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  • desipapa
  • October 1, 2015

Hi I am new in your company with this hope that you will appreciate my this first attempt, which will give me courage to write more my experience. This is a story of my friend’s mother and my illegitimately relation. Fahem was my best friend in high school from the primary. I was always over his house and he mine. He was 18 and I was19 when this story takes place. His mother was not an average looking. Or may be she was looked me so beautiful. Lets me describe her to all of you. She has very fair skin. Her height was not as normal of other woman, she was little tall and has 5′. 9’’. Her face features were sharpness, and graceful. She has extra large and big dark black eye, with long black hairs. Her thin lips were too matching with her pointed nose. She has a little black mole on her upper lip, which made her personality very elegant. And above all of these heaven had gifted a unique and very proportionate figures of her body, which made her look was very inviting. She has well-developed bulged and protruding breast at this age. She has a wide ass and with a narrow thin waist. She didn’t look Fahem mother but was seemed to be his elder sister. Though she was in her last thirties but she looked gorgeous and inviting young woman. Her husband was in united state and was on job there.

I spent more of my time there, so I noticed that she was always wearing very tight shilwar qamiz with very low cut neckline. Every time she bent over one could see her breast very easily. She always wore a bra, but her breasts hung down inside it and to me looked great.

I often to offer her my help around the house and she always accepted. She always gave me an opportunity to stair me her tits. She didn’t care to touch with me whenever I was helping her when she doing her house works. But in my mind I did wonder if she was showing herself to me on purpose.

