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First Sexual Experience

  • desipapa
  • September 24, 2015

My name is Alexander and I am 21 year old now. I wanted to tell you my true story, which is my first sexual experience. I am from a middle class family. I have my father, mother, one brother and a sister. My brother married and settled in Kuwait, U.A.E. my sister is also married and settled in the town, which is about 30 km away from our house. Her name is Nancy and she does not have any children and her husband is in gulf.

Since she is alone she called me to stay there and it is also easy for me to go to collage from her house. Let me tell something about my sister. She is 28 year old and is very beautiful. She is tall and fair and has a very attractive figure. One day we both were watching T.V, sitting in one sofa. We were also talking something and in between this she put her hand on my thigh. I did not think anything since she is my sister. After sometime she again did it and repeated it for some more time. Then she slowly started rubbing her hand on my thigh. She slowly caught on the front side of my pants (cock’s side) and started caressing it. With this I too became lustful towards my sister. . She then pulled me in to her body and embraced me hard. She slowly removed my shirt and kissed my whole body and bit my nipples with her red lips. I then embraced her hard and squeezed her big buttocks. She then slowly removed my pants and underwear and caught on my penis and balls and slowly massaged it. As she was progressing in her act my penis has become harder and harder.

Now my sister got away from my body and removed her saari then I saw her bulging blouse. Then she removed her blouse and paavada. Then I have seen my sweet and sexy sister in her undergarments. She was wearing a black bra and a black panty. She removed her bra. It was a mesmerizing seen for me to see the butter-like breasts of my sister. Finally she removed her panty too. There I saw the wonderful white, clean shaved pussy of my sister. She came near to me and pulled me in to her body and started kissing and biting my lips. I, then slowly pressed her breasts with my hands and squeezed it. It was really wonderful to see the white breasts and red-bulging nipples over it. I gently pressed it. My sister then, knelt down and took my penis in to her mouth and started licking and squeezing it with her lips and tongue. When she did it I was in the third heaven and was mourning with pleasure. My sister then asked me to lie down looking upward.

She came over me and sat on my penis. She kept my penis straight, opened her pussy, pushed my penis in to it and sat down. It was really pleasurable for me. My sister slowly started riding over my penis and her breasts were bouncing before my eyes and I, with uncontrollable passion, squeezed it and bit its nipples. After sometime I felt something coming out of my penis and that was the most pleasurable moment for me. Next moment there was a big flow of my white, hot cum in to the pussy of my sweet sister. After this we laid down for some more times. I got a sense of guilt feeling. Then my sister told me, “ Hey dear, don’t feel guilty. You are my brother and I am your sister. We both want to enjoy sex and we did it, that’s all.” We had some hard sex in that night and we slept nicely. Next morning when I got up my sister was working in the kitchen. I went behind her and pressed her ass towards me and slowly massaged her breasts with my both hands.

She then turned her face towards me and I slowly gave a kiss on her red lips. When she made the breakfast ready I asked her to take it sitting on my lap. I was wearing my undergarment only and I removed it. When my sister sat on my lap I lifted her saari. So my sister’s buttocks were also naked when she sat down on my lap. When she sat down I pushed my penis in to her anus and it fully got inside. Then I helped her to ride on my penis.

My sister was crying with pleasure, “my sweetheart fuck me hard, fuck and kill me. I am your whore and your sexy sister. Fuck wherever you want”. I, with tremendous passion licked my sister’s big tits and squeezed it. After a couple of minutes we both reached in to an earth-shattering climax. Then I slowly pulled out my penis from her anus and we had our breakfast. Now we both are extremely happy because we are enjoying all kinds of sex possible. She is very sexy and wants to enjoy sex all the time so I am restless and having some hot sex everyday. This is my story. If any girls or wives want to have the same experience please contact me and if anybody wants to see my sister’s picture I am even ready to send it for you. Contact me at

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