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Flying Kite Aur Sex Night

  • desipapa
  • October 5, 2015

Hello all boys and girls who r going to read my story. Before going to start I am going to tell me about myself. I am S.S (not telling my full name). A 19-year old guy with having good body structure from Amritsar (Punjab).

Now before going to start I am going to ensure you all that this story is not a fantasy. This is a real life story. And specially for guys if your hand are on your Lund (penis) and if you are moving the skin of penis up and down, you will get the whole money after reading this my real life incident happening story for your masturbate and of your raw meat which comes out. You will not be disappointed from my real life story and me. So be patience and enjoy it is quite long.

Now I am S.S, 19 year, old living in Amritsar (Punjab) which you already read. Going to narrate my real life story.

This incident happens almost 2 year ago. At that time I am not aware of desi papa .I only came to know about this site about 2-3 month’s. After reading the stories from desi papa in which some of are very much escasticating and terrified with the blend of pain, pleasure and sex. I felt that why should not I also write my true-life incident so that all the reader enjoy.

Now gays and girls I am from good family. As a good family as you know sex talk is prohibited and you will keep far – far away from the basic knowledge of sex. When I was small about 7-8 years old, I usually see my mother naked in bathroom and also some time bath with her. But at that time I know nothing about sex so that moment of fucking of mother passes away and I forget that idea. As I grew of age 14 I started feeling maleness in my Lund. I want to fuck any one due to my huge sex urge. I also read a book of about sex in which how women get pregnant. Actually this book is medical book and which I read from my doctor uncle clinic. The book shows all the detail about how male sperm goes into women choot (womb) during sex (intercourse) and how it work inside to produce a child. But this does not write anything about how to avoid pregnancy during intercourse. As this book contain noting more and my knowledge about sex is very much less at that time. Due to shy I also not ask from my doctor uncle.

As the time passes I become 16but still my knowledge about sex is very less due to my family restrictions. I was never allowed to read any sex aware ness magazine at home or outside. I was in very strict discipline of about time. Time to go out and time to reach home otherwise you will be in deep trouble and court marshal by all family member’s. One after noon my mom and dad goes outside for a party and, I and my sister is in home. My sister at that time is 13year old (name not disclosed). My sister came to my room. As usually I am doing my school homework. She has small mummay (breast) at that time and she does not wear any bra underneath at that time. I know that day; she is wearing my tea-shirt, which come up to his thigh. I become slightly angry for why she is wearing my tea-shirt but do not say any word and also do not show much facial impression. She came near to me and at once she pull up the tea-shirt up to his hip and say she had pain in her right thigh by pointing her finger very much closer to his choot. Which is just outside her underwear. I press that area and found nothing. The area is neither swollen or not gets wounded and thus I at once understand that she also had a sexual urge arousing. Like professional doctor I ask her to lie on the bed. She follows my instruction and I then pull up her tea-shirt making her whole stomach naked. It was firm. I moved my hand on her naked stomach, and she shows no sign of resistance, I then further pull up the tea-shirt making the whole breast naked, it was small and having golden brown nipple. Breasts were like small juicy-juicy mango. Now her eyes were closed. I put my both hand on her breast and press hard and asked if you have pain here. She at once response and produce a noice AAAAHHHH but she didn’t ran away. I then loosen my grip and put my whole concentration to her choot. I straight go to that area where she was complaining about pain and I kissed that area. She moaned little. I then kissed her choot above from her underwear. She loosens her grip. At this I was confirmed that she is not going to run away. I put down her underwear to her knee’s and what I saw I was amazed. Her choot was fresh and not even have a single hair on it. I kissed it and put my first finger in her choot as I slid further she at once cried and I also feel some resistance. (She was virgin at that time). And she said it was paining, I then move up and down my finger in her choot. She starts trembling, as it was really hot and tight choot.

