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First Time For Sushila

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  • September 29, 2015

Hello desipapa readers. I am Raj Mastana. I am a regular reader of desipapa and I enjoy the stories very much. I am 41 now and here is my sexual experience when I was a third year college student. The College was years of sexual highlights, the best of which happened with Sushila. She stood about 5 foot 2 inches with long black hair, well developed nice round ass, and nice sized tits. I had known her for quite a while, and we were friends. She would wear sexy tight clothes which would bring my cock to full attention in no time.
One day in the class room, I looked up and noticed that Sushila was looking right at me and licking her lips, she was wearing that jism white lipstick and her tongue ran across her lips and teeth. When she saw me she looked away, but I kept staring. She started to write but as she did she opened her legs, her mini-skirt rising over thighs and I could make out red, the bottom of her panties. As I kept watching she spread her legs wider, dropped her hand into her lap and slowly ran it up the inside of her knee, up to where the skirt ended. My cock was getting hard, watching her caress her thigh, now in a rhythmic motion, a smile overcame her face as she looked over at me and licked her lips again. She knew she was teasing me, and continued to run her hands and now a finger along her thigh, her skirt rode higher, and now I could see her red panties fully, a small wet spot was forming in the center of them. I was embarrassed when he teacher came over and asked me where my attention was. As glanced over at Sushila, she smiled and pulled her skirt down. After the class I caught up to Sushila and asked if she wanted to come to my place as I was all alone and my parents had gone out of station for a few days. She said yes, and told me to meet her outside the college.

I was getting hard just thinking about the class episode. I knew that Sushila was very eager to have sex with me. After the college was over, we came to my house together. We did not talk much on the way but I was feeling very uncomfortable walking with a young sexy girl with a tent in my pants. I took her to my room and went to close the front door of the house. I did not want to waste any time because Sushila was to go back to her house and I did not want to create any suspission. As I came back to my room, I saw that Sushila was fingering herself and moaning. Her hips were moving in a rhythmic motion. Seeing me come back, she turned and pushed her body against me, forcing me back nearer the bed. She shoved her tits against my chest, rubbing them up and down as she parted her lips and kissed me, thrusting her tongue into my mouth. I countered by putting my hands on her ass, massaging her cheeks and tugging them open slightly so I could feel her deep, supple crack. Sushila moaned as I reached between her slightly spread legs and rubbed my hand against her crotch. I turned around slowly, moving her back so she could sit on the bed. She eased her incredible ass down onto the rumpled mattress, and then leaned back, spreading her legs wide and treating me to a view of her thighs and crotch in that skin-tight leather. I got onto my knees, straddling her thighs and reached for the buttons to her shirt. I undid the top slowly, watching her face every step of the way.

She stared at me, panting heavily as I exposed her breasts and stomach. I eased the shirt back, over Sushila’s shoulders and it fell down around her wrists, which were propping her up on the bed. Still straddling her, I started massaging her tits through her white bra. Meanwhile, Sushila leaned her head forward and pressed her mouth around the cock lump in my jeans. I grunted as Sushila massaged the hard flesh with her lips. I let go of her tits so she could move closer to me. I put my hands on her bare shoulders, stroking them, and I curled my fingers in her hair. Meanwhile, Sushila closed her teeth on my belt strap and began pulling at it demandingly. She kept her arms behind her and undid my belt with her teeth, pulling hard until it was open all the way. Then she took hold of my top buttons, again with her teeth, and pulled on those until they popped open. Sushila licked the head of my cock, which popped out the top of my underwear. A shiver of pleasure went through my body. Then Sushila pulled the rest of my fly open with her teeth and began to work on my underwear. She grasped the elastic and tugged it down, her warm breath ruffling my pubic hair. She tucked the stretchy cotton under my balls and let her tongue slip out to caress them. “I don’t know what to do..aab main kya karoon..I am so hot ..lekin maine aisa kuchh pahale kabhi nahi kiya hai,” she admitted. “I’ve never done this before. Will you show me.. tu mujhe batao na ki aab kya karoon?” “Tum bahut achchi ho Sushila..You’re doing great, baby.” I grinned. “Just keep doing it like that.. ais hee karati jao…jo jee mein aaye karo..ummmm. Just let your instincts take over.

