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First Time Start With Cousin

  • desipapa
  • September 29, 2015

It was one cold night of winters in Punjab Pakistan. One of my cousine who was a bit elder to me had come to live with us.she was newly married and had come us after having developed misunderstanding with her husband.let me tell you here that she is daughter of my phoopo who had become widow longt before.she was about 26 and had stout body 38 – 30 – 38.her boobs and buttocks were that time i was doing my matric.our village had no elctricity and our house had just two-three rooms.due to lack of space myself,my cousine and one more daughter of my uncle used to sleep in one room.of course on separate beds.till now i had no idea what is to come ahead.

One night after getting free from domestic chores she came in to now the little cousine had already gone to cousine asked me that it is very cold,should she come to well desipapa fans here is my first sex was one cold night of winters in pakistan.i belong to a village near of my cousines who was a little my bed and warm the quilt.i agreed to the proposal innocently.she came and kept on pressing my the process she would come up and touch my thighs.i kept enjoying but then she said should i go back.i said yes……and she now i had some idea but not very clear.we remained awake for some time in our beds,till she suggested that since she has warmed my quilt now i should come and warm her quilt.i said surely i will do that.

Now i went to her bed and lied on one side.still afraid that i may not touch the process i went to sleep till i woke up by deep and tight kisses from her.she was apologetic doing that and asked me whether i mind it.i reluctantly told her no…….then she kept hugging n kissing and asked me why i was not borne earlier.she liked me,loved me and would have married cock had now grown to its full size.still she did not touch i was fully awake ….and asked her that our little cousine would wake up.she said not to bother,she is fast asleep and would not wake up.then she asked me to come over her.she opened my shalwar and also opened hers and slid it she held my cock put it on the cunt and pushed it with her hand in side.instead that i pump,she started pumping from below.i was really enjoying it.she asked me that i have a big cock,even her husband does not have that big.she started to sweat and melt.her cunt was fully watered,slushy and smelling.while now i also started pulling my cock in and out.still this being the first experience and fear of making noice, we were doing it very slowly.after a while i got released.she said that i am great and it seems as if some bottle of hot lava has been poured into her cunt.
Then within next two hours we had sex at least three times.It was simply wonderful experience fucking a horny girl.when I used to fuck her,she would moan with pleasure.

Friends i have read all the stories but none seems to be true as when one fucks a mature woman like that how can one fuck all three holes the very first time. thereafter i gained more experience and must have spent six months with her just like husband and wife till she returned back to her home.i must have fucked her around 200 times.i kept fucking her even thereafter on all available opportunities and she always loved to get it from me.she is simply gorgeous.i also got opportunities to fuck many girls in around my place, wherever I was…………….so many more exciting experiences.

She still likes me but now we are grown.i have gained much more experience now.during that time and this i have had even upto 9 fucks in one day with my wife or girl freinds.mostly i remain hot and horney and would still like more sex.any one interested may contact me particularly in and around rawalpindi/islamabad or even karachi. I would try to reach for the service.mature and experienced ladies of any kind with extra sex desires are more than welcome.ladies please invite me to your place. This srevice is free of any charges and satisfaction is guaranteed.
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