I never was sure if she knew what I was doing, but since I offered my help and she always accepted I didn’t care. But in my mind I did wonder if she was showing herself to me on purpose. But I always dreaming to fuck her although she is mother of best friend. My dream would come true in last winter. This is happened like this that I was over Fahem’s on a Saturday afternoon when I asked about him aunty told me that he is not at home and has gone to meet his grand father as he called him an emergency. The rain was started just I arrived there. Mehnaz aunty asked to leave there as I always stayed there and for this Fahem’s presence is not necessary. We were talking for a while and then she said me that she would be right in kitchen to o some pending work of kitchen. She went in to the kitchen to do finish her kitchen work and I followed and offered to help. No thank you, she said, I will get them. There aren’t many to do. As she was doing her work, I stood leaning against the refrigerator and watched her from behind and was thinking her wide fleshy ass. Whenever I had the chance I always watched her, as I was fascinated with the thoughts of her. Even if she was my best friend’s mother, that never stopped my dreaming and imagination. I do not know what got into me, but that day as I stood behind her; I made up my mind to try something. What I wasn’t sure, but I would try to find out if she was deliberately showing herself to me or not. As she was doing her work, we talked and then I moved right behind her and stood near very close behind her. I put my both hands on her shoulders and started rubbing her shoulders. She jumped, as she didn’t know all that I came just behind her. I startled her, for a while and then she became relaxed and said to me, you startled me. She asked me hat what ma I doing? And I told her straightforward simple love and love. She didn’t stop me nor she felt bad. She didn’t spoke me any words but was just to doing her job. I continued my massage going in wider circles across her shoulders and down her back. She now finished her work, washed her hand and turn over to me and said there are too cold lets we move to lounge or Fahem room, as there will be some heat. And when she turn to me suddenly I put my lips on her lips. She I don’t know acting or really she became astonished and said me doesn’t like this I am your friend’s mother. Yes! Who knows better than me that you are my friend’s mother and how am I lucky that I have a friend, who has mother like you. She didn’t even move from my lips but also gave me chance to kiss her more passionately. This was a long kiss as she was now full responding my kiss. My hand wrapped her thin waist and I pulled her to me so tight, that her breasts were pressing me too hard. Instead to stop me, she whispered in my ear, Just don’t let Fahem tell it all these. Don’t worry Mehnaz aunty I am not a child. I will never talk about it to Fahem but not to any one. She smiled and said its mean you are growing into such a fine looking young boy, but this should secret between me and you, promise me. I knew that you want to me from long time and I too want to help you. But it’s very serious in that I need to trust you not to talk about it to anyone.” I had never been given a secret by an adult before and was very impressed that Mehnaz aunty was willing to confide in me. “I swear that I will keep any thing you say a secret as long as you want me to,” I said with the fear that she couldn’t leave me but she said “Well that’s good, I trust you,” she said. But we should go to some other place as there are too cold and we moved to lounge but then she went to her bed and I followed her. We stood there for a moment and then I garbed and pulled her to me and wrapped my hands around her waist and took my mouth on her and sucked her tongue. She was already become too horny, she took my tongue in her mouth and chewed it like a gum. I now moved my hand to her tits. She opened her qamiz buttons and I helped her to take off her qamiz. And there were marvelous beautiful round pink tits with nice brownish nipples on a red brown areola. I took one of them in my mouth hungrily while played with other. She said are you going to ply all the game? Give me the chance and she untied my shilwar string that slid to the floor down automatically. She caught my cock and screamed with exclaimed, oh you have got twice long and thick than Friend’s father. She was now playing with my dick. Now I was rubbing her tits kissing her lips, cheeks ears, nose and all over her face and was rubbing her even her pussy on her shilwar cloths. I asked her to remove her cloths and she took her shilwar off, she was now totally nude before me, as she didn’t wear any panty. I said her you are looking very sexy in nude. I always look sexy, as I am sexy. Once again we were in each other arms and were kissing very passionately. By now I moved my hand to her soft firm belly and then in her pussy, and soon I felt the smooth and wetness of her pussy. I rubbed it gentle caressed her clitoris. She was moaning and I inserted my middle finger in her cunt and started in and out. After a while. She had taken my cock in her soft hand moving her hand up and down. We shifted to the large bed of her and her husband and lay there then I got up and went to her thighs. I bent and put my face between her legs and started licking her pussy. She was breathing heavy and moving her hips towards my face. After a while she asked me that now let me kiss your cock. She got up and put her mouth on my prick she kissed, licked it and then she took it slowly my full 8” cock in her mouth to suck it and it went to her throat. It gave my cock an extra strength and it became like a steel pole. She now stopped sucking and asked to put my huge cock in her pussy. A beautiful woman, 18 years older than me just had asking me to fuck her. I was also very crazy for her fucking. I was still in between her thighs So I re adjusted myself and hold my cock, but she asked me to let it do herself to put on the proper place, and she herself hold my dick and put exactly on her pussy hole. And there was a little struggle for me to push my prick in her wet cunt. I pressed my cock into her pussy hole and as I pushed it, my erect cock slid easily in to her wet pussy. As my cock went in her pussy she sighed in very sexy voice aufff hhhh ohhh. Now I started to and fro movement of my strokes in order to make my cock go and come out from her cunt. Her cunt was too hot. She grabbed my ass from behind and squeezed them by her nails that made me more excited and my dick became harder. She was an expert woman and knew all that how to exploit. I was fucking her now very wildly, as she was my fantasy from a long time and when I reached to her now I couldn’t control my self. She was moaning very loudly just from beginning. She was not only a beautiful woman but also was too expert. I was sucking her marvelous tits and she was plying my ball and squeezing my hips. As she was always in moving her all body so her bangle were sounding, that made the surrounding very sexy. She was arching her legs upwards thus I was increasing my speed more and more. She was throwing her hips upward to my cock to receive my cock more in her. She was accommodating my every stroke very passionately and expertly. She was moaning highly now. And asking me to increase my speed more. She was demanding more for my cock and I told her that I have no more. She was saying continuously no, no give me more, I need it. I said her as just before a little you were saying that this is too big, and now you are demanding for more. She replied you are fucking me so sweet that I needed more. This time I was fucking her very hard and forcefully. She was making sound of her moaning little louder oo hh ahh ufff. I fucked that old beauty for a long time. She was receiving a swift to and fro motion from me very excitedly. She was moaning and asking me to increase my speed and also asking for more my cock. I said to her Mehnaz aunty I can not increase and that I have gave my entire dick to you. She asked me please do it at least fast and I was fucking her very fast and my dick was touching her womb which was giving her extra pleasure and she was moaning yaa yea yes yea this is right do it right this. Fuck me now as you can you was very yearning to fuck it. Don’t gratify your wishes in your heart. Today you have chanced to gratify your ambitions. She was now in her full excitement. She was going to encourage me to fuck her hard and fast with her these abuse words in so sexy voice and moan and sibilating. Though I was fucking her from my full stroke and really from the core of my heart but She was still requesting me to push more and more thrust. I increased my speed more and made my stroke harder. She was receiving my every stroke very expertly as she had a lot of experience of fucking. She asked me how am I felling? I replied her Mehnaz aunty it is very nice. You are very expert in fucking. You are giving me lot of pleasures. This is unforgettable pleasure in my life. I will never forget it. She became more excited with this and was jerking her hips. I was pumping her too hard and fast; she was also trying to give me lot of pleasure from her side. And at last after a long fuck I asked her Mehnaz aunty I can not do it more and she said me come in your aunty pussy and I sprayed my cum in her pussy hole and she also came with me. She asked me to lay with her arms and I lay with her, we were talked for a long tome and she was too happy like me.

