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  • desipapa
  • October 5, 2015

I am raj and I am telling u my second experience with my sexy cousin After sex with my bus aunty I always lusted my cousin who is so describe her she is so sexy,with her body statistics 38/29/38,milk cream color in complexion. Her age is 38 and she is unmarried,she is very rough and adamant in nature,so she refused all the guys who came to marry her stating one or the weakness of guys than she got older and no one came fwd to marry her,so she leaves in village near mangalore(souh kanara) with her dad and mom.i used to visit her place once or twice in year but only lusted her but did not find an opportunity to fuck her.

She is so bold in her nature also so I was little afraid of forcing her,but she would be so open with me she used to scratch her boobs in front of me putting her hand inside her blouse also which made me hot.her walking style is so different that her ass swings like anything.when ever I was their place I would mb twice a day seeing now I am telling u my this time experience where I fucked her so hard and now she is totoally mine like she is my unofficial wife. It all started when I went to her place ,there suddenly I felt ill,I had severe womiting,so she was shocked and stood to look after me.

I had terrib;le stomach pain also and vomiting,so the vomiting bowl was kept beside my bed once she was holding the bowl and I was vomiting and by unknowningly for support I grabed her waist and rested my head towards her boobs,and she was caressing my back so that I stop vomiting,u see my friends in that uneasy ness also I felt so comfortable and even hard little bit ,I asked her that I could notbear the pain and she sat next to me,and was massaging my chest.i next unknowingly this time caught hold of her boobs while went to sit on my bed.i could see her face turn red.but I was really hot and really forgot my stomach pain,now I asked her to massage my stomach,she began and her handswer sliding on my I was so excited that I asked to massage my lower stomach ,my handswere holding her stomach by this time she was feeling my touch good as she said nothing.she was sliding herhand insde my lungi near my dick I was so hot and was afraid she might see my dick this I almost forget my stomach pain.

So this all happened at day time ,I slept at upsatairs ans she usually slept down stairs,but I asked her to sleep upstairs as I told her that if I need bowl or something I may require u,she agreed so here only I realized by her facial movements that shewas waiting for me to call as her parents never doubted I slept in double bed over there and I asked her to sleep next to me as she is my sister,she said ok,she slept next to me and asked me to sleep till then I will massage ur stomach,so I sensed cmon this is the opportunity,so at night as if unknowingly I put my hand on her boobs and dragged her to on my body,she just opened her eyes and she positioned herself as if her boobs rested it on my chest,so now I was confident that she was also badly in need of sex. So I now started directly asking her that I am mad for u,she sadi that I am also badly in need of ex and she said I am virgin,but she said let it be so secret,so that night I had full view of her body. I almost forgot my illness and prepared for my fuck,it was first time for her and she said to use a condom but where shalli go in search for condom at that night so I said dont worry I will take care she was lighty trembling with excitement.i first stared kissing her and took deep in her mouth and began caressing her boobs and slowly slide down her body and negan eating her cunt,it was so hairy and had an arrogant smell of urine.i parted her pussy lips and slid my one finger to fel her pussy,wowo it was really tight,I tought she may bleed and said to remove the bed sheet so her mother may have doubt about the blood,she was afrad when I asked her remove the bed sheet .i was spo hard by than.

While pussy I had one of my finger in her ass hole also to arouse her fully. Then I aske d let me start she said ok.i opened her pussy and let my dick in oh half way thru it nevr went inside and it was paining for her,she said no,but I did not leave,there was some coconot oil,I applied some to my dick and poured little in her pussy.then with full force I entered and she screamed o loudly I was afraid herparents may hear it.but nothing went off.i slowly had strokes and then forcible strokes,she was really enjoying it,then I said I am cumming I took my dick out and smeared iot allover face and boobs. Then againg after sometime I had another fuck,now she was enjoying me thourily. She said oh really ur gem of person but plz dont anyone know about it,I said ok and we hugged each other so tightly an d slept that night. Next day u know friends where did we fuck it was on paddy fields with mud allover it wasreally a gr8 expereince, Now I go there regularly once in amonth,now she dresses herself like dulhan and comes to me and I treat her like my wife. So any woman,girl ,married or unmarried like to have sex can contact ,me Confidentiality assured Write to me

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