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First Night Sex

  • desipapa
  • August 19, 2015

Hello everybody , how are you? I hope you are very eager to read the story of this day. But before that, I would like to introduce my self and my partner who had tasted sex for the first time. I am rahul , 22 years old with 6 feet height , black hair and eyes and good athletic body.

I am doing my degree final year in Visakhapatnam, India. And the girl with whom I had sex is miss Sirisha from Visakhapatnam. She is 22 years old with fair complexion , doing her degree final year in Visakhapatnam. She looks good and her plus points are her eyes and her smile. We both are bus stop friends and we both are class mates tooo. during our first year of degree, we use to feel a bit shy to talk to each other. But as days passed by , we both became good friends. we shared each and every matter and conversations. We never use to hide anything from each other. She introduced me to her parents and I to did the same.

We use to behave just as family friends. we use to roam together, play together , fight together , eat together and watch movies together. during exams I use to stay in her house for the whole night and study for the next day exam. We both use to have a good competition in our studies. As it is exams time, we started to study till late night and sleep in the same room on the floor. But just before our last exam we started studying till night and as we are feeling sleepy , we went to sleep. As we don’t have good sleep for the last 5 days, so we went into deep sleep. In the morning we both were found to sleep by hugging each other. Her face is towards my face and my legs were over her thigh . we are shocked to see our positions and we soon got up and I am afraid that something had gone wrong. She came and told me not to worry and she gave me a small cute smile. I could not understand what has happened last night . so I went home and I was ready to go to college. We both went to the bus stop to go to college and she again gave me a very different smile. I asked for apology for the scene which happened accidentally. She told , its ok . and she again gave me a cute smile.

As bus came we went to college and we wrote our exams as usual and we came out and as we have finished our exams, we planned to go to movie for the second show and we went to the movie by name “PEARL HARBOUR” . I think you people know how romantic the movie is? Well, we both enjoyed the movie and we returned home and as it is late night , I was asked to sleep in her house. I agreed and I went into the bath room to wash my feet and I came out. She went into the bath room and come out with a light transparent night dress with a white bra which is clearly visible through her night dress. We both sat beside each other and just discussed about the movie which we have seen just a few minutes back. She started to talk of the romantic scenes and I to supported her conversation. As the conversation went deeper and deeper she took my hand and kissed on the palm. I asked as to why she kissed me, she got up and she took my face in her hands and said that she wants me and kissed me on my cheek . she started kissing on my whole face and as I got hot, I touched her back for the first time. and she got excited and started kissing deeper and deeper.

She whispered that she slept with me knowingly on that night. With this I got some more grip on her and I too started giving her the same pleasure which she gave me a few minutes back. She asked me to make her hot and I took her into my hands and made her flat on the bed. I removed my shirt and I started kissing right from her forehead. I gave her few kisses on her cute little eyes and I moved to the lips. Her lips were red hot and I took her upper lip in to my mouth and sipped her for a few seconds and I did the same for the lower lips. Then I took both the lips In to my mouth and I started sipping all the wetness from her mouth. I pushed my tongue into her mouth and she made my tongue to dry up, and in return , I made her dry up. Then I moved slowly to her neck and her neck was really good and her sounds made from her neck were clear to my ears . I started licking her neck with my tongue and she enjoyed giving out a moaning sound. Umumummmumumumummmum. I started sliding a little bit down to get her breast and started to unbutton her night dress.

As I have already seen , she is with a white bra with a bulging breast which are expanding upon her breath. They were milk white in colour and with a big highway in between them . I took her right breast and squeezed a little and started to put my face in between her two breasts so that I can wet her breast with my mouth. I turned her around and started to unlock her bra and her back is the sexiest part without a single spot. It was soooooooo smooth that my hands started sliding on her back. I rolled my hands on her back with a good pressure so that she can feel hot and get some excitation. I did this for about 2 minutes and later removed her bra. Her nipples were pink in colour with a little bulge and hard. They were just like the bullets which were ready to fire. I took one of her nipples and started biting them with my teeth and as I di d so , she gave a pleasing sond like, aaaahhhhhhhh uuuummmmmm and she asked me to do it hard and go deeper and deeper and deeper in to her body.

She really enjoyed my squeezing and started to breath harder and harder. I made her breasts wet with my tongue and I kissed on her lips with more pleasure and wetness. Now she became hot and she turned me around and I am under her. she kissed me just as I did her and she started to unbutton my pants. I noticed a wet spot on my underwear and she smiled with a sexy eyes and she asked me whether she can remove it or not. I asked to proceed and she removed my underwear. now I am naked in front of her with my Dick straight up in the air. With a little lubricating fluid over it. She kissed on my Dick and started taking it to her mouth. It was the first time to get kissed on my Dick. my Dick was completely inside her mouth moving outside and inside. She licked the head of my tongue and this made me to get excited more and more and I started lifting my back so that I can push my Dick in to her mouth more and more deeper. as I am about to eject my semen, I asked her to be slow. She didn’t listen to my words and she started to rub the head of my Dick with her tongue.

As I could not bear this, I ejected my semen in her mouth. she likes my semen and started drinking all my semen without leaving a single drop. Se completely swallowed all my semen and cleaned my Dick with her tongue. She was so tiered and fell beside me. with her hands on me. after a few minutes, my dick started growing again and became hard. I asked sirisha whether she is ready for the main part. She answered yes and I started removing her night dress completely she is with a pink panty with a self design over that. There is also a wet spot and I though that she is ready for the final scene. I removed her panty . her pussy is shaved completely and red in colour and really wet with a cream over it. I tried to kiss on her pussy and I widened her legs and she cooperated and she caught hold of her legs in a wider part so that I can get into her pussy without any objection. I drank all her juices and started to finger her pussy with my middle finger.

This made her to get some more excitation and I could fell the flow of juices inside her pussy. By pushing my fingers into her pussy I started drinking all her juices. I pushed my tongue till her g-spot and started biting her pussy with my teeth. I think it is painful and she asked me not to do so and I stopped doing that. Now I went to get her lips and started kissing her lips with my mouth and as I am kissing her, she caught hold of my Dick and guided it into her pussy. As I have already lubricated her pussy, I could push my Dick in to her pussy without much effort. But I could not move completely. So I gave a jerk with a little pressure and for this she screamed with a big sound and immediately I closed her mouth and I asked what has happened , and she told nothing. Later I started pumping into her pussy with little jerks. She started moaning ummumum ahhhhahahahhhahaha ummuumm and as she cant resist that , she started biting her own lips with her teeth. I increased the speed and she started to shout with a little high pitch and as she could not resist she asked me to stop.

But I did not eject my semen in her pussy and asked her whether to continue and she said to do it slowly and I did it. She is really enjoying my jerks and finally I am ready to release my semen in her pussy and I told her that I am ready to eject, and she said to do it. Accepting her instructions, I released my semen in her pussy. Later as we got exhausted and tiered due to the lack of calories, we decided to stop and as it is 2 am in the morning, we decide to sleep and before that we went to the bath room to wash our self and as we have finished we both fell to the ground and we slept. Hugging each other. I the morning, we woke up at 6 and I went to home. From that day , we use to kiss each other when ever we are alone and we had sexual intercourse for 3 times till we finished our final year. Now she got married a few months back to a good person and she went to london. Request: if any girl is interested to have sexual intercourse, then please kindly come up with ur details to the following to the email address.

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