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  • desipapa
  • September 13, 2015

Hello. I am Farhan, my age is 27. I am studing in UK at the moment. I have been in Pakistan till 2002. I was bit shy person and hadn’t got any girl friend in Pakistan. When I came to UK, I didn’t know that how to make a girl friend, so I struggled in UK for a while, then at last I have found my first bed friend one day. It was 20th November 2002, all memories are fresh in my mind. It just looks like that happened yesterday. I went for shopping in the market and I went to a store. I have seen there a desi girl, she was of stunning beauty.

Her complexion was extremely fair, she was wearing black shirt and jeans. She was tall and slim. She was purchasing some chocolates. I didn’t buy anything and came from the shop. My mind was quickly thinking how to talk to that girl. when she come out of store. I got an idea that I will ask her about address of the road when I was living (I didn’t know the name of any other road). I asked her “I need to go Martin Road, can you help me please”. She looked at me and then said “I have seen you that road yesterday, how come you don’t know where that road is?” I got embarrased but make excuse that i am new in Bradford and don’t know the way to reach at that road. She smiled and said that I live at the same road and I can follow her. I said ” mager mujhay larkuin ka peecha karna naheen aataa”.

She laughed and said “mager aaj tu karna paray gaa”. My heart beat increased and I feel that if i offer her friendship, she will not turn it down. I asked “what’s your name?”, She replied ” Farah”. I said “I am Farhan”. She said “oh ho, humaray naam bhee aik jaisay hain”. I said “namoon say tu lagta hey keh hum behan bhai hain”. She laughed again and said “nice to meet you farhan”. I said the same and offered her whether I can help her for the shopping stuff. She said that she is okay but I took one shopping bag from her. She said “thank you farhan” and we got our way towards Martin Road. She showed me her home but didn’t offered me for any tea or drink. She said “Everbody is at home, otherwise I would invite you to come in”. I said “its okay, you are always welcome at my flat”. She smiled and went inside. I came to my flat that feel that i will get her soon in my bed. After half an hour, I thought that I must go outside and buy some local newspaper.

As I came of the road, I saw that there was big car infront of Farah’s home and people were sitting inside it. I passed by and went to nearby shop and when I was comming back, I saw that Farah is in the street trying to ride a bike with her younger brother. When she looked at me, she stopped and get off. She said “Farhan, now I can invite you at my home, nobody there”. I agreed and we went inside. She asked me tea/ coffee or drink. I asked for tea and i went to kitchen with her to help her in making tea. (I didn’t know from where I got all that courage.) She asked me to wait in the sitting room but i said ” Tea main banaata hoon”. She said “Jab kabhi main apkeh flat parr aaon tu aap bana laina, yahaan par tu main hee banaon gee”. The kitchen was small and there wasn’t too much room. I passed behind her twice and each time, my cock touched her buttock. I looked at her face, she has turned red because of the feeling of my body. My rod got some erection and I went behind her and this time, I pressed my rod against her butts, she moved, turned and she wanted something to say but we both realised that our lower body parts are touching each other. She said in low tone ” Farhan, can you move away please” but i can listen the voice of her heart which were saying come on and get me, don’t go away. I took her in my arms and pressed a little, she whispered “koi aa jaay gaa”. I kissed her and said “kis nay aana hey sab logg tu chalay gayee”. She said “main nay kabhi yeah kia naheen”. I said “really?? I can’t belive it”. She told that many local guys asked her for date but she was afraid that somebody will tell at home and she will be in trouble so she never went to a date. I said that I am here now and will give her everything she has been waited for. I said that you must have done, how come a girl who is so cute and sexy can aviod so far.

But she told me later on that she has been in Pakistan most of the time and couldn’t get chance over there as well. now i was rubbing my body against her. We both have forgot about tea and were focusing on each other bodies. We were holding each other. Suddenly door bell rang and she got pale. She moved quicly and looked from front room window that who is out side. That was her young brother who was just 6 years of age. So got sigh of relieve, i was bit scared and I said “main ab chalta hoon, ab aap chaay peenay mairay flat parr aanaa”. She gave me her beautiful smile again and asked when she can come. i said “anytime”. She said that she will come soon. I came out from her home and went to my flat. In the afternoon, when I was reading a book, my door knocked. I opened the door and farah was there with her younger brother. I became very happy and asked her to come in. She came in. She said that her family is back now and she has told her mother that she is going to see Ghazala (her close friend) and will be back after few hours. I looked at her brother, she said “iskeh liay main kuch chocolates lay aayee hoon”. I said “I have got one black & hard choclate for you” she got the meaning, smiled and said ” are you sure”. I said “positive”. She asked her brother that she has to tell me something in the other room and she can sit there eat chocolate and watch TV. he agreed and I took her to my bed room. I locked the door she didn’t say anything and kept smiling.

