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First Sex With My Girl On Train

  • desipapa
  • August 27, 2015

Hi everyone. I am rocky.I live in Surat. I am an active reader of iss and i like the way these stories harden my dick. So i decided to submit my first sexual encounter with my girlfriend shrishti. Shrishti is a nice looking girl having a seducing figure 28-34-30.

This happened when i was 18 year old. Shrishti was my best school friends as we share our secrets with each other. She is a dam hard working girl with her academics and guys girls who are hard working never like to get involved in any relationship and shrishti is that type of girl who even not like to explore herself to may people. As i have told you that she used to share her secrets with me so she had told me about her feeling when she first seen porn on internet.

There is a dehradun tour which was organised by my school in which i wanted to have company of my good friend so i told shrishti to come with me .She refuses at once but i convinced her by telling her that this will be our last school trip and i want to spent time with you.

So the day come.It was the day of October . Shrishti and me reached to school. There we reported to our school faculty .From there we left to railways station. Shrishti and me had putted our luggage and sit together.We enjoyed the whole day .At night shrishti changed her lower and wears 3’4th ..She was looking dam hot in close fitting top and i 3’4th.I could she boobs size.From there i started having some sexual feelings for her.We had talked about may thing ad we have decided to pass the night by enjoying each other company.

At night weather become cold and i come close to her by holding her in one blanket.At that time shrishti body was touching me.After sometime shrishti started telling me that rocky you are my best friend and i don’t want to loose.I love the manner i which you take care of me. I really like you rocky.Then i told her shrishti i don’t want to loose you,in fact i want a partner like you .Then she placed her head o my shoulder .And i putted my hand on her shoulder then she looked in to my eyes and i feel that this is the right time to just kiss her but i was afraid that after that how she is going to react but when i came close to me and i started to feel her breath …And this give me enough courage and i kissed her.

I take her upper lips in my mouth and licked it and then hold my breadth to see her response.The she also kissed me .The i started licking her upper and lower lips one by one.Then i placed blanket so that one can see what we are doing and then i placed my had into her bra and just touched her nipples and she take a long breadth and started moaning i my ears ‘shhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhh’.Then i started to place my hand into her 3’4th and placed it on her panty.

Then she said rocky some one will see ..So i told her to go to english toilet and wait for me ….She go there and waited for me then after some time i go to the toilet by seeing if no one had seen us.I entered the toilet ad locked it.Then i started kissing shrishti lips.And told her to open her top .In while i open my cloths and when shrishti had opened her top i can see her boobs in her red cup bra..They where looking very nice ….The i hold her tight and started kissing her and then i unhook her bra .I hold her nipples and started rubbing them and kissing her neck and licking her face with my tongue.We were totally out of control ..The i licked her nipples …She was moaning louder ‘shhhhhh rocky ……I love you yar……Ahhhh…………I lik the way u are licking my boobs….Ahhhhhh baby’….

Then i lowered her 3’4th…She was wearing pink panty.I could she that her juice had made her pussy wet…..Then i remove her panty and her hairy pussy was in front of me..I told her to sit on the cupboard cover and made space between her legs and started licking her pussy …..She was rubbing her had on my hair ad moaning’ahhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhh baby…………Lick it harder …….Yahhhhhhhhhh shhhhhhhhh’ ………Then i told her to lick my dick.At first she insisted but after tasting she started to lick my dick ‘hmmmm ummmmm mmmmmmmm alllll llllallllll ummmmmmmmmm’.

Then i again told her to place her back front to me and take support.The i kissed her round butts.Then i placed my dick ..And started to rub it on her pussy ….She was insisting and saying me not to insert dick in pussy.But her voice does seems to be so restrictive so i pushed my dick into her pussy .It was very tight .I hold my dick and give my first stroke and at first my half dick was into her pussy…She was moaning loudly ‘ahhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhh hhhhhhh yahhhhhhhhhhh ….Ohhhhh baby don’t ‘ she is also having bleeding so i clear it with my hakercheif and then i continued and after some strokes her don’t change into an encouraging words ‘ ohhhhh baby or tez,,,,ahhhhhhhhh ahhhhh ahhhhhhha hhhhhhhhh yahhhhhhh i luv u …….Aur tez…’ finally i released my cum inside her pussy ….She was very afraid …But i told her that tommorow after we will arrive i will brought you i-pill ……

After that shrishti and me are in relationship for 2 years and had enjoyed to have sex after an interval and tried many positions ……

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