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Foursome, A Virgin And Kamasutra Secret

  • desipapa
  • September 14, 2015

First of all we (Jamil & Nazia) would like to give thanks to DESIPAPA site which gave us trumendous facility to share our fantasies, experince and etc. with many desipapa’s erotic story fans. We are feeling great relief after the publication of our stories which was published earlier in the same DESIPAPA site. Now here is another story which was happend a years back which we would like to share with the broadminded DESIPAPA’s erotic story fans.

Are you broadminded and ready to accept change ? If you are NOT ready to accept change then how can you prove yourself as a broadminded and change is the only thing which takes the people towards progress.Need of Change is in the blood of human being and due to this only world is getting progress. If your favourite food is chicken and biryani and someone serve you chicken and biryani daily for 30-40 days then what will happen to you ? After sometime you will deny to have chicken and biryani and will start demanding plain food. The same thing happend in SEX too. After marriage husband and wife compromises for having sex with each other only and life goes happily for few months or years but after sometime they start looking for some change in their sexual life, particularly, and this is the only reason that is why each and every husband and wife getting attracted with other couples and eager to know about their sexual habits, sex limb sizes, fucking poses etc etc. and when husband get chance to fuck their friend’s wife, neighbor’s wife, relative’s wife they never missed those chances but what about the wife whose husband is enjoying with other’s wife or girl ? Recently in developing countries swapping of spouse is becoming very very common and this is well fit in our culture too. Instead of hiding faces to go in other’s house to fuck their wife, go boldly with your spouse and arrange for group fucking session and come back happily and no other will come to know about the same. There is another benefit in this is that (1) husband and wife feels more attracted towards each other because due to wife, husband gets chance to fuck various wive’s of decent and broadminded couples and due to husband, wife gets chance to enjoy different men cock’s with different poses. (2) separation i.e. divorce rate is decreasing due to sex satisfaction because both one is getting satisfied from various broadminded couples.

Now who can give the BEST sex satisfaction ? This is the point which to be noted down by all guys/ gals/ couples. Only few percentage of people give their partner a full sex satisfaction and other only believe in fucking or getting fuck and nothing more than that and those people are really unlucky because GOD has gifted trumendous sex enjoyment and those people are not availabiling due to lack of knowledge.We would like to discuss only 1-2 points because we have to reach on the story part. Broadminded couple / girl / female who are really serious to enjoy with us can contact us on : Apart from enjoyment we help couple/female for tips and tricks related to (1) Techniques to increase boob (2) Techniques to maintain their choot tight even after child birth to give great pleasure to her partner (3) Technique to form thick semen (4) Techniques to gain good penis erection for longer period during sex (5) Techniques to control semen ejaculation to satisfy their partner for longer period (6) Techniques to enlarge cock to satiate his partner (7) Technique to earn money on giving any good business so they can enjoy the sex part beautifully without tension of earning money etc etc.

Sex greedy man can never please a woman because they only think that how to fuck and explode quickly in the deep of her choot. Almost all man knows that woman take time to become heat only after that she start enjoying the pleasure of sex but before she get heated by the time man explodes and got away and she kept lying unsatisfied. To satisfy a woman lot of patinece and semen ejucation control is needed in man. The man who can control their semen ejaculation and after woman fall if the man ejaculate then that gives greeeeeeeeaaaaaaat satisfaction to woman and this is the real KAMASUTRA.

At the time of sex, man has to take initiative to prepare the mind of their partner slowly slowly so that she make up her mind to cooperate the ways which he want. Before having sex, female partner should really start liking their male partner only in that case she can cooperate her partner by mind and by body too then that gives great enjoyment to both the partner. Female can never gives the great sex enjoyment to the stranger fucker. Now a days in SUHAAG-RAAT male make their wife naked and kept fucking her till his energy exhausted but you know wife never get sex enjoyment in suhaag-raat because her husband is fucking her as a stranger. You know there was old custome that after marriage husband and wife has to live together for nine days (called as NAVRATNA) without sexual intercourse and during those nine days they should try to know about each other in everything and in the night of ninth day they used to go for sexual intercourse which feeling was really great. There are so many topics to discuss but interested one can contact us for sex pleasure practically.

Now a days apart from broadminded couples many virgin girls of age 15-16 are approaching to me (Jamil) to break their virginity. Yes this is true because they are afraid of avoiding first fucking pain and rough fucking poses with a inexperinced guy and that is why they are looking for experienced and knowledgable man who can break their virginity with love and pleasure. So, if you want to give great sex pleasure to your partner then soon become our student which we will teach you on doing practical with you.

