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First Time With My Innocent Conservative Mom

  • desipapa
  • October 21, 2015

Hi friends this is my first story so there may be some errors.Let me introduce about myself, am vinay from coimbatore .I am interested in mature women from my childhood days. Mature ladies pls contact me at pvinay048@gmail.Com .

Am a normal guy who is interested in sex. Am from a joint family.I dont have much lonely time to do sex activities.Though whenever I was left alone I masturbate watching movies and keeping the clothes of my mom and sister.Since I live in a apartment I came across many horny aunties , which happens to be my leisure activities.

This story is about how I seduced my mom to have sex with me .Lets get into the story.My family consists of 4 members , myself , my sexy mom revathi (35),dad and my sis (26).From childhood days I was interested in looking mature ladies and touching their private parts . I was not interested in mom , my view towards mom entirely changed when I accidentally saw my mom in half nude .

My mom is a conservative indian lady , who always wears saries in home .Even in her 40s she looks so beautiful and all the men in our area look forward to have sex with her from that day I planned to seduce mom into sex.

It was during my college second year , I got my courage to take my first step .My home is small and has 2 – 3 rooms only .So during night we all sleep in hall .Everyone slept , in the midnight I accidentally woke up and saw my sexy mom sleeping beside me .I first slowly took my hands and placed in her waist . She did not make any move , I got courage and moved her sari and placed my hands inside it , now she made a slight move , so I got fear and slept , the next morning it was normal as usual.

The same continued for many days , until one day my mom and dad was having fight and he scolded her and went out . Mom was inside the room crying .I slowly went near mom and asked her the reason she said nothing and went .During night she said that shes having shoulder pain, I took this as an opportunity and told mom that I will apply some pain relief balm .At first she said no but later I convinced her .

I told her show her shoulder and I started applying balm all over her , I made it slow so that I can touch all her shoulder. While applying I told her that the jacket is tight I cant apply the balm so pls loosen it , she innocently loosened it .For the first time I saw my bare back and took this as an opportunity I rolled my hands all over her shoulder .She s

Tarted making some move , as if co operating with my actions which made me to proceed further, slowly went to front side of her blouse to unhook it but withing that dad came so mom went away .After that I was not having any opportunity to touch her .

I normally will not apply oil , so my parents always apply oil to me and make me bath.One day my mom told that she will make me bath, I thought this was my opportunity to seduce mom.I quickly and removed my dress and was only in towel and prepared for bath.

Mom came with oil and she applied it all over my body , while applying her breast was touching my hands m, wow that was the first time I felt my moms soft breast.While bathing I wear only towel so that I can reveal myself to seduce mom.She took shampoo and applied it all over my body , during that I made a plan and garbed her breast , she thought that I was doing that by mistake . I told sorry mom , she told its k you did it my mistake ,.I now got full courage and I poured water over my mom.

She got all wet and I could she her cleave in wet blouse. I enjoyed the scene , the best thing mom did made me surprise she removed her blouse since it was wet and and she tied her petticoat till her chest.I enjoyed touching mom secretly during the bath many times she thought that I did it my mistake.

Then later during my holidays my mom was having allergic all over her body , she was not able to apply oil over her back .I innocently said that I will apply oil and took oil in my hands and started applying it . While moving my hands over her body she started producing some sounds , which made me to go further .Now I slowly put my hands inside her blouse and started applying oil , and to my surprise she was not wearing any bra.I slowly moved my hands to her nipple and I started encircling it .

She got horny and was going to stop my act,she told that its enough but I insisted that the allergy may become big and cause problems,she started enjoying y act , I took her pallu and placed aside .She was only in her jacket and panties.This was the first time am seeing mom in this position.

I made mom fully horny , I quickly removed her blouse and I started licking her ,she was in no mood to avoid me . She was not doing anything , I took her to the bedroom and mad my lip lock with her. We continuously kissed for 10 min.Later I moved down and removed her petticoat.

She dint save her pussy , I could see the pink lips hidden inside her hairs , I slowly inserted my tool into her , she was moaning in pain . Finally I ejaculated my semen into her mouth .That day we had 3 session whole night .Finally my aim to have sex with my mother fulfilled .In the next part I will tell you how I managed my mom to make my sister have sex with me .Any ladies or mature women who want secret relationship please mail me @

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