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Flight Of Fantasy – 2

  • desipapa
  • September 16, 2015

Hey guys and girls, I am back with the second episode of flights of fantasy, I thank u All for the way u received the story and the appreciation u showed to me by way of emails and eventually personal calls and everything after that. I just don’t intend to waste ur valuable time. I start the second part thus……. The next morning we woke up and had a lovely bath together, thereafter we got dressed and went to the coffee shop for a quick breakfast, this done we started of to Maria’s flat. on entering we were greeted by Divya and Farah who had naughty grins on their faces, they asked us about the evening together, on which we said fine, and without any hesitation Maria started giving details including her initiation to sex, then she complimented me for not deflowering her so that the virginity could be preserved till marriage. 

The girls were impressed and planted a kiss on my cheeks for which I responded too. It was hot in the drawing room so we moved to the air conditioned bed room, their kisses had aroused me and vise versa to them, as Divya came near to me we again kissed each other, taking the lead she unbuttoned my shirt, soon I was naked before the three young breathing taking ladies, and Lord Tarzan came to himself to salute his new friends. Divya came forward, and held him in her right hand, cupping my balls with the left, stroking Tarzan gently, she squeezed my testicles lightly. Pushing back my foreskin by her tender hands she went on her knees and kissed my penis, Farah followed soon and did the same, Maria being no stranger to Tarzan, she too came forward and completed the formalities. The ball was in my court now, holding Divya in my arms I kissed her body, and she reciprocated in style. Then I moved to Farah and soon she was also naked before me we kissed each other, I then turned to Maria and said, ” Thank you very much, as I am being treated to such a beautiful moment with three pretty young girls before me, Richard Geri had just one, I have three!” On this all the three started laughing. 

I began removing Maria’s clothes and planted a real wet kiss on her lips, lying down on the bed, I asked Divya and Farah to come on either side of me, this they did and I started fingering their pussies while I asked Maria to come over my mouth. Soon I was fingering Divya and Farah and licking Maria’s love box. I had three stunning cunts to my disposal At the same time and Lord Tarzan had to be ignored for a while. After a few moments of finger and tongue fucking, all the three bodies began to jerk, as My fingers felt their volcanoes erupt and hot lava beginning to trickle out, Maria’s pussy Was flowing freely and I kept drinking her juices to my hearts content.., just then the phone bell rang, it turned out to be Maria’s auntie who had wanted Maria to accompany her for the Sunday shopping, so Maria excused herself and went to shower, by now Divya and Farah were coming loud and clear, I asked Divya to take Maria’s place on my Mouth. With her pussy over me, I began lapping up her juices, her pussy tasted very Different from Maria’s with more tangy flavor. After some time Divya got off when the door bell rang and she would attend to Maria’s Aunt. Now that I and Farah were left alone we kept the door shut and our voices down so that Maria’s aunt wouldn’t know that there was a male guest in the flat. As the other girls were not there Farah went coy and was reluctant for a game of oral sex, saying that she would wait for Divya. 

Laughing, I told her that I wasn’t going to harm her in any way least of all I take away her virginity the what was there to fear? Getting my point she agreed, a cute looking babe of 23, Farah was 5.4″ tall with a medium frame and mango shaped tits, brown nipples and slender legs. I kissed her all over and began feasting over her mangoes, squeezing and sucking to get as much as possible in my mouth, then we changed positions and moved into a sensuous position of 69. At first I kissed her feet and then moved up to her calves, thighs, thereafter I kissed her vagina and the dark pussy lips, parting them with my fingers, I began rubbing her labia gently. As she raised herself forward, I touched her labia with my tongue and flicked it back and fourth over her rose petal like pussy lips. Farah began moaning and was soon moving towards a sea of deep pleasure while feasting simultaneously on my penis at the other end. When we took a short break after some time, Farah confessed that she would have been a virgin today but for the fact that Divya’s brother had not deflowered her, but he couldn’t get it when it mattered the most. We resumed our lovemaking with frenzy and within minutes she started to coem in a big way and my mouth was flooded with her pussy juice. Now her pussy looked soft and even more delicious as it was dripping wet. I quickly changed position so that my penis could have the pleasure of kissing her fully moist cunt lips. 

I rubbed my Tarzan all over her pussy vigorously and he soon was erect with Farah’s secretions. Then she started licking my balls, chewing the soft skin on the folds and began sucking gently, she began breathing heavily, but continued to suck and lick, moments later I shot a load full of my love cream into her mouth and she lapped it all. We relaxed in each others arms for half and hour getting to know about out families until Divya came and announced that Maria and her aunt had left. With Divya back in the room we started a fresh round of love games that lasted for another hour. All the three of us lay naked, it had an electrifying effect, then I and Divya had vigorous vaginal sex and Farah looked on. Later Divya told Farah, “Baby you really are missing out something in life”. All the three of us went to the bathroom and the two girls gave Tarzan a superb blow job . A couple of hours later Maria returned home alone after shopping, after which we went out for dinner. Since that occasion, I have gone to Bangalore but was unable to have all the three Girls together in bed as one or the other would be out on flight duty. So here ends the second part of Flight of Fantasy, please mail me your comments And everything on Girls and ladies I am waiting for ur mails, bye

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