 aunties sitting on the sofa and all 3 were looking hotter and sexier then each other. I sat on the sofa and started to sweat on my forehead, I inquire about my mate but his mum told me that he went with his cousins and uncle to Leeds for 2 days. I now understood everything as the 3 horny ladies have sent the family members out of the town and wanted to have fun in their absence.

She asked me the reason of my presence, so I hesitate a bit and told her that I am from the Asian Male escort service. She was shocked to hear and she told me she didn’t expected me to be an escort and some how I got the courage and said even I didn’t thought that you will order a escort to give you pleasure.

My friend’s mom looked at me with her mouth opened and her eyes popped out. She then said she cant have me as I am like her son and asked me to leave, but her sister (Sunita) interrupted and said “no he will give us the pleasure” and she pulled me towards hers and placed her lips over mine and started kissing me passionately, I opened my mouth and guided her tongue to enter my mouth, we kissed each other for about 5min.

I saw my friend’s mum was sitting in the corner and looking at us with her eyes wide open. The other aunty (Manisha) started playing with my cock over my jeans and I helped her undo my jeans button and she took my cock in her hand and moved her head towards my cock and took it in her mouth. While she was sucking my cock Sunita took my hands and placed it over her boobs. She had small boobs like tangerines as I started massaging those small tangerines she started moaning loud aaahhh ooiiii.

I then took her top off and her bra and started to sucking those tangerines, mean while Manisha was enjoying my cock and I couldn’t control my self and more and told Manisha that I am coming she increased her speed of sucking, in no time at all I shoot my hot cum inside her mouth and she drank every single drop of it. Sunita was moaning load as I was pressing her boobs.

They both now swapped with each other where sunita started sucking my cock and Manisha gave me a passionate kiss. As I was kissing her I started squeezing her boobs, its seems to be bigger than Sunitas. I took her top off and her mandarins were dying to come out of the jail. I tool her bra off and started pressing and sucking her mandarins. Meanwhile Sunita was sucking my banana and enjoying the taste of it.

From the corner of my eye I saw my friend’s mum (Mamta) she was still sitting in the corner and watching our act and biting her lips so I realize that she was felling horny as well but I jus ignored her for time been. I toke Manisha’s jeans off and she was wearing a black thong. I inserted my finger in her cunt, which was hot and wet. I took her thong off and started licking her wet pussy.

She started moaning very load “aaaahhh fuck ooohhh you are so good, aahhh” sunita got up and took my top off and stated playing with my nipples. Manisha came to 3 orgasms. Her juice was nice warm and salty. I made Sunita lie on the sofa and took her skirt off. She was wearing a white lace French knickers. I took her knickers off and stared sucking her clean shaved pussy. I inserted my tongue deep inside her and stared fucking her with my tongue.

She was now moaning loud “aahhh fuck me darling fuck your friend’s aunt, fuck her with your banana” I got up opened my brief case and asked her what flavor condom she want? She told me very passionately that she loves strawberries so she want strawberry flavor. I got the condom and giver her, she opened it in putted inside her mouth and guided her mouth to my cock and she put the condom over my cock with her mouth.

I inserted my cock in her pussy and slowly and started to fuck her, slowly made her legs apart and kept my cock inside her cunt it wasn’t going inside as it was tight. I fucked her in the same position for the next 10min and she was on moaning laud “fuck me harder fuck me harder, faster faster fuck your friend’s aunt, fuck me aaaahhhh” after pumping for another 10min I took out my cock and sat on the sofa and told Manisha to sit on my lap, she turned down her legs and sat on my lap with my dick inside her cunt. she was moving up and down slowly.

