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First Sexual Encounter

  • desipapa
  • September 25, 2015

I am a regular reader of desi papa stories and i liked it very much. Today I am posting my sexual encounter which happened between me and my class fellow. First of all i describe myself and her. I am 24 years of age height 5′ 7″, average body and having a fair complexion where as she is 5′ 4”, having statistics of 34b 27 36, dark brown nipples and big areolas, wheatish color but attractive looking with silky bob cut hair.

I used to stare at her because of her stunning looks and so did she but none of us have courage to share our feelings but we were on normal working relations with each other. One day when i was gong to drop her home in my car i gained courage and suddenly placed my hand on her hand hand she was little bit confused with that act of mine but did so. Then i asked her that why she had such hairs on her hand in reply she said that its a long time she waxed them and would wax in a day or two. Then i started rubbing her thighs she became perplexed but didn’t said any thing negative. After seeing that response I slipped my hand towards her love hole. She was wearing panty but i feel her thick hairs with my hand. Then i put my hand on her bulging boobs which were covered by a padded bra which further enhanced her measurement. She became hot by all this stuff. I asked whether she had ever touched any male organ. Her reply was in negation. During that play my tool erected like an iron rod and was near to tear my undies. I asked her to touch my organ.

She hesitantly put her hand on my penis. I was shivering when she touched my cock. That was all for that day then we reached her home and she went in to her house. From that day i started looking for any opportunity so that we can have more fun. One day i called her in the night and asked her not to come to college the next day. On her question i told her that we will go for outing. May be she was also waiting for that and replied positively. I knew that my mother and father would not be at home so we can do any thing we want to do. After picking up from the planned location we reached my home. She was wearing white shalwar qameez and was looking Goddess in that dress. Her black lacy bra was clearly visible through her white qameez which was adding fire to fury. I suddenly started kissing her and in response she also did so. For 9-10 minutes we kissed in different styles. We decided that she will remove my clothes and I will remove her clothes. I removed her qameez and then her shalwar easily by pulling from the elastic band, because elastic was used in place of string to hold it. Now she was standing in front of me in just bra and a fancy white panty which was fully made up of see through net cloth except the front 2 inch portion which was of a non netted cloth and was looking damn sexy. Then she remove my T-shirt and then my jeans now i was also in my white jockey. I unhooked her bra and her boobs became free from the jail. They were looking tremendous, standing erect and nipples were also erected. I slid her panty down. She had a beautiful pussy region with thick black hairs. Then she removed my underwear also.

I was also freed and my 7″ tool which was standing erect making 90 degree angle. She said “tumhara to bohat bara hai” and starting gripping on that. We hugged each other for some time. As i was seeing a nude female body first time directly in my life so i started examining her private parts. Her hole was covered between the two lips under the hairs, i parted her legs and saw sticky wet substance below the hairs. I inserted my finger slowly an ohhh sound comes from her mouth as she was virgin her hymen was intact. After that i sucked her tits and applied some honey on her nipples and then sucked them, she was feeling immense pleasure on that. Now its time for the main thing i asked her to get ready for the first fuck of her life. she inquired “takleef to naheen hogi”? i said thori hogi baad main naheen hogi. With that i inserted my dick in to her but firstly it was difficult to be inserted she was making loud noises that she was getting pain but after some trials i was able to insert it fully in to her. Some blood was also dripping from her choot, now she was not a virgin any more. She was makind sounds ahhh oohhh ahhh aahh aur zoor say , bohat maza aa raha hai, abhi choorna naheen, aaaaahhhhh aaj phar dalo meri , and then she discharge burst of her cum. I was ready to load my cum so i told her that i am cumming as i was wearing condom so there was no issue of cumming inside. After i cum i lean beside her in her arms and passionately kissed her every where on her whole body. She had a unique smell of her body. After sometime i asked her to give me a blow job she refused for the first time but on my insist she gave a blow job, i was in heaven when she was moving her lips on my penis.

After some time i cummed in her mouth she was feeling vomit because it was the first time she was drinking any body’s semen. Then I shaved her thick pussy hairs which were very hard. After that we both took a bath and i also watched her peeing. I applied soap on her body and specially on her boobs which were soft like cotton. she also applied soap on my penis and my penis started standing with her touch and again reached to its full length. By seeing this i tried to insert my dick in her ass hole but that was very much tight she was getting pain i applied some vaseline on my tool and also on her ass hole after 4-5 attempts I succeed in inserting she was making loud noises from pain but after some time it became normal and she was also started enjoying that. When i was near to cum i detached my penis from her and cum on her buttocks. After the bath I suck her pussy which pleases her very much and she made sexy noises on that. she insist for another fuck and we started fucking but with another style now she was above me sitting on my dick and moving up and down i was enjoying all that and cum on her stomach. my semen was every where on her tummy.

Now the time was over so we clean our selves. So that was my first sex encounter. Hope that you people liked it. I am waiting for your responses. I am living in Karachi so any girls, ladies, aunties in search of sexual pleasures and fun of age between 20-40 can contact me at my email address . Secrecy will be kept.

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