Now our story starts.One day I (5’8″, 39 years, very fair, tall handsome and strong body built) asked to my wife NAZIA (5’2″,29 years, fair, very attractive, 34/26/34) that we have enjoyed our sex life lot why not we should enjoy with other decent broadminded couples i.e. swapping on exchanging husband and wife and this way we can enjoy various women and you can enjoy various men with different poses. She said this is not possible because I am fully satisfied by you then what is the need? I told her that darling life never comes twice then why not taking taste of other’s pussy and cock and enjoy pleasue of sex maximum. She told OK, if you are happy then I don’t have any problem but later you don’t say that someone else has also fucked me. OK, I agreed not to say the same. Then we decided to find an ideal couple for the same purpose. There is one our best friend couple named ARSHAD (5’6″, 46 years, average figure) and his wife BADAR (5’2″, 34 years, milky white, always smiling face, very attractive, 34/24/36) is living nearby. One ARSHAD saali (wife’s sister) ALIA (5’0″, 16 years, extremely white and beatiful) living alongwith them related to het study. Though we are very fast friend that is why all the family members were very frank with us. ALIA always say me KABULI WALA PATHAN due to by height and body built. She was that time in her teen age and small boobs always attract me while she moves which was shaking due to absent of bra and which she always marked me that I looks her boob oftenly. Once visited his place and when ARSHAD was in good mood then I kept this swapping proposal infront of him. He accept quickly because I was already having impression that he wants NAZIA to fuck. But I asked to take permission of BADAR. He immediately called her infront of me and said the things. She replied if you do not have any objection then who will miss this opportunity. We fixed the program immediately for the very second way which was Sunday.

We decided to do the fucking episode under one roof. Next morning they came with fruits, burger, eating items and we were also ready for the session. Our bed of bed room was big enough to accomodate two couples. JAMIL pulled BADAR in his arm and NAZIA”S started to strip off ARSHAD’s paint. In a minute JAMIL stripped naked to BADAR and he himself become naked. BADAR’s boobs were good sized and she was milky white from top to bottom having pink nipple. NAZIA and ARSHAD also become full naked. BADAR told that JAMIL tumhara lund to ARSHAD se bara hai aur mota bhi hai aur ekdum taiyar hai mera choot ko chodne ke liye (BADAR told JAMIL your erected penis bigger and thicker than Arshad and is ready to fuck my choot). JAMIL told yes darling I wanted to fuck you but before that that I wanted to lick you from top to bottom and after that started to suck her pink nipple. JAMIL pour one pepsi bottle drink on BADAR’s body and after licking it BADAR was start requesting to fuck her quickly now she does not have patience and quickly lay down and JAMIL kept his penis head on the opening of BADAR’s chhot and on one good thrust JAMIL jerked all his penis in the BADAR’s choot. She cried Oeeeeeeeeeee Maaaaaaaaaaaaa maar dala rey zalim. Maaaaaaar Gaaaaaaayeeeeeeeeeeee rey. Then she told yaar JAMIL tum to bahut bara chodakkar ho. Ek hi baar me apna lumba aur mota lund meri boor me ghusa diya. Manna parega tum achcha chodakkar ho. Itne din kahan they. She felt my penis more thicker and more deep in her boor, comparative to ARSHAD’s lund. On the other side my wife NAZIA was enjoying ARSHAD’s lund in her choot on closing her eyes and moaning. Both were busy in shaking our hip to fuck the choots of beautiful ladies the suddenly the door bale rang.

I tell BADAR to excuse for a moment and on folding towel I open the main door and I found standing ALIA on the door. She told HI KABULI WALA PATHAN what you are doing and before I think anything she got entered and staightway went inside my bed room where ARSHAD was busy fucking to my wife NAZIA and BADAR was laying on the bed. After seeing this she told what is going on here ? You people also include me otherwise she her elder sister BADAR that otherwise she will inform to her parents regarding the same. All got up quickly and said ALIA you are not mature for this and you are bachelor too. She told I have already decided to have sex experinece with this KABULI WALA PATHAN and she was acqainted about this program while I was talking with ARSHAD at his home.