She was hold my cock from a long time and the result was that my cock became once again hard. My hand was on her ass and I was rubbing it. I said her aunty you have a very sexy wide beautiful and fleshy ass, and I love you but I love your ass very much. She told me that she knew that you have never missed a single chance to glance my ass and boobs. I said her aunty have you noticed that you have really very extravagant extraordinary breast. And you have very wide, sensitive and attractive ass. She laugh and said not new or first from you I know it better that I am a woman. Then I asked her Mehnaz aunty, I want fuck you from behind that my dick is again erected and wants you more? She asked my ass or my cunt from behind. I replied her no not your cunt, your ass. She said but I have not done it before. I said her aunty just for my pleasure. She agreed and said but very carefully. She got up and She turned, rolled on her stomach, and brought her knees under her body and made doggy style. I took a moment to look at her wide, fleshy rosy cheeks. They were too soft and perfect I couldn’t control myself and touched her ass with my tongue. She sighed and adjusted her knees so that her cheeks could be opened further. I bent forward and ran my tongue around her ass hole. She pushed her buttocks toward me. I twisted my tongue, running it in and around the inside of her canal, She moaned. Now I was rubbing my cock with her ass hole and was trying to push it in her hole. She said me am you mad? It will not go enter, want you tear me? Lubricate your this huge dick and my asshole before inserting. I said her we will lubricate it with our salvia. She applied her salvia on her ass hole and I applied my salvia on my cock. I said her aunty I am going to fuck you. When you feel my penis against your anus, press back against it. Let it enter you slowly. If you feel pain tell me to stop, I will. Immediately stop. I placed my hard like cock at her ass hole; I rubbed it back and forth for a few moments. Then I pushed lightly against her. She was moaning and screaming with pain or pleasure but I didn’t give her attention, and was going to fuck her ass. I reached for her nipples and began pulling and twisting them and she moved her hand to her pussy and found her clitoris and began to massage it furiously. She felt now easy and was enjoying it. Tentatively, she backed against me. I could feel myself begin to slip inside her ass hole was too hot and tight. I pulled back slightly and gently pushed back in. After several thrusts, she was matching my rhythm. She was now became excited due to her fingering and as was rubbing her tits. She now moved her hips away from me, almost letting my penis out, then backing toward me, pulled it in again. She began breathing faster, pumping her hips faster. And I was also stroking her ass very fast as it was giving me great pleasure. She also was asking fir fast and hard. All too soon, I could feel myself starting to come. Mehnaz aunty felt it too and gripped my penis tightly with her ass hole. I grabbed her hips and pulled her toward me, thrusting my penis fully into her ass hole. I screamed, Mehnaz aunty, I’m coming.” As my semen burst out, she arched her back and came with me. We collapsed on the bed, with my penis still firmly implanted in her anus. It softened, slid out, and I turned on my back. She said me that felt so nice and incredible. I was afraid of this but not was bad experience. And she hugged me with her tight and kissed my both cheeks. She said me are you remember that you will not tell this to any one. I once again promised her that I would keep it to me. She said if you didn’t keep it to you I will not talk you.

And I remember that we did sex at that day more twice after that. And after that day we did nearly twice in a week. She was arranged it to send Fahem for some work and we fuck in that time.

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