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Fresh & Pure Sex With Friend’s Wife

  • desipapa
  • September 9, 2015

Hi am Karthi again, the master blaster of real sex stories… now am going to share my sex experience happened with my close friend Pradeep’s wife Anjali… she’s a pretty chubby girl and a sexy girl, who loves to have sex in different style, they are newly married. Unfortunately, her husband is a great liquor addict, he drinks everyday and go to bed at 11pm, and he won’t enjoy her sweet wife. She worried about her husband and her sex feelings…

Every Sunday we friends go to Pradeep’s house to prepare dinner, have liquors and enjoy the party, she too helps us to prepare some side dishes for us… on march 15th we were celebrating our Sunday party in his house… all my friends had drinks and luckily I haven’t had liquor on that day because I’ve to attend an interview on next morning, so I just had chicken and juices… on the move I use to watch anjali’s structure, boobs, ass and her crazy lips. She always give me a casual look and she loves my physique, whereas her husband looks skinny and slim, doesn’t make any workouts in bed. Around 10.30pm pradeep went over the level and we all concluded the party and all our friends started to home and am the last one, pradeep can’t even stand, so anjali asked me to drag him to the bed, so we both grabbed him and flattened him on the bed, then I went to toilet, there I saw anjali’s panties, bra, and churidhar hanging on the hook, I pulled her bra and touched it and then I smelled her panties, It gave me a sexy hot smell, so I started sucking it and made it wet, after I stepped out she went in and I sat near pradeep, suddenly he had vomited on my hands, and spoiled my shirt on the hand portion, then I went to the bathroom and I call’d her to pour water over my shirt hands.

She came in like my wife, with pink saree, pink blouse, she was gorgeous, and she poured over my shirt and touched softly and cleared the dirts on my shirt. Now I removed my shirt and washed it with soap, she stood near the bathroom door and gave a sexy look over my muscular body, I captured her lip smile and asked her, how am washing anjali? She smiled and said I haven’t had a husband like u, I asked why, she replied that, it’ll be helpful in many ways. I asked what about my friend pradeep, is he happy with u? No karthi he doesn’t know what life is; and how to keep her pair happy, am going so lonely and suffering because of his drinking habit… I asked u mean….? Yes karthi we both were sleeping only separately yaar… I felt sad and happy too hear that, I smiled and said don’t worry anjali he’ll recover himself. Unfortunately her dresses on the hook fell down on my head, and her panty on my face, I was frightened she laughed and took all her clothes, and pulled her wet panty from my face, she felt so shy and I asked her whose cloths are these, its smelling very bad, can I wash that too.

She said … hey its mine only, after bath I haven’t thrown it to the basket. Sorry karthi… I smiled very hot over her…. I asked her when pradeep will wake up, she said he wont wake up at night, only on morning 10am, he wont wake up at night, even if we burst crackers in hall, so u feel so lonely at night am I right anjali… she accepted that, with feelings… after washing I kept my shirt near the fan and she went to bathroom to change her night dress, before that I closed the bed room door, were her husband sleeping , she came out with a red and black designed night dress, I stood up and gave a starring look, she smiled and asked me why are u looking like that, I said u have reduced 10 years of your age, she smiled with shy and asked me do u want to have anything to eat now… I said I’ve to go home now, morning I am having an interview, she said u sleep here tonight and go home early morning. I accepted to that and she went inside the bedroom and I slept on the hall … After an hour she came out with a pillow near me and slept near me, I asked why, she said its stinking and I cant sleep in that smell, I was quite happy… she smiled and said good night karthi and switched off the lights… she said say something I am not getting sleep karthi, I asked her with guts, do u had intercourse with pradeep?

