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Forbidden Love With My Sister

  • desipapa
  • October 15, 2015

Hi this is Manu Pen Name, coming to the story I have had many affairs and relationship in my life the one I cherries the most is the current relationship. That is with Rati name changed I call her rati as I know she is sex goddess. Rati is a average 30 year old married lady very committed to her family and she was my classmate. In college people used to respect us as we were brother and sister. I made her my sister when I met her.

Though gradually watching her and feeling her love for her boyfriend I started getting attracted to her and fell in love with her. Though I didn’t tell my feeling for a very long time we were so fond of each other that we used to talk 24*7 even her parents knew that I’m her brother but some were deep down I was mad in love with her. Things moved on and I started my job she also got married to someone other than her boyfriend. She had some issues with her hubby and he asked her not to talk to any of her friends not even me. So we got out of touch and life which never stops moved on like usual.

Suddenly after some 4 years I got a call from her and she was like mad we talked that night for some 12 hrs nonstop and same feelings stated growing back and this time it was very intense. One night we were chatting on WhatsApp and suddenly chat turned on past and all the things we used to do and I used to console her and how much I cared for her. That very moment I lost my control and I told her that I loved her. She was in shock and she left chat that day. I got scared and tried talking but for 4 days I couldn’t and she didn’t respond.

After 5th day I got a message and we started chatting again. I told her everything that day. and I fell in love with her again and she also confirmed that she loves me. Things moved on and we were like mad and mad in love we mad out on chat we had phone sex 2 times. Never got a chance in real but then suddenly one day I got transferred to pune. and good luck that she was in pune too. We started meeting at my flat and one day I said I wanna make love to u. she accepted and said let’s make it a memory as we will not have regular sex.

So I decided that we will meet on Monday and that whole day is ours I requested her to wear sari as I wanted the gift to b rapped. We bought Jägermeister to celebrate. When she entered the flat I was stunned.

As it was raining and she came in auto she was wet. I can see her open stomach and water drops rolling down from her blows to her waist her fair skin was making me mad and her melons were looking bigger than usual she was watching me as I was glued to her navel area and she tried to divert my mind by waving hand. I quickly got a towel and handed it to her she started wiping out the water from her body and there I was standing with my hard cock poking out of my shorts. She saw that and was having this naughty smile on her face that was making things more difficult.

I: what’s the plan?

R: let’s drink

I: you will catch cold

R: I know but the cloths I will not change as soon you will not let me stay in it.

I: let’s play a game then we have 10 shots and with every shot we will take one cloth off. Who so ever drinks faster will get to do whatever the person wants to explore.she was confused but the wet translucent sari was making me mad horny, the red sari was sticking her body her curves were so sexy and perfect that my Hardon was saying leave everything aside and just bag her but I thought it’s better to suffer till I can and then get the sweetest prize.

We started the game I took the 1st shot in my hand and asked her to pick one she was still confused as to why all this as finally its only one thing I will make love the one thing I m craving to do for long but there was things I fancy and wanted to try with her…

so I drank the shot in one go and she as a 1st timer was struggling. As I finished I was blessed with and opportunity too take off or roll in in her wet sari I took her pallu and started rolling her wet saree on my body to increase my cloths and she on the other had was laughing as to why this guy is acting crazy. After the rolling session she was just in skirt and bolus wet in fact and her shirt was sticking to her legs I wanted her standing nude but want to enjoy the best session ever another shot was ready. I took it had it in one go and again she was just trying to finish it. Meanwhile I was more interested to decide whether I want to see her panty or her bra. So task time I asked her to remove her blows.

She started to unbutton the same and with every hook I was one step close to see her bra colour her wet skin her dripping water and the chill was making me crazy and I was loving my hard tool. Which was getting restless to dig in and make the love hole his personal property on the other hand rati was enjoying the restlessness and she had her surprise waiting for me too.

After the last hook I had this feeling that she isn’t wearing bra but on the contrary when she took off the blows I was in heaven the red sexy bra was see through and her brown nipples were very hard piking her entire skin were visible and she was very shy but I was mad I urged for next peg but this time before I pic the shot she already had 2. and was smiling. I knew that the competition has just kick-started. I said sari is a part of my body now so I will remove that and the one thing you want me to remove.

She laughed and said long way to goo take off your shorts. I was happy that she wanted my shorts as now mt tool is a bit free. In one go I removed both of them and I picked the next shot and had it she laughed again the alcohol was taking its toe and she was now in mood to have some fun I asked her to take off skirt so that I could check the matching panty and I was dam right it was same red translucent panty where I could see the lip but partially shaved and clean pussy I was dying to lick it but wanted more as I was busy watching and rubbing my cock she had 2 pegs again and said come back darling I m already us but take off your t-shirt and your jockey I came in to senses and I knew that I will stand nude in front of her, I did as ordered and she started rubbing her pussy and pressing her boobs to tease me.

In between I saw 3 pegs on table I picked one by one and had all 3 cos I wanted to do something which she never expected. She smiled and took off both panty and bra and was still rubbing her wet pussy and I said I had 3 peg. She said there is nothing left. I said now pick that bottle and start pouring the same slowly on your pussy I wanna lick it from your pussy asap I said this she went crazy we started passionate kiss, I stopped her and said let me finish baby I asked her to sit on the corner of the table and start slowly poring the drink and I started drinking and licking the same. Rest story in next part tell me suggest me where I m lacking this is Manu from pune mail me on…..

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