I was satisfied with the position and fucked her for 5min in the same position, I turned her around facing me and told her to continue, she moved up and down bouncing her mandarins and I took her left boob n my mouth n hold her butt with my both hand and increased the speed. She started moaning “oohhh fuck mee aahhhhh uuu r so nice yyyyhh fuck me hard”. I stood up holding her in same position where my cock was still in her cunt,

She wrapped her both arms on my neck and I rested my back on the wall. Slowly we stared fucking in this position and I gradually increased the speed and suddenly I saw mamta had her hand over her mouth and was shocked seeing us in this position, I just ignored her and kept increasing the speed I soon realize that I am about to cum so I got her down and told Sunita and munisha that I am about to cum. Sunita just took my cock in her hand and gradually took the condom off and started stroking my cook, and eventually I shoot my hot load of cum straight on their faces.

They both drank every single drop of my cum and I jus sat on the sofa after been so tired, both Manisha and Sunita came sat next to me and I collapsed on Manisha’s shoulder 20min later Manisha got up and went to manta and said to her that she should off joined them, she said “ it was awesome and I never had someone fucked me like this, your bother in law has never spent more then 15min with me and today I had best sex ever” listening to this manta started biting her lips and Sunita got up a went to her and said “

Manta trust me you missed the fun” with a pause Sunita said “I am sure Rohit is still happy to give you the pleasure of your life” yeh rohit? I said come on aunt manta since I’ve seen you on our graduation from that day I’ve always wanted to mash you” hearing this she felt shy and said “alright alright I will but please don’t tell your friend raj about this” I said I promise this will stay between us and raj will never get to know about it.

She came towards me and sat next to me on the sofa. She said “you have promised me” I said “ of course this will stay between us.” She smiled at me and moved her face towards me and started kissing me on my lips. We kissed each other very passionately and she opened her mouth and I entered my tongue in her mouth. Exchanging each others tongues and tasted her saliva, it was warm and nice. I started squeezing her boobs and I realize that she had the biggest boobs out of her sisters.

I took her top off and I was amazed as she had the biggest boobs, my god it was like a grapefruit so big. She was wearing a red lace bra, boy her boobs was dying to come out of her bra. I placed my hands over and said “aunt your boobs are really big, Raj is lucky she had sucked these boobs wan he was baby” she said “well you are even luckier cause he sucked when he was a baby and didn’t had any clue of it but you will have them now” and gave me a naughty smile.

I quickly opened her bra and cupped her boobs as it was so big it must have been 40DD. I moved my face towards those grapefruit and stated sucking her left while playing with her right erect nipple. Slowly laid her down on the sofa and continued with my activity. Now I moved from her left boob to right and put my tongue over it, started licking like a corn ice cream. She was moaning very loud “aaaaahhhh oooiiii yeah Meanwhile sunita and manisha started playing with each other, they were in 69 position.

I moved my tongue from her boobs to her stomach and from there to her navel. I liked her navel for few min and I moved my head to her legs. She was wearing skinny tight nylon pair of trousers, I started rubbing my hands over her thigh. Wow it was nice, I slowly moved my hand towards her waist and pulled her skinny tights off. To my surprise she was wearing a matching pair of red lace thong. Wow she was looking gorgeous, a sex goddess on the earth.

I pulled her thong down and her pink lips were completely wet with her juice. She had a clean shave seems like she had it shaved this morning. With my middle finger I started fucking her. I kept on inserting my finger deep inside her cunt. She was now moaning very loud “aahhhh yes fuck me hard aahhh” I kept on fingering her faster and faster and she kept on moaning louder and louder. Eventually she gave her orgasm on my face, I drank every single drop of it but it was nice warm and salty.

I got up and opened my briefcase, asked her about condom flavor, but she reply saying its all safe I can have her without condom. I went towards her lie her on the sofa and inserted my banana in her warm pussy. I inserted half of my cock but it was very tight as a virgins pussy, so with some force it fully went inside her. She was now screaming with the pain, I took my cock out slightly and inserted back,

I kept on doing this and gradually I gained my speed and started pumping her fast, with this she was now enjoying and moaning in pleasure aah yes fuck me!” I was going like a fast train, after 5min or so I removed it and positioned her in doggy style. I wanted to enter her anal. I separated her ass cheeks and saw the tightest hole. As my cock was lubricated with her pussy juice, I tried to insert my cock in her ass but it was very tight,

I kept on trying but no luck at all, so I got some almond oil from my briefcase. I pour some oil on her ass and on my cock. Now my cock and her ass was very lubricate, so I inserted my cock and it went completely in her ass. I was now in heaven and enjoying her ass. Kept on pumping her harder and faster, meanwhile both Manisha and Sunita were lost in their own world. I saw manisha was wearing a dildo panty and was fucking Sunita.

