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First Sex Experience Of Jaipuri

  • desipapa
  • October 5, 2015

I am Kitty Jain, 19 years girl and studying in collage. I read few incidences at and I want to tell you something about my first sexual experience with a person almost 20 years elder to me.

I am having fair complexion with an average figure and normally boys don’t give much attention to me as my breasts are very small. My only friend Neha is having good breasts and boys are always after her. And I am really jealous of Neha but we are good friends. I never experienced body – touch with any boy, where as neha had few boy friends and already involved sexually with one of them. Actually she told me her sexual experiences most of the time, otherwise my knowledge about sex was very less.

We have a double story house and my dad is in govt. job and due to his transfer to other city we, means me, my mom and two brothers who are younger to me were alone. So my mom suggested to rent-out upper portion to a small family and there came this family. Uncle is about 40 years, where Aunty is younger around 30 and they have one 3 years old baby, who is very sweet. We all mixed up very quickly as both uncle and aunty are very frank and helping in nature.

That was a summer night and every body in our house were sleeping. It was very hot so I went up to get some cool air. When I passed through uncle’s room, I heard some voices of aunty and uncle like they were fighting at some issue. I kept my ears at their window which was closed and heard. I could not understand what they were talking but aunty was laughing and at the same time crying also. I was curious about inside so I went near to their door and tried to see inside the room through the key hole. What I saw inside was ………… uncle and aunty were naked totally and aunty was sitting upon uncle and jumping up and down. She was looking in pain from her face expressions but her laughing was still could be heard. I understood immediately that this is the sex game what neha told me so many times. I hold my breath and now seeing inside with more interest. Uncle suddenly turned aunty on her back and I saw his cock first time. It was hard and red in colour and he was holding it in his hand and brought near to aunty’s face. Aunty opened her mouth and took the cock in. then uncle started pushing his body and gave thrusts to his hips. After few thrusts he brought out his cock and a shower of white thick fluid burst out upon the face of aunty. She was laughing again and then cleaned her face with a cloth piece. Uncle stood up and came towards the door. I suddenly moved away and went out at the roof. Uncle came out and gone towards the bathroom, which was outside their two rooms house. He was still naked. I was standing in a dark corner hiding my self behind a wooden box. He came out from the bathroom and went back inside the bedroom. I again went near to the door and saw that both were sitting at the bed now and watching T.V. Uncle was saying to aunty that she will be going alone to Delhi as He had some work in office. Aunty asked him about food, which he said that he will take some from hotel. But aunty said that she would ask kitty to prepare something for him in the morning and evening. Uncle agreed and suddenly asked aunty about me ” this girl is very beautiful but then why she remain silent and never comes up and talk with us.” Aunty stared at him and warned him not to think about me as I am teenager and may be virgin. But uncle smiled and said that I may be teen but looks enough to be laid now. And if in these two days if he will get the chance he will try to bring me in his bed. Aunty again warned him about the consequences but uncle laughed and then kissed aunty and asked her to sleep as she will be leaving early in the morning. They switched off their lights and I also came down to my room. Now in my bed I was thinking about what uncle was talking about me was a joke or he is really serious about me? But then why aunty did not opposed him strongly for his plans towards me. I could not solve these problems and started moving my hand upon my little breasts. Suddenly I felt that my nipples started swell and I felt pleasure in my abdomen area. Until that night I have never tried these kind of acts but today after seeing the game and thinking of uncle’s plans about me I was feeling horny and I started my hand upon my cunt. I stood up and switched on the lights. I went near to mirror and lifted up my skirt. I looked upon my legs. They were in good shape. I don’t have hairs on my legs. I moved my hand upon my thighs and removed my panty. When I saw my cunt, I felt that I am grown up now. There was thick patch of black hairs, which I had never shaved. I moved my finger upon my cunt ………. I felt cold in my spine, and I inserted my finger in my hole which was wet now. I tried to insert little more but felt pain and then withdraw my finger. I moved my finger just above the hole and now I was enjoying it. I don’t know what happened to me and some words came out of my mouth.aaaaahhhhhhiiiuuuuuuuuuu. I was in heaven now. I stated fondling my little breasts, my nipples became hard, so I removed my top. I don’t wear bra in the night. Now my breasts were shining in the light. First time I saw my dark pink nipples erected fully. I saw with them proud and pinched one. Shhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeee came out of my mouth. I played with my cunt and my nipples for quite a long time and pleasure increased. Now I inserted my finger again in my cunt hole and started moving in and out in spite of pains. Suddenly stream of blood came out of my cunt. Seeing blood I got nervous and cleaned those drops with my skirt. I understood that in excitement I have done the mistake and now I am no more a virgin. Pain reduced in few minutes and I came back to my bed and slept immediately. When I wake up in the morning, my legs were feeling week and I was not able to walk properly. I went inside the bath room and washed my cunt. There was blood all around my thighs and some blood was dried in my cunt hairs. I washed that all and then also removed blood stains from my skirt. Then I took bath and now I was feeling better.