At this moment my Lund is very much hard and got ready to screw her choot but I had fear in my mind that this act may get pregnancy of her, causing problem’s for me so I put my face in her pussy and stroking his hole with my tongue. I keep doing this for more than an hour. I have nothing more to do. I do not know that how many time she had orgasm. But one thing I know that at that time she is totally under my control and on bed her body look like a dead body but her face showing that she is trembling with joy.

Another year passed away and I feel that it was not possible for me to control my emotions. So I start thinking if I do not get a girl to fuck then what about a boy. I want that some to get the thrust of my Lund. So I start thinking of my school friend but then I feel that it is not safe so I have to go for other option. So I start thinking and finally come to decision that “LOHRI” is coming. This is a festival, which is celebrated in my winters. In this festival we fly kites and enjoy. Children range from 8 to15 usually start flying kite even before the festival. Readers from Amritsar are no need to elaborate.

So we have a big terrace and a lot of kites usually fell down. Well I do not have any interest in flying kites and generally collect he kites and stored them. Some time children came to our house and asked me or some time my parent to collect that kites which usually fell into our terrace. I suddenly decide in my mind that I had to choose one of them on right time when no one is at home. And after some days an opportunity came. In around 9.00 AM my parent gone out for a party and a bell ring a boy came in asking for the kite to collect, which fell in our terrace. After some time he came back from our terrace with nothing as kite passes to next house. I then asked his age and in which school he study and in which class and some other formal question. He replied he is 14 year old; his name is “SONU”and study in so and so. But his face look like 10-12 year’s of age. So I decided to fuck him. I do not want to loose my chance this time and my Lund is ready to pound him hard.

So to make him hot and comfortable I start making some tricks. I said do not worry I will give you bigger than your kite as I was always collecting the kites. I asked him to come in my room. I gave him a kite. He was very happy then. Now to make him hot I told him that now you become very happy. If you want to see a triple XXX movie. At that time I got admission in computer course and I also buy a new computer. He stunned but he could not refuse my offer and said yes. At that time I now really see the glory and eagerness in his eye. I already had triple xxx picture stored in my computer. As I started the picture and his body stance change. Now his eyes put his whole concentration on the picture. First scene started. In which a women is getting the pleasure from three men. Two from back (anal and vagina) and one from front in his mouth. At that time no one is at home and I know that my parent are not going to come till 7.00 pm. So I raise the volume and what we both hear the sound of the women saying aaahhhh….oooohhh in a very crying mode showing that she cannot bear the pain any more of Lund which are screwing her pussy and ass hole but the pleasure which she was getting is much more than the pain so she still continue the game of sex.

As the scene continues, I saw that his half pant rising from the middle. As I have no interest in picture, I have other intention in my mind as I said earlier. He is sitting next to my chair. I put my hand on that area means the Lund area outside from his half pant. He hesisted and put my hand off. I do not say anything. After 2 or 3 minute I again put my hand on it. He again hesisted and put my hand off from his Lund which I placed on it out side from his half pant but this time I scold him and said in a harsh voice that if you not allow me to put my hand on his Lund then I will close the picture. At this he was in very much confusion as he was seeing the movie first time in his life and he do not want to loose that chance however how and when next time he will able to see the next movie. So he allowed me .I put my hand on his Lund outside from his half pant and start squeezing it but his whole concentration is still in picture.

At that time first seen was over and women was satisfied, the next scene come, in which a man sucking another man Lund in office suddenly a women came inside the room for some business need, which was supposed to be their boss and she was stunned to see the Lund of both two person which were large and hard. She starts feeling something and shows her asset to them and both Lund started screwing the hole one by one. As the Lund are very big and pussy of women is small for that size but the man show mercy and the pounding the Lund in her pussy hard and fast making women to produce AAAHHH and begging for slowdown the hammering speed. As the scene continues amit eyes were jammed to the screen and I was keep pressing the Lund from outside his half pant. Now I was in not my control, eager to start my own sex game. I ask him to stand up. I at once put down his h-pant, as it was elastic pant. He was not wearing any underwear. His Lund sprang up and down due to the force I put down his elastic h-pant. It was not more than 5 inch I it full mode. I put my hand on it. It was very hot and I eel the blood gushing through the vein. He did not say any thing. As his eyes were jammed on the screen. I start moving his skin up and down. His facial impression starts changing and with in a few second he jerks off. Oh what I see, pure thick white color semen, which continue to flood out for a minute.