There was no other way out except to fuck her. She said that she want to be fucked by me (JAMIL) because of my handsome personality like as KABUL KA PATHAN and she wanted this since long and wanted to have SEMEN EJACULATION without any condom in her choot’s deep to experince the PATHAN’s ejaculation feeling inside her choot. That was risky to get pregnant but we decided to take precaution to avoid pregnancy. We told that ok you seat here and let us finish the job. Afterwards ARSHAD nailed his lund in NAZIA’s choot and started giving stroke and on making BADAR lay down on bed I naild my hungry cock and started giving thrust. Within 5-6 minutes ARSHAD exploded in my wife’s choot but I kept on shaking my hungry lund in BADAR’s choot and wanted to give her enjoyment for long that is why I diverted my mind from BADAR to ALIA who was seating nearby chair and watching me curiously and smiling. After 30-35 minutes BADAR told yaar JAMIL now stop I am tired and give me your precious semen in my choot then I made up my mind and with 2-3 minutes exploded in her choot. A great satisfaction was looking on the face of all of us. We took rest for 10-15 minutes on the bed and got inside the bathroom and all took bath.

Afterwards we all sat naked nearby ALIA and asked her decision. She was adament and wanted to get fuck my me (JAMIL) only. Finally we decided to move and one by one we took out her cloth and soon she became naked. She was reaaly beautiful and looks like marble from top to bottom. Her pink pussy with few hairs around was giving great look. Her pink nipple on extremely white breast was great. For minutes I kept on seeing her and from inside I was feeling very lucky to have got chance to fuck such a beautiful and teen girl. First we decided to make her hot so I asked her to lay down on bed and I took 69 position. Comparative to my body she was small and well fitted between my arms and body. ARSHAD, NAZIA and BADAR was seating around the bed and watching us. ALIA start sucking my hungry lund which soon become erected and become harder and I started licking her pink virgin choot. This poses went for 40-45 minutes. I again change the pose. This time started sucking nipples of ALIA which was very small and in between kept licking her tongue on making my tongue deep of her throat. Slowly she started moaning. And afterwards I licked her body from top to bottom and by that time she became heat and start requesting me to fuck her choot quickly. I took the position on lifting her both the legs in the air I bended her legs towards her face and pressed her both the thigh so that her choot bump out.

I adjusted my hungry erected cock top’s on the opening of ALIA’s choot and gave great jerk. ALIA cried ooooooooooo ooooeeeeeeeee eeeeeeee mmmmmaaaa aaaaaaaaa mmmm mmaaaaarrrrrr rrrrrrrrr ggggggg gggggaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaayy yyyyyyyyeeeeee eeeeeeeeee mmmmaa aaaaaaarrrrrrrrrr gggg ggggaaaaaaa aaaaaayyyyyyy yyyyyyyeeeee eeeeeee re mar gayeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee. BADAR told me to apply some oil on my lund to make the amoother to penetrate but ALIA in cry stop to do that because she want original feelings. In first jerk only 1/4 of the penis penetrated in ALIA’s virgin choot. Her choot was a really very very tight and virgin. After few moments I gave another jerk and my lund penetrated 3/4 th of it. I kept pressed her thigh strongly so that she can not get up due to pain but she was crying oooooooooooo mmmmmm mmmaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaa mmmmmmmm mmaaaaaaaa aaaaaarrrrrrrrr dddddd ddddaaaaa aaaaallllllllll lllllllllllaaaaaaaaa reeeeee eeeeeeee KABULI Paaaaaaaaattthan. Finally I gave another jerk to penetrate my lund finally and I nailed my lund in her virgin pussy. She was crying with pain. Blood started coming out from her choot and started to spread on the bed. After few moments I started to give stroke slowly and then fast. Slowly ALIA adjusted my cock in her choot and soon started enjoying but kept on crying. I decided to make her free soon that is why after 20-22 minutes I exploded in her pussy. Tears was dropping from her eyes but seeing towards me she was smiling. After explosion I took out my lund and afterwards took all the precautions to avoid any pregnency. As there was other way to fuck a virging girl to avoid more pain but this was as per ALIA’s wish that is why she felt some more pain. After that all took rest for few hours and had some food and afterwards ARSHAD, BADAR and ALIA returned back. Afterwards it has become our routine to go once for group session in a month. Sometimes ALIA comes in between months also just after returning from school to my house to get fuck by my hungry lund and this way life is going on.

Serious and broadminded couple / girl / female / widow / lonely lady whose husband has gone out foreign to earn money are requested to write us to enjoy with their details and contact details to make the life more and more pleasurable : . Secrecy is assured and expected.

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