She asked strangely why? I said if he’s sleeping like this everyday, how you’ll enjoy your sweetness of your married life. Then she became cool and answered, yes karthi am fed up of him, am telling you openly, we had only one intercourse that too on our 1st night without any pleasure, in this case am helpless karthi… Here starts my bold action, were everyone use to panic, immediately I grabbed her hands and said don’t worry, she feared and then she accepted my hand and tapped my hand with her other hand… we haven’t separated our hand for 5minutes, she asked me will you be the same as pradeep after your marriage too, I said am not a fool to sleep like this, if I had a charming and sexy wife like you, I’ll won’t let her sleep at night, she asked me am I looking sexy to you… yes anjali… am sorry for that anjali…. She grabbed my hands and said that’s ok karthi, u too look very handsome muscle man, now I went near her and asked her can we have sex tonight, she smiled and came near me and licked my nose tip and said , “its ur wish karthi” I gave a strong kiss on her palms… she moaned very sexy….. I asked her, what we’ll do if he wakes up suddenly, she said he wont karthi… don’t worry he’ll see me only at 10am…

Now I pulled her to my side and gave a wet kiss on her forehead, she hugged me tight and said am afraid to do with you karthi, I said now we’re in dark no one will look us and we both can enjoy this night, every minute of this night should be used perfectly anjali… she agreed and gave a sweet hug and kissed me on my hairy chest, then I removed my banian and jeans, she came all over my body and licked all over my body, because she is so thirsty of sex ….. I left her freely to enjoy my body, now I went over her body and pressed her sexy 34size boobs, then I pulled her night dress to upward and kissed on her stomach, she was happy and then I noticed that she has no bra and panties on her I asked why anjali? She said sometimes I get over mood and my husband is useless to taste me, so I use to do fingering and rubbing on my pussy and enjoy the night, I smiled and said can I make u happy tonight, she said take me daaa… Now I went near her cute and clean shaven pussy and licked softly, she moaned karthiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii….. pls don’t make me wild, suck  me daa… suck me da… I sucked it like an ice cream and asked her can I fuck u dear, she said go-ahead daaa…. And she went to her cupboard and took a condom packet and gave it to me, its Durex apple flavour, nice smell, she grabbed my dick massaged for a while and gave me a nice blowjob, then she opened the condom and inserted it to my dick, it smelled like a real apple, she kissed my dick and invited to her pussy to fuck me… I took her legs on my shoulder and rubbed her pussy with my fingers, she said karthiiiiiiiii…. Pls fuck me soon daa, am waiting for your dick to enter in my fresh pussy daa….

Then I slowly rubbed my dick over her pussy and then I inserted my dick inside her sweet hole,  she moaned ssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa…………..aaaaaaaaaaa……….aaaaaaaaa… mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…hhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa…sssssssssshhhhhhhhhhaaaa…then I went near her face and kissed on her lips and she impressed me to do faster, I did faster and she enjoyed my fuck so happily and she said on my ears, do u know any different angles,,, I said I know many u want to try those, she said yes dear…. Then I led down in the floor and she sat on my dick and inserted my dick in to her wet pussy, she enjoyed and did 10 to 15 pull ups, then I gave her a doggy style, and also in standing position holded her like a baby and poked her hole softly, she grabbed my head and exhausted her hardcore sex feelings by kissing me on my face, licked me and made my face so wet…. And now am on cum, she said fuck me straight and discharge yourself, then again I put her on the bed and inserted, she expanded her hole with her fingers, and holded my hip tightly and moaned…. Sssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhsssssssshhhhhhhhh….. Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh….mmmmmmmmmmmmmm…….

At last I’ve discharged out made wet on her boobs with my lips…. Then I rested myself on her for a minute and she hugged me like a baby, and then we both went to the toilet and she removed my fluid filled condoms and kissed it and flushed it on the toilet, then I washed my dick with soap, she too helped me and I washed her pussy and boobs  with my hands, it was hot and sexy… she enjoyed my company, after that we both came out nude to hall and she gave me her panties and bra to me, to dress up her. As per her wish I put the bra, panties, petticoat and her night dress too… then she dressed me up….. we kissed ourselves for 15minutes and hugged tightly….after that I came out at 5am, she gave me a sexy send off from her door side, gave me a sexy look and said bye daa sexy, I need you again dear…. I felt happy for a sexy experience, also felt guilty of enjoying my close friend’s wife…. Whatever it is I had sexy night, with a thirsty sex animal… it fulfilled me like fucking 50 girls at a time…. After 15minutes she call’d my cellphone and asked how was the party tonight, I said this is the happiest night dear I won’t forget this night dear, she said I am sorry daa, being a nice 1st experience, I went so wild with you, don’t mistake me daa, I said you shouldn’t say like that, I must say thanks for the great ecstasy. Because this is my 1st experience, were a female goes so wild on sex with me…… you are going so wild, gorgeous, amazing and sexy in bed my sweety

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