On this moment the scene was up to end in which a women, which is supposed to be their boss hammered by two. The two men still on their peak and do not want to stop the game but the woman was no more able to handle that and fell unconscious. Men leave that women and start doing with themselves again. Now amit ask me to see my Lund. I removed my pant and underwear. My Lund was also at peak. It was 7-inch full size cock. He stunned to see that and said it was very big. I said do not worry you also have as you grow. Till now I was not disclose my idea and said him that I want to fly the kite (put my Lund) in your ass hole. He replied it pained me, I said do not worry, I will lubricate it first and then put my Lund in your hole and see in the movie they are also doing the same what we are going to do and they are enjoying a lot as we are going to enjoy, so let fly “kite”. He agreed and I pick the oil bottle and start lubricating his hole. Now I slid my finger and told him, see now it is very easily going

And now I am going to put my Lund in your hole. I lubricating my Lund to, so he feels less pain. As he is in doggy position. I put my shaft on his hole and start giving the slow pushes, that so he feel the hardness of Lund skin and get ease with it. After a minute or two I push hard and cap of the shaft goes inside as it was well lubricated still he start saying slowly, it is paining. Without noticing his plead I hammered my whole 7-inch Lund inside his hole. When my full inside her, I stop and give some time to him so he can bear the pain, which he was feeling. I fly the kite (fuck) about 20 minute in which I fuck in different positon1s. First I start fucking him with doggy style. It makes me easy to penetrate in his hole. In this position I fuck him about 5 minute in a slow pace. He also made some arguments that he is paining and the skin of his asshole cannot bear the stretch any more. But I said it become normal and you do not feel pain instead you feel pleasure after few minute. As the men enjoying sex in the picture. I applied some more oil as my Lund is still in his hole. After that he stop complaining and argument of pain.

Now I start my hammering game. In my 20-minute fuck. I divided my fuck in four different positions so that I enjoy much- much more. In my first five minute I fuck him in doggy style giving him slow jerks. In this pose I fucked him hard. I start hammering my Lund deep inside his hole with each thrust he produce a noise of pleasure aaahhh and each noice give me more strength to hammer more hard. As my 7-inch rock hard Lund shocking his hole with great force. I fucked him about 5 min in this position. I changed his position making his face upward. I keep on fucking him. Now his face shows the sign of pleasure. He was in great mood. I asked him did you feel good. He said yes, I am very good. I again asked him that did you feel my Lund deep inside your hole. He replied yes, your Lund giving me the pleasure and shocking my inner skin of hole in which your Lund is grinding.