I’ll cum in your mouth for you… “Are you going to drink my come, ?” I panted, the circle of my fingers jamming against her lips with a steady drumming. “Are you gonna swallow it for me?” ” “Oh,” panted Sushila. “I want you to…main tumhara raas peena cahati hoon.. mere munh mein pelo aur mera munh bhar do.. I want you to cum in my mouth. I want that so much … I’ve been fantasizing about you. I’ve been thinking about you in class, dreaming about giving you head and having you cum in my mouth…tumhara mota lund hardam mere sapane mein rahata hai.. I want to swallow it all. I want your cum.” I nodded, my cock throbbing with anticipation. “Just suck my cock, baby. You’re doing it right. Just imagine you’re a horny slut who knows how to give an incredible blow-job.” Sushila laughed a little. “I am a horny slut,” she panted. “An incredibly horny little slut…lekin maine pahale kabhi kisis ka lund aapane munh mein nahi liya hai.. maine kabhi lund nahi choosa hai.. I’ve never given head before. Will you tell me if I’m doing it okay?” “I will, baby. But don’t worry. You won’t do anything wrong. Just eat my cock like a slut. Just suck my dick, slut.” Sushila blushed when I called her slut. She had dreamed of being a slut. She wanted to be a rich slut. I wanted her to be one, too. Every horny guy needs a rich slut. “Now, Sushila..!” I exclaimed. “Suck it hard! Oh, damn! Suck it!” Sushila moaned softly as she pressed her lips around my prick. She started sucking harder, running her tongue around the tip. As she sucked, I felt my cock ejecting a little pre-cum. She slurped it up and begged for more by licking me harder. “You like the way that tastes?” I asked her softly.

She paused, sliding her lips back down my cock. “I love it,” she breathed. “I love the taste of your cock.tumhare lund ka taste bahut majedar hai….aur tumhara lund raas ka to kahana hee kya..ummmm And your cum. I want a whole load of it in my mouth. Please, oh will you cum in my mouth …” She began licking further down, then filled her mouth with my shaft. She licked my balls for a few strokes, then slowly made her way back up to the tip of my rod. Sushila began to suck on my swollen, throbbing cockhead, massaging the sensitive flesh with her lips and tongue. She pressed it into her mouth and sucked it hungrily as I leaned my hips forward. “That’s great, baby,” I said. “Suck it like that … ooh, yeah.” Sushila swallowed my cock until the head pressed against the upper reaches of her throat and her bright red lips were curved around the shaft halfway down. She paused, then slid her mouth back up to the head. She licked on that for a while, her mouth seething against my hard, hot flesh. She quickly thrust my cock back into her mouth, sucking it down halfway. She curved her lips around my shaft and then closed them tightly, clamping down and massaging my veiny prick. It sent waves of pleasure from my hard cock into my body. “Oh yeah,” I groaned. “That’s real good. You’re doing great, baby, just like a slut.” Sushila sucked harder, then began working her mouth up and down on my cock. She rammed it quickly in and out between her lips, coating the shaft with lipstick and saliva.

She fucked my cock into her mouth faster and faster, and then slowed down and started savoring it again. Now she worked slowly, sliding her lips up and down my shaft. She pressed her tongue against the head as she took my prick into her mouth. Gradually, she built up speed again, then slowed down so she wouldn’t bring me off too fast. She seemed to have lost all of her shyness–blowing me like a true whore! I began gasping for breath as I felt my orgasm approach and then fade for the third or fourth time. “That feels so good, Sushi.” I had never called her Sushi before, but the name seemed to fit–more of a slut’s name, and easier to say. “Sushi … that’s good … that’s so good … suck my cock …” “It tastes good,” she mumbled, her mouth filled. “You’re gonna make me cum soon, slut … I’m gonna spurt in your mouth ..tumhara munh mein jharane wala hoon Sushila..” She eased my cock gently out of her mouth, touching it just with her lips. “I almost don’t want to,” she panted. “I want to suck your cock forever–I love giving you head. I want you to stay hard forever so I can keep blowing you … but oh … I want your cum … I have to have a load of your cum … please cum in my mouth … shoot it down my throat!” Sushila groaned hungrily as she thrust her mouth back down. She took half of the long shaft easily into her mouth and then paused, letting my knob sink into her soft throat flesh. She pressed harder, trying to deep-throat me, but couldn’t. She returned to the tip of my prick and gently ran her teeth over it, very lightly squeezing my hard rod with her mouth. Then she sucked harder and started shoving her head rhythmically up and down. “That’s so fucking good…” I said, stroking her hair. “That’s so fucking incredible, bitch … I’m gonna cum in your mouth.” Sushila slavered over my prick, drooling as she sucked me stroke afterstroke. I rocked my hips in time with her mouth, shoving my cock so that each thrust into her mouth caused more friction and made her mouth and my cock hotter.

