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First Fuck In Karachi

  • desipapa
  • September 22, 2015

Hello, first iof all i will like to introduce myself. iam 20 male living in karachi(pakistan). my name is abrar.i will like to share my first meeting with 30 year women with you..this incident happened to me when i was 18 years old. in my neighbours there lived a very beautiful and sexy women.i used to call her “aunty” in the prsence of my family.but my desires were to give her my 5″inches cock.she has a beautiful body with big boobs and hips.

She was little fat but i don,t mind . she was married and her husband was in foreign.she was the mother of three childs.i understand how can a young woman live without cock?. Her name was halima. one day she came to my house.her upper buttons of kameez were open.she just came after taking bath so i thought that she forget to close her buttons.i was looking through corner of my eyes in her kameez so that i can saw her creamy body .after searching in her kameez i was succeesfull in seeing her boobs.they were like golden apples in the bra.she was wearing black bra over her milky breasts.she was seewing the clothes.suudenly she noticed that i was looking at her.she saw me quickly and guessed that i was looking in her kammez.she looked at her kammez and was vey surprised to see that her kammez buttons were open.she quickly close them.she was very aschamed and then she immadiately went to her home. in the night when i was on my bed.i thought about halima and her shiny boobs were creating the lustful desire in my mind.i gotup and ran to the toilet.i took small amount of shampoo and put it on my cock.then i started to rub my cock.

With the thoughts of halima and her beautiful pairs of boobs.during misturbing i feel that she was sucking my 5″inches cock in reality.after a while a shower of cum came out from my strong cock pressuly. My cock was as hard as iron.after showering cum cock fell down like a bhinde(ladyfinger). . after few days halima came to my house,i was in my room . when i listened her voice i ran towards the room to see that sexy woman and her sexy boobs. when she saw me she bended her head.i want to tell her that” i like u”.when my mother went out from the room.i went to her.and said in very confused style that” i saw u last night in my dream”.she suddenly surprised and looked at me.i confused and in the confusion i told her that” i saw u in the style of bride”.she smiled.and she said”abrar please come to my house in evening at 7.00 pm.i will wait for u”.i surprisly said “ok” in the evening when i went to her house. she was alone at her home. i asked her about childs.all the lights of her house were off. she took me in her bedroom.the bedroom light was “on”.i asked her that” why u called me here”.she told me that” she want to meet me” .then she asked me”pls give true answer of my queation?”i said “o.k”.then she without wasting any time she said that “would u like me”, i was very surprised from her question. and i replied in positive.a strange redness was appeared on her face. I looked in her eyes..her eyes were drowned in very deep thoughts.i moved my hand in front of her eyes to return her in reality.ther e was totally calm in the house so in the state of confusion .i started playing with the knife which was on the side table of the bed.suddenly the sharp edge of the knife struck my finger and blood started coming from my finger.

I grapped my finger with the other hand thightly in order to stop the blood.when she saw blood on my finger.she put my finger in her mouth.the way in which she was sucking my finger .i noticied that she also wants a lun(cock)to suck. i pulled my finger back.she was looking at me in the romantic way.i can clearly saw lust in her eyes and between this romantic situation she asked if u like me then kiss me on my the real action starts.i was in passion.i kissed her on her face.she also kissed me on my neck. when her soft and red lips touched my body.i feel that time i feel that my blood was boiling and my cock is trying to blast with the extra pressure.i fell on her like a hungry wolf fell on his hunt.i kissed her lips .oh!god they were as hot as red sun.when i was kissing her . . her hands were searching for something between my legs. and at last she was succed to caught my cock.she was pulling my 5″inches cock towards her pussy.i unzipped my pent quickly. at that moment when i was unzipping my pent she also take of her kameez.and her golden boobs were in front of my eyes i pull her bra to take off and know her golden boobs with the circle of light brown nipples were nude in front of my eyes.when i kiss the nipple she grapped me in her arms and round the legs around my legs and start pushing and relaxing.i again kiss the nipple with my toung which was now like a grain of pea.

I and she were far from the cruel world.then she sudden stop.she layed and put her legs on my shoulders and pull me near and asked to sit in aposition of bend thies. she grap my cock and said to push.i do so and next moment i feel my cock is in the hotpot.and next moment my passions split with the shower of cum.i pulled my cock back from her choot(pussy).and clean it with cloth.she again kiss me and said you are very passionate{cool fucker}. She pointed towards my large cock and said that “your,s cock is very big as compared to my husband .mein tum se hi chhot marvaon gi” after that time i fuck her dozens of time..sometime also in two or three trips.this is my first fuck experince that i shared with you i think that it will be very usefull for you and me in future with our wives. any horny ladies who want to fuck .pls mail me at

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