I again locked myself in the bed room and thinking about the uncle. My mom shouted from the kitchen that breakfast was ready. When I came out, my mother told me to take breakfast and then also go up and give the breakfast to uncle as aunty had gone to Delhi. I took my breakfast hurriedly and went up to give breakfast plate and tea to uncle. I opened the door of their bedroom, it was not locked and I saw uncle standing in front of the mirror. He was only in his underwear and rest of his muscular body was naked. He saw me and smiled. He did not tried to cover him, so I just placed the plates and tea glass upon the table and turned back to go out. Uncle requested me to get him a spoon and sauce from the kitchen. I kept my eyes low and went inside the kitchen. Now again from the kitchen I saw him. He was drying his hairs and I saw his cock growing in his underwear in the mirror. Suddenly I have decided to proceed further. I was also interested in playing sex game and then to speak my experience to neha.

I came out of the kitchen and started serving breakfast in the plate. I saw uncle, he still was in underwear and combing his hairs now. He asked me when I will be going to collage? I told him that today mom will be going to kity party so I will be at home only. Hearing this he came near to me and asked when my mom will be going? I told him the time and he smiled again. He kept his hand upon my shoulder and said thanks for the breakfast. I said o.k. and came down. I was sure that now uncle will return early from his office after hearing about my mom.

My mom left for the party at 11.30. my brothers will be back by 4.30 and I was alone and waiting for uncle to come back.

At 12.00 I heard horn of scooter and then saw uncle climbing the stairs. He went up straight to his room and I was feeling nervous now. I was double minded and thinking not to respond him if he takes initiatives. So I went inside my bedroom and set on my table and tried to read some from my books. But my mind was somewhere else. Suddenly I decided to tease him so I opened the bolt of outer door and came back to my room and slept at bed, closed my eyes so uncle if comes he should find me sleeping. I heard a knock. My heart started beating fast.

I kept mum and saw from corner of my eyes. He came inside my room and looked upon me. I did not moved so he came near to bed and sit close to me. He then looked at me for some time and then placed his hand upon my breast and pressed one. Looking at me and not feeling any movement, he started kissing me. His lips touched my lips. I felt shame and thought to run away, but in fact I started enjoying it.

I knew he was strong enough and I can’t resist him physically. Also from inside I was in mood to see what he will do. I felt uncle lightly running his hand along my hand, stroking me. I was quite used to his touching by now, so I didn’t mind. Then the hand stopped moving while on my shoulder. I could feel his fingers caressing the front of my neck and again on the shoulders. He did this a few times, and then started pulling my top, played with one boob for a while then moved his hand down my back. There was a zipper on the back of the top and he tried his best to open it as secretly as possible without waking me up. Obviously he didn’t know that I was awake. I was almost loosing my patience and was about to stop him but just then when he had finished opening the zipper the touch of his hand on my nude back was a total turning point for me.

I was completely lost in the madness of the touch of a strong, rigid, masculine hand. I can’t explain it in words. I was still pretending to be fast asleep by leaving my mouth open and trying to make snoring sounds. But maybe he could guess that I was acting because of my heartbeat and breath running at such a fast rate. My breasts were moving so much that I almost felt it touch his bare hairy chest. His nose and mouth were also close to my lips. We could feel each other’s hot breath. After gathering a little more courage he tried to continue to open me further, although he was tensed if I will wake up. Now I was also enjoying it so much that I decided to help him. I acted as if I was doing everything exactly the way he wanted it, but I was totally unaware and in deep sleep. Now he stood up and opened his shirt and trouser. He again slept near me only in his underwear. I was naked now at my top and he started sucking my nipple. I moved my hands nearer to his underwear, and felt something very hard and long. I got scared, wondering at the size and strong ness. But still pretended to be sleeping. Again I touched there and was very sure that this hard thing was big enough for me and I can’t take it inside my little cunt, so I got scared again. Then he tried to carry on with removing my top from one shoulder. I helped him by turning my face away so the zipper was in front of him. He opened up the zipper fully and now my nude body was there. He started kissing my shoulders, neck and ears. I filled with excitement and turned towards him. In the process my top was removed easily by uncle and he thrown the top on one side and took my nude body in his arms and started sucking my nipple madly.