She began to writhe and twist, sitting up a little more to get more leverage on my prick as I fucked my cock into her mouth. She put her arms around my waist and began gripping my ass, tightly squeezing my cheeks and pulling my body forward to meet every mouth-thrust she gave me. My cock was swelling hard and deep into her warmth, and I was about to cum for her, turned on knowing it was a virgin mouth I was cumming in. “Am I do it right, Raj?” she asked, her lips, slightly puffed from their labor, curving in a sensuous smile. “Do I make it feel good?” “It is great, Sushila..,” I murmured, removing my finger and pushing the head of my cock forward to rub against her parted lips. “.. you are a born cock sucker baby..” Sushila’s eyes brightened perceptibly. “Suck me,” I kept grunting. “Suck me … suck me … that’s good … suck me hard … now the head … I’m gonna cum … I’m gonna cum!” “I want to taste that fuck-juice!” she whispered fiercely, her fist rising until the prepuce trapped the tip of her tongue between its loose fold and the head of the rearing cock. My ass was bouncing on the edge of the bed, shoving my cock into her mouth as her head flashed down. My fingers twined her hair about them, and I dared to force her mouth farther onto my prick, sensing that she was too excited to protest the violation. I started pounding my hips forward, thrusting into Sushila’s open mouth as she clamped her lips down tightly on my shaft. She eagerly took each stroke I plowed into her and met it with a thrust of her own, hungrily pressing her tongue into my flesh so that every time my cock slid into her there was a new surge of pleasure. She sucked harder and harder, her whole body squirming as she blew me. Then, with a groan of pleasure, I started to spurt. Sushila seemed to go crazy as the first wad gushed out into her mouth. She moaned in her throat and curved her fingers around the base of my rod, gripping it tightly to guide it and keep it fucking her mouth.

She jerked me off as she sucked me, ramming my prick between her tight lips and groping my ass with her other hand. She closed her fist around the bottom half of my cock, sucking hard on the head as she gulped down the first load. Then she kept pumping me and another stream of cum shot out into her. She just kept going as she gulped and it felt like I’d never stop shooting jism into her mouth. She took load after load, swallowing rapidly. I got onto the bed next to her after that. Her lips were smeared with cum and she still had some in her mouth. She took her time with it, running her tongue around her lips and showing me the thick smear of cum. She let a few drops ooze out of her mouth, then slowly swallowed. Her fingers were sticky and she licked them eagerly. I kissed her, sucking her tongue into my mouth as she stroked it hungrily back and forth. She massaged my lips with hers. “That was so good,” she panted. “I love giving head… ummm lund chhosane mein mujhe bahut maja aata ha Raj..tum mere munh mein roj roj pela karo… I want you to cum in my mouth again and again. But now I need you for something else. I want you to get hard again, and then I want you to fuck me. We’re going to go to bed, get under the covers … and you’re going to bust me. Let’s take off all our clothes.” Sushila got up from the bed and took a few steps back. She looked at me with her eyes wide and her lips parted. I watched as Sushila shook off her shirt, which had been hanging from her shoulders. Her nipples were quite erect and poked through the thin, satiny lace bra. She took the bra off. I started licking her choot. It was so damn wet. She was moaning. “ooohhhh ahhh. Aur zor se meri choot ko chato. Insert it in my chooot.” With my free hand I ribbed her clit and rolled it with my fingers, “ feels so good”, she felt so good and so wet.

