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First Time With Sexy Mami

  • desipapa
  • September 13, 2015

Then one day came when I lost my virginity to her,as usual my uncle was out of town for 2 days n before leaving he called me to accompany his wife(my mami)to their house.i reached there at around 9pm n after dinner we sat watching t.v. n just chatting this n that.At 11pm my mami went to sleep in her bedroom n I was sleeping in the hall.The period was of summer season so because of hot climate I removed my tshirt n slept only in my shorts watching a movie since I couldn’t sleep my cock really didn’t let me……..after some time my mami came in that room b’cause she also was not able to sleep so she came n sat on the sofa to watch the movie,I was sleeping on the floor just below her.By her close proximity my cock just stood in my shorts n I just couldn’t control my hard on b’cause of which my shots stretched like a tent around my cock, I noticed that my mami was staring at my cock n icould see the lust in her eyes,she was breathing heavily.but I didn’t show any reaction n started wathing the movie.After some time my mami opened the conversation by saying that it very hot today n it good for u guys to sleep without clothes to chill out the heat.I was amazed by her statement n got the chance to be naughty with her so I replied her that why only guys u women can also sleep without clothes to beaat the heat,by listening she smiled wickedly and stared at my eyes, she saw a cunning smile on my face n came to know that finally.

I have broken my shynesss,then I further dared n told her that she can also accompany me only in her undies!!!!!!!!!she she was already hot by looking at my cock n by hearing an invitation from me she just got up n directly started removing her saree…… looking this I thought that I was in heaven n just wathched her striping in front of me,after the saree she started unbuttoning her blouse which fell down in seconds,then she pulled the string of her petticote n it fell down,now she was just wearing her white bra n panty in front of me n seeing her in this condition my cock was going to tear my shorts. I needed no second invitation and took a firm grip on her hands , and smooched her ever so gently. Our lips met, and we kissed for a real long time. For me, this was my first kissing experience, and though I had imagined several times in my fantasy, nothing beats the real thing.

We french kissed & sucked each other’s lips for about 10 mins & she pulled her hair band. Her waist length hair spread like a waterfall. And she looked even more fairer. I pulled her bra & saw the most wonderful pair of breasts I’ve ever seen. Her nipples were about half an inch long & inviting. I could not hold any longer, I started sucking them. She started making sounds like ssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………..aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh & pulled me nearer. I was sucking one while kneading the other. Slowly I made her lie on her ! back & moved towards her belly button. I inserted my tongue into it & she arched her body & emotionally said that she loves me & asked me to do it for the whole day. By this time, I was in pain. My cock was deliberately waiting to be freed. She was laughing & enjoying. She pushed me on the bed & removed my shorts since I was not wearing underwears.

My cock sprang to its fullest size revealing the flesh with a few drops of pre cum. She took the cock & moving its shaft back, she took it in her mouth. As she bent over me to suck my manhood, her long silky hairs fell on my stomach & covered the sucking scene from me. I pushed her hair towards a side & enjoyed the scene of my cock being tasted by a real beauty. She seemed to be an expert at blowjob & I was getting harder & stiffer. After about 15 mins, I was about to cum. I didn’t want to cum before her. So Suddenly I pulled her away from my cock & she looked at me in anger. I made her lie on her back & started to remove her panty. She had a clean shaved pussy (which I like) & I got down to kiss on her pussy lips. When I planted a kiss on her pussy lips, she started moaning in whisper & making sounds like sssssssssss ssssss…aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh. She caught my hairs & pulled my face closer to her pussy. I started licking her pussy as if I was starving from months & she started yelling I looked her face & it had a makeup of lust on it.

I inserted my middle finger in her pussy & started finger fucking her. With my other hand, I started slowly smearing her lips, tickling her on her neck & moved a little down to cup one of her breasts. Meanwhile I inserted my second finger also in her pussy and her moans turned into cries. Along with finger fucking I started spreading my fingers apart inside her pussy & rubbing the tender walls of her pussy. At the same time I was taking due care of both of her boobs by squeezing one & sucking the other. She was wriggling as a fish out of water & her cries touched the skies. She said aaassshhhiiishh… iiiiiiiii aaaaaaammmmmmmm…….ccccccccc uuuummmmmm iiiiiii nnnnnnnnn gggggggg & before she could finish her words she came violently & relaxed with a satisfied look on her cute face. But I didn’t stop fingering, sucking & tweaking her. She seemed to be regaining her strength & I immediately stopped as my hungry hard cock was craving for her puss! y.
I spread her legs & surprisingly she was ready within no time. I put her legs on my shoulder & slowly inserted my cock in her pussy. She screamed nnnnnnnnn oooooooo…. aaaaaaaa hhhhhhhhhhh as though she was a virgin. But she was so cute that I felt I was really hurting her. I pulled my cock out of her pussy & kissed her passionately on her lips, chin & neck. She hugged me tightly, kissed me all over my face, took my cock in her hand & she herself inserted it into her love hole. I made slow pushes & she was moaning mmmmmmmmmmm.. ooooooooohhhhhh & at the same time pulling me inside her by putting her hands around my waist & ass. Slowly I increased my pace & her moans got louder. The whole room was filled with her moans with the rhythm of my balls slapping her ass. Both of us were sweating & her hairs were spread on the white pillow. 

While fucking her faster, I caught hold of her thighs which were on my shoulders & would nibble those ! milky white thighs & she was in the heaven. After about 20 mins, she came again & again for about three times & I was also about to come. Suddenly I removed my cock from her pussy & came all over her stomach, neck, face & hairs. She was really enjoying the pleasure with her eyes closed & had a satisfied look on her pretty face. I collapsed on her naked body with my cum all over her & hugged her. She was laughing with joy & told me that she had never enjoyed sex to this extent with ur uncle. She kissed me passionately all over my body. We slept in each other’s arms for about an hour. Later we had sex 4 times till the morning, & then I left. She let me go only after I promised her that I will satisfy her whenever she needs me. We had sex many times but now i have shifted to Pune.But I do visit them twice a year n both of us enjoy sex whenever we get a chance.Once I have fucked her even when my uncle was at home,but that’s a different story I’ll tell u about that later………..

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