I took her in my arms and started kissing her passionetly. Her body was trembling in my hands. She was very nervous as I cab see that she is nervous, I was trying to be confident and was behaving that I have done sex many times (but that was my first time as well). I pushed her with the wall and rubbing my LUND between her legs. Our breath was coming un even. I took my hands under her shirt and start rubbing at her back, then i took my both hands into her trouser and rubbed & presses her buttocks. Then I took her into the bed and asked her to take her shirt off. then i took her bra off myself. what was that seen!! the most glorous seen i have seen by that time. Her milky, handful size breats with pink nipples. this seen made me crazy. i started sucking her breats immediately. After sucking them for few minutes. Our lower bodies were covered with blanket. I took my trouser off and unerwear off. my LUNN was free now. When my LUNN touched between her thighs that time then she realised the size of it first time. Before that she had felt it in trouser and underwear when it wasn’t free. She moved lower body away as reflex action (she may got feared by the size). but i kept kissing & sucking her upper body. Slowly slowly she brought her lower body underneath me. I asked her to take trouser down. She was saying no no, not today. I said “Farah jaan time waste na karo, pata naheen kab dobarah mokah milay” while saying so, I put my hand in her trouser and by mistake I inserted my middle finger in her gand (her gand was wet as well, it may be got wet by the moisture came out from her phudee). My finger glide in a second. I said u r not virgin, there is not any seal”.

She told that me that my finger is in wrong hole and giving her too much pain. She said “apna haath baaher nikalo phir main trouser utaarti hoon”. I took my hand out at once. She stood up, took her trouser off. She came on the bed. I opened her legs. The light was on and I can see her tight and youthful pussy clearly. There were almost no pubic hair. I rubbed my cock between at her pussy lips. she said “apka LUNN bohat barra hey” I said “Don’t worry jaan,i will enter it with care. She said “please ehtiaat say”. I was thinking quite opposite. I wanted to hear the power effect of my ROD. i opened her pussy with my thumbs. As i just entered the head of ROD, she became extremely scared started to beg “please baahir nikaaalo, please”. but that was impossible to return from that point. I knew that I got sound proof room so I wasn’t worried about her screams. I let just the head in for a while, as I saw that she is calm down I hold her body tightly and applied the jerk will full force. her pussy seal was not able to stop my rock hard LUNN and with that one full push, her pussy had to take the whole LUNN inside her. I heard she was screaming and her body was shaking like fish out of water but i kept hold her waist and my LUNN remained inside after a while when she got bit calm, I pulled my self back and give another push, Farah screamed again but i feel myself in heaven. I was doing it first time but i have seen in movies that how it should be done. I start stroking her.

After few seconds when pain turned into joy, she started helping me by moving to and fro in the same rytham. She said ” ab maaro issay zoor say. .. yaaaaaaaa.. aaaaaaaaaa” , “mairee phuddeee phaar dooo”, “issay bhee chain naheen aataa thaa” After doing it for 10 minutes, I realised that I am about to come, as we were doing it without condom I took my LUNN out (it was really very hard to take it that time, but i knew it is necessary). And I saw that my LUNN is fully covered with her blood, I could see little blood still coming out from her pussy. On white bed sheet, there was lots of blood spots. She said” ab tu yakeen aa giyaa, keh main nay pehlay kabhi naheen phuddee marvaai thee”. I said “jee bilkul” She asked ” apnay apna LUNN kuin nikaal liaa” main nay usay bataaya keh condom naheen iss liay apki GAND main dalna paray gaa”. She refused in the begining but i hold her kissed her and then she agreen and said “please iss baar ahista say dalna” I feel too much love for her that time and i said “OKAY” I took some oil and applied it on my LUNN I wanted minimum pain for Farah this time.

Due to oil, the thick ROD went in easily. She got pain but she didn’t screamed loudly and calmed down quickly. After couple of minutes, I came in her GAND. We lay down for a while and i said That i will be back in couple of minutes. i put trouser on and went to shower. Washed my LUNN as i wanted to get blow job from Farah. I came to the bed room, farah was lying in the bed. I took trouser off and asked her whether she can suck it, She said ” I hate blow job”. I said “just try today”. She said “okay. but u have to lick mine first. I agreed and licked her pussy, we were in position that i was licking her pussy and she was sucking my cock at the same time. She said “Dont shoot in my mouth. But this time we kept doing it for an hour or so, but i didn’t come. i explored her pussy and gand with my hands and with LUNN.

She was too exhausted after couple of hours. She smiled and said “aap tu pooray doctor lagtay hain, phuddee ko bhee achee tareh check kiaa, munh oar gand ko bhee”. After coming 2nd time in her GAND, we decided to finish the session for that day. We put the clothes back and came to front room. her brother was busy watching cartoons at TV. She was unable to walk properly, but she was quite happy.

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