I ran my hand down the crack of her ass and rubbed her cunt lips from behind. She was so wet already, my fingers slid right in her choot, she started to move away but I pulled her back to me, running my hand up her stomach over her tits, pinching her nipples. “That’s just the way I want it, baby,” I whispered. “I don’t want to hurt my little Sushila with my big dick!” Moving my hand from her pussy, I pressed my lund into her rump and started grinding against her, she started moaning, grinding her ass back against me. “Was this what you were thinking about in class today?” “Yes,” she moaned. Sushila felt the huge knob’s determined pressure, and she held her breath as the labial circle yielded, stretching and expanding around the meaty glans that slid into her cunt more easily than either of us had anticipated. She released her breath in a little gasp of delight. “It feels good, Raj! … Oh, wow! ..tumhara lund bahut bara aur mota hai… It’s so big.. lagat hai meri choot faat jayegi..!” I watched her lovely face contort in a mixture of strain and pleasure. I forced my cock deeper inside the throbbing channel, grunting with the ecstasy of the wriggling muscles that gripped my shaft. “Can you take it all, baby?” I whispered. I was having to really add the pressure to drive my cock into that tight hole. Sushila had fingered her way through the hymen ages ago. But it was still tight in that hot snatch. Tight and slippery.

Her arms drew me down onto her pointed tits and her ass worked eagerly, screwing the jaws of her cunt upward about his lengthy joint. “Make me take it, Raj..!” she hissed. “mujhe jabardasi chodo.. meri choot ka rape kaar do..Rape me with it!” I added another inch to the four already stretching her shuddering vagina and my chest moved against the strutted fingers of her breasts. I curled my hands about her shoulders, buttocks tensing as still another inch drove into the slippery orifice. “Is my pussy good, mere Raja..?” she panted, eagerness obvious in the breathless question. “meri chot tumhe achchi lag rahi hai..Does it feel good?” “Goddamn, yes!” I groaned, lifting my ass to drag the swollen shaft back through the undulating grip of her juicy cunt. The massaging of her labial lips made her hips jerk and wiggle in helpless response, the motion adding to the pleasure of my partial withdrawal. Her nails dug into his broad back, demanding and urgent. I started pumping her now, thrusting up her choot, squeezing her tits. She was moaning out”I’m cumming. I’m cumming.. fuck me harder.” I kept on thrusting, jamming my dick up her choot, she started bucking wildly. Sushila grunted each time the prick speared her belly, her ass pushing up to insure the maximum depth of that agonizingly delicious penetration. She felt the juice-smeared balls slide against her anus, and her buttocks clenched as if seeking to trap those sperm-laden nuts. As the prick slid outward, she tightened her vagina around its enormous girth, flexing the muscles in an instinctive rippling that made me groan with ecstasy and fuck her even harder. “Oh, shit, …aab main nahi rok sakata meri rani..!” I grunted, my ass hammering fiercely between her quivering thighs.

“I can’t hold it!” My prick raced in and out of the clutching jaws with increasing speed. She fucked me back, eyes bulging with wonder at the increasingly powerful sensations that washed through her spasming cunt. Her mouth gaped, lips drawn back in a strained grimace of ecstasy, and her tongue flitted about in the red oval as if directing the twisting hunching of her quivering hips. She wiggled her ass in a vicious circle as she felt his prick, stretching her cunt with its suddenly increased girth, jerk savagely against the straining vaginal walls.

A few strokes later I was cumming..”you like it hard..hard up your twat”…”yes..fuck me move your fucking ass.. mera lund aapane boor mein pura ka pura lelo..”. Hot and wet, my cum bolted against her womb, bathing the hungry cervix and slithering through the greedy opening. Spurt after spurt washed over the expanded tissues, forced back along the passageway until it trickled sluggishly around the thick cock and down her taut perineal plane. Each wave of semen sent a powerful tremor through her well-packed pussy, a tremor of overwhelming pleasure that set her heels to drumming against my tensed buttocks and her ass grinding furiously to milk the maximum from his hilted prick. Clutching my shuddering body, she bucked her cunt up to siphon the last drop of milky sperm, whimpering with the intensity of her climax. I pulled my cock from Sushila’s still-pulsating snatch, pushing myself upward until I hovered over. “Ohhh Sushila baby,” I whispered breathlessly, “I should have popped that little pussy a long time ago.

You really know how to use that thing.” She simply gave a sexy smile. Anyone interested in sharing her sexual fantasy or experience may please mail me. Comments are always welcome to

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