I continued with my action with mamta aunty, one thing I should say she was the most beautiful out of her sister as well as she had the best body, she was 42yr old and her husband left her 10yrs ago so she didn’t had a good sex life which left in result of her having a tightest pussy like a virgins.

I took my cock off her ass and I was about too cum, so I told her and she wrapped her mouth around my cock and started stroking and made me cum right inside her mouth. she drank every single drop of my warm cum and cleaned my cock with her tongue, by now I was so exhausted that I just garbed and lie on the sofa with her for over 20min, we could hear the moaning of Sunita as Manisha was fucking her real hard with her dildo panty.

I got up and sat on her stomach and inserted my cock in her massive grapefruit. I started pumping her and was enjoying every move of mine. I fucked her boobs for 5mins and told her to give me a proper blowjob. I sat on the sofa, opening my legs and letting her sit on her knee in between my legs. She stated pulling my foreskin up and down and took my balls in her mouth and started sucking each ball.

She took my cock in her mouth and in no time at all she completely swallow my cock in her mouth. Oh this was the best blowjob I ever had and I was now in heaven. She started stroking fast and made me shoot my cum on her face and her huge grapefruit. She cleaned every drop on her boobs with her tongue.

We saw Sunita and Manisha ware totally in their own world. Mamta grabbed my arm and took to her bedroom and pushed me on her bed. She hugged me and said she had the best sex ever and she has enjoyed every minute of it. We both hugged each other very tightly and I stated sucking her neck and gave her a love bite. She then grabbed me and took me to her en-suite bathroom, where we both took shower and she played with my cock and told me to fuck her in her pussy again.

I fucked her for around 15min and blasted my cum right inside her pussy. We both soaped each other and had a nice warm shower. She wiped me with the towel and we came out of the bathroom to her bedroom. She hugged me from the back and she asked me if I could stay with her for that night. I agreed and we both lied naked on the bed meanwhile we could hear the loud moaning from down stairs as both Sunita and Manisha was having fun with each other.

I slept with mamta aunty and woke up in 2hrs. As I woke up I saw mamta was sucking my cock. I grabbed her hair and pulled it towards me and squeezing her boobs and sucked it. We carried on with our oral sex for next hr or so and the she said let go down stairs to check Sunita and Manisha. We went down and saw that both of them were sleeping so we just lie on the sofa and slept.

Next morning I woke up as the three ladies was sucking my cock and made me cum on their faces. We got up and mamta aunty said lets have a shower together. So we all went to the bathroom. The three ladies took shower gel on the palm of their hand and started massaging me. Mamata aunty was messaging my chest from back, while Sunita was cleaning my cock and Manicha was cleaning my legs, this lasted for the next 20 min. I really liked Manta aunt’s boobs as it was huge so I started rubbing my hands over her boobs and sucked those erect nipples. We played with each other and we all cumed atleast twice.

Manta aunty dried me off and manisha messaged me with body cream while sunita dressed me. The ladies stayed naked, mamta looked at the clock and said “Sorry Rohit but you have to leave now cuz raj and his cousins should be on their way” I kissed all three ladies passionately on their lips and sucked their boobs for last time and was about to leave but mamta aunt gave an enveloped with £400.

I told her that I cant take this but she said that it was my earning so I said I will only take £100 from this as I have to give the company. I took £100 and gave the rest to aunt and also gave her my mobile number and told her that when ever she wants me jus give me a call and I would come to her place. Any mature ladies in London or M25 surrounding just email me on rohit-1986@ and don’t worry I wont charge you anything. Hope you enjoyed it. Cheers Rohit

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