Talking of this made me more horny and I said, like you fly kite in the sky here I am flying kites in your hole. This is not a 1or 2 rs kite; it was a million dolor rs kite, which is flying deep inside your hole. As I was about to come I again change the position by placing his legs on my shoulder’s that gave me more ample space to thrust my Lund hard. I fucked him with all my strength. The skin around his ass hole also gets little swollen but I did not care and kept my pace high. When I am about to come, I told him that, tell me how you feel when I came into your hole and he said ok. In about 5 minute I came. I came inside his hole my first spray of semen hit into his inner wall of his hole and he said wow it really feel great, it is hot and another spray came off and then few more. Which really gave him the soothing effect. I keep my kite (Lund) in his hole for some time. After the sex game was over. Amit insisted that he also want to get the taste of flying kite in asshole. I said ok and show my hole and said do anything that you want to do. He then oiled my ass hole and start trying to put his 5inch Lund into my hole. But his Lund is in semi- erect and not getting hardness. So to make his Lund hard I gave him little blowjob. His Lund becomes hard in a few second. Then I guided his Lund in my hole. Putting his Lund on the opening of my hole. He pushed but it does not get inside. He tried more but not got any success. He felt dishearted but I said, don’t worry. I took plastic bottle of pass-pass pan masala. Oiled it and asked him to put in my hole slightly and slowly. When it get inside my hole I told him that move it up and down in my hole so that the grip of my ass hole loosen up and he will able to put his Lund inside. After one or two minute, I asked him now put it off and put your kite (Lund) in my hole, but before that you should have to suck my kite (Lund). He said he is not able to suck it, as your kite is very huge. I said don’t worry suck it how much you can and put my Lund in his mouth. He starts sucking my kite and I start getting the pleasure. When I was getting the pleasure I stop him and guided his Lund to my hole so that I get the pleasure in this way too. As the skin of my hole is little bit loosen up that make easy for him to penetrate. As he guide his Lund cap electricity ran into my body. I at once lay him down (Lund side on upward) and start moving my body up and down in a very fast rhythm. As I continue, till now I got the maximum pleasure from his Lund. He told me to slow down as my butts are hitting very hard around the area of his of his Lund. So I slow down and got back into doggy position. He gave few pushes and explodes in my hole. He too has very hot raw meat. I asked him do not pull out your Lund from hole as it become hard in few minutes.

I am right and his Lund become hard again and he start flying kite in my hole with his 5- inch rod. I stop him and I lie down, he again start from backward, first he stroke unmannerly and then he got the rhythm and hammering me hard as I told him. I am really feeling his Lund in my hole. After 2-3 minute he ejaculated again. After this I asked him that you go into the bathroom and clean your Lund with water so that your Lund become fresh again. As he goes to bathroom, I start new picture, I got kicked and my Lund become hard again. As amit back I asked him that I ant to fuck him again. He at once become ready and pull down his h-pant. He lie down by facing downward direction as I told him that I ant to fuck in this position. I put my Lund in his hole and start hammering in and out motion. This time I came early. I also arousing the strong urge to have piss (peshab) and I knew that after the ejaculation I have to run to the bathroom to piss (peshab). An idea came into my mind that why not I piss in his hole too.

I asked him that I want to piss in his hole. He said, is it safe? I replied, yes it is completely safe. I guided him to the bathroom but in the meanwhile my Lund still burried in his hole. So I start flying my kite in bathroom in a standing position. I came in his hole and after I also piss (peshab) in his hole. He terrified and stunned with the

Pressure of the piss, hitting the inner wall of the anal. With an every second pass his facial impression change as continue my piss (peshab). After the piss, I pull out my Lund from his hole and ask him to clean my kite (Lund). He cleaned my kite. He is in my house for almost more than 2- hour. After completing the sex game. I asked him where you live. He replied that, he live in another city and just comes here for “lohri” holidays and he is leaving after two days. But whenever I came back again, we again do the same. As 3 hour passed already I said, you should go home quickly as your relative and parent are worrying about you and I also gave him some confuses to say to the relative that, why you late. At last I am really feeling very much relaxed

Now at the end after reading my true-life incident thoroughly some of the reader’s (specially guys) may fee that this is a fantasy story. For that reader’s I suggest them that before reaching any conclusion you should have a sex with a guy. Then you will feel the difference of having a sex with a guy and with a girl. Sex with guy give different pleasure and sex with girl gives another.

How do you like my real life incident? I am eagerly waiting for your response. Positive response or negative response all are cordially invited, any suggestion also welcomed to my mail address U4_ME_ONLY@YAHOO.COM. Ladies please feel free to mail me. After fly kite in guy I am eagerly want to fly my kite in woman.

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