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  • desipapa
  • September 13, 2015
This is Sandy here from from Chandigarh now in New Zealand. Tall,average body n a huge cock(I am not boasting)..Well I have been going through this adult site for the past 3 years n I really liked it..let me get to the story straight away. There was a story posted here abt couple. So I thought of contacting them through mail although they had written only couple’s mail will be entertained.I gave it a try n the luck worked.Although I have had sex with my girlfriends before but I had this liking for mature ladies that led me to contact them.They were 40 year old man n 35 year old woman.We exchanged lots of mails before they fixed a meeting.They invited me over to their place.I went there in the evening.Aman(hubby) opened the door n welcomed me.I was bit nervous coz I was meeting strangers n that too at their place.Anyways Aman told me that Manju(wife) was in shower n will be out soon.He asked me to be comfortable n offered me drinks.We were talking abt general things when se came in.OH MY GOD!!!I couldn’t believe my eyes…She was one of the sexiest ladies I had seen in my whole life.She was 5’5′,beautiful eyes,nice protruding lips,big boobs,a little bit plumpy stomach(Thats what i like),n nice curvy buttocks.I was kind of in a daze.I was thanking God for for my luck.She said Hello n my senses came back to normal.We had a chat for sometime n then she said lets have dinner.After Dinner we went to there bedroom.Aman asked me to make myself comfortable n I went to the bathroom to change into shorts.She too went to the other room to change into something easy.When I came out there was another surprise in store for me.She was sitting on the bed n wearing a very very sexy sleeveless nighty.Aman asked me to sit on the bed n made Manju sit in between us both.We were watching T.V. n talking abt general stuff. Suddenly Aman said that don’t waste time n lets get to work.I took hold of Manju’s hand n kissed it.She smiled.Aman on the other side started kissing her on her cheeks.She was laughing n her laughs were like tingling bells in far-away churches.I smoothly kissed her whole arm n then moved towards her face.She blushed a little..I kissed her cheeks n she closed her eyes.Aman was followong the quicker route n started pressing her boobs. But for me it was different.I wanted to indulge in lot of foreplay before doing the actual thing.

I kissed her beautiful eyes n then her forehead.Her eyes were closed all the way.I then kissed her lips lightly.She gave out a low moan.I kissed again this time more deeply.Our tongues met n both of us were in heaven.Aman wanted to enjoy the view so he left her to me n sat at some distance watching the game.I don’t know for how long we kissed but these were the most wonderful kisses of my life.Then I kissed her neck n nibbled at her ear.She was going crazy.I then kissed her boobs over her nighty.they were sooooo soft.I kissed her deep on her lips again.And then I started opening her nighty top.She was kind of “No-No” but from inside she was saying “I wanna get fucked real soon”…i opened her nighty n ther they were the twin towers of luv,One of beautiful parts in a women’s body.I started giving small licks on her nipples n teasing them.Her moans increased.I became a bit more violent n started sucking the nipples.I was pressing one with my hand n the other was being fed to my mouth.I sucked her boobs for good 10 minutes before moving down again.I made a line with my tongue from her boobs to her belly button.I licked her belly button area.She was wearing a pink coloured panty.This colour drives me carzy.When I moved upto her panty she closed her legs n blushed n didn’t let me touch there.I kissed her again on her lips.

I didn’t remove her panty straightaway.I kissed her pussy over the panty n then I kissed her milk white spongy inner thighs.I licked her thighs for sometimes before moving down.She was moaning all the time.I licked her legs upto her feet n then all the way back to her panty.I slowly started removing her panty but she was not letting it go off easily (u know thats nature of ladies in India,they don’t get naked real quick like guys).Finally with not much resistence I took it off.OHHHHHHHH Heaven……This must be the place known as heaven….The place between the legs with small hair n the whole of the men world is mad for this…yeah u guessed it right….the love hole..She was moaning a lot.Aman also joined in and started licking her boobs n I opened her legs a bit.I did nothing,just kept looking for sometime at the God’s beauty lying naked before me.N then i slightly kissed her pussy.She sent out a long moan…aaaaaahhhh…..I licked her clitoris in between giving small bites on her inner thighs..She was moaning like…..ohhhhhh…lick me there….ohhhhhhh God help me…..I licked her clit for sometime before inserting my middle finger in her pussy….

Guess what???She was flowing juices like a waterfall over a hugggggggggeeee hilltop..I tasted my finger n they were sweet. I inserted my tongue in her luv hole n tasted her juices..She was going mad…Aman was kissing her n sometimes sucking her nipples.I put my middle finger inside n my tongue on her clit.I was doing two things at one time-finger fucking her n orally fucking her.I like licking a lot.I licked her until she shuddered n had a huge orgasm.She had 3 more orgasms after that.Then she made a finger movement over my body n reached my cock..We were engaged in deep kissing all the time.She started carassing my luv tool over the pyjama.

She put her hand inside it n gave out a shout(I am not lying)..She said “ur huge”…She was right..I have got a 10 inch cock(I am not lying guys n gals it IS this big).She moved down on me n gave me good blow job by sucking each n Every place on my cock..She was a great licker..After sometime she said “I can’t wait anymore”…I said “neither can I”..with saying this I kissed her deep in her mouth n played with each other tongues.Then I touched my cock onto her pussy.I was rubbing her clit with my cock head.She was enjoying the teasing..

Then I slowely inserted my head into her luv hole.She gave out a low scream.She said it is painful..I knew that…I kissed her again n inserted my cock again gently..She said please don’t care for my pain..go ahead n go all in..That was the encouragement I needed..Aman was watching all this with very much interest. I pushed it deep into her n she gave out loud moans…It was pain filled with luv for her…I started with small thrusts n then speeding my thrusts…After about 25 minutes of fucking I came..She had cum 4 times before I erupted…Her pussy sucked in whole of my cock emptying my balls..It was greatest fuckes I have had…Then we had a threesome with Aman involved n tried lots of other positions…but no anal fuck coz thats real painful..

I still go over to there place frequently..We r real good friends now.We have been on outings together….She also likes me a lot n I have an emotional bondage with her…Although I visit them very frequently but I have this guilty feeling deep inside me..Coz I feel I am not giving something to Aman in return for the wonderful gift he gave to me…Maybe someday I’ll be able to pay off his debts….hahahahaha…ladies or gals of any age can contact me by mail- I like making frens a lot not for sexual urges but otherwise….any comments from both guyz n gals r welcome….n geniune couples can contact me for Aman’s n Manju’s mail id…anything exchanged with me will be safe n confidential with me..Please don’t hesitate to write to me.

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