Now I also suddenly felt an electric shock throughout my body and thought that now I will be turning from a little girl to a full woman. I felt great pride in my breasts and every single part of my female body. Now I was experiencing it in the hands of my dear uncle. It was very difficult for me to peep through my half closed eyes since he was so close to me. But I still managed to see him getting excited to see my nude body now. He was still afraid to undress me any further. Seemed like I only had to do all the remaining preparations. I touched that hard thing in his underwear and he was enjoying it, so he immediately took off his underwear. And again he put the hard cock on my hand. Now I could really feel his thickness. I also enjoyed pressing it lightly and it kept getting harder and rising upward. I could feel all his hard muscles with lots of hair on it. Smell of his body was also adding excitement and I took his full length of cock in my hand and squeezed it. Now that he saw me becoming so comfortable with him, he also proceeded by placing his hand on my breast, and started licking my nipples. With that sensation my nipples became hard. After licking and massaging my breasts for quite long, I felt his fingers crawling from my armpit to the thighs. Caressing my thighs allover, the fingers moved for my cunt. He was feeling hot cunt above my panty and he was trying to insert his finger in my already wet cunt hole. His fingers traced their way under the panty to my ass. I couldn’t hold myself any more. I felt like my whole body was on fire. I didn’t know whether to continue to pretend unconscious or just be open. But knowing that he is my uncle and I still a minor, I gathered that pretending sleeping would be safer for the both of us. So as if I was enjoying unconsciously, I also run my hands all over his body. It was really wild to feel the hard, rough and tensed muscles of a male body. He had lots of hair all over the body.

I also kissed his bare chest then cheeks. Since I had also gone this far he didn’t bother any more if I was awake or not. He took full freedom in pulling off my panties in one move. This was just the beginning. With both our bodies fully naked, we had a lot more to explore in each other than just the outer surface. Now his fingers were using a lot more pressure than earlier. I knew he was really hot. I didn’t stop him. Instead I also started fondling his body. I was biting his neck with my teeth, and he horribly chewed on my nipples in return. I was still not sure if this is what is called sex until the following few minutes. After all this feeling, caressing each other’s body, came the part which was a mystery to me. By now it was pretty obvious to him that I was fully conscious. He grasped my hands with his strong hands. Spread both my feet apart with his hairy legs. I was afraid at this moment when I had no idea what was his next move. I could actually see my whole body moving up and down with the heavy breathing, out of fear. Uncle rubbed his cock once again, and then with his fingers parted my delicate but tight cunt lips. And then pushed his huge cock into my cunt with all his strength. For a few seconds I felt unconscious. After which I felt his slow movements in my cunt and then suddenly he started strong thrusts. I couldn’t free myself from his powerful grip. I cried in pain and I thought my cry must have gone far outside and if there was anybody down, they must have heard it. He put his hand on my lips strongly and started hard pushes. I was in great pain but the feeling of being fucked was also there and therefore tolerating all the pains. Now I opened my eyes. There were tears. He saw me and gave the same smile and kissed me passionately. I returned the kiss and started moving my hips upwards. Feeling my involvement increased his desires and he hold my boobs and gave few hard strokes. I was moaning now slowly and he was also uttering ” off kitty…….. my love ……. Kaisa lag raha hai…….. maza aa raha hai…………” I said ” don’t speak…….. just do it……… do it………… haiiiiiiiiiii………. ” he stopped his thrusts and asked smiling ” kya karoon? ” I shut my eyes and don’t know when these words came out off my lips ” fuckkkkkkk me uncle……… make me women…….. ” hearing these words he filled with strength again and hold my waist , pulled me down at bed and holding my hips, he started wild strokes. We both were now fucking in fast rhythm and suddenly I felt something shoot out in my cunt which hit upon some where and I felt I was in heaven and for few minutes I was unconscious. When I opened my eyes, uncle was lying on his back, his eyes was closed. I looked at his cock, which was shrunk now, some liquid was coming out of it. Uncle took his cock in his hand and asked me to suck it. I refused and asked him to leave me know alone. I was too exhausted after this long process of intercourse. And I could see that he had messed my whole front part with the white sticky stuff after he had cum and pulled out his cock.

All of sudden I saw neha standing at the door. She was shocked at the sight of uncle and me in this naked position. Then she laughed and congratulated me. But then she expressed her fear that she heard my scream and my very loud scream could have been heard by neighbours too. I requested neha to go in drawing room and went in the bathroom to wash my self. Uncle also took his clothes on and went up to his room. Later on neha scolded me for doing this with such an elder person and also surprised upon that we were doing all without closing the door properly.

Then I told her the entire incidence how all things happened. Neha had already seen uncle nude, and after listening my incidence, she was also interested in sharing big cock of my uncle. I agreed to the proposal at one condition that she will also allow me to share with amit , his boyfriend who was fucking her and she was always teasing me by telling me her fucking incidences since a long time. Now it was the time for my brothers to return back from their school, so neha just left and I cleaned the room.

Now we are finding some opportunity to have our uncle both together at the same time. When ever we will get it I will tell that to you.

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