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First Experience with Banu

  • desipapa
  • September 19, 2015

First Experience with Banu – kumar Hello Telugubabes readers I used to read stories at this favorite site now I decided to share my experience with you. I am working in a Private Ltd company now. My age is now 24 years. I am working at Chennai now. This incident happened when I was studying my college in Chennai. I used to travel with my friends daily to my college. I was attracted by a girl her name was Banumathi. I used to call her as Banu. She is already known to me because they were family friend to my uncle so there is not any difficult for me to approach her. We used to talk regularly while we are going to college daily she is very free to me in talking but I am interested to talk with her about sex but I feared of my friendship so I decided not to talk at that time. She had a normal color and beautiful figure having perfect shape so that she can attract everyone at least in a sight.

So I decided not to miss her. One day when we went to college due to the death of a professor after a condolence meeting college had been suspended and the time was only hardly 11.00Am. I asked her as this was the opportunity whether she can come to a picture with me? Which she readily agreed and I was shocked to hear the word ‘yes’ from her mouth because I thought that she would hesitate for an picture. Later I asked her to come for Titanic and she agreed. We went for the theatre and we occupied our seats it was balcony all those who came to watch the movie were couples and we waited for the movie to began. In front of as there was an couple who came and sat and the movie began I was seeing the movie interestingly with watching Banu on other side a kissing seen came the couples had forgotten that they were in the theatre because they were newly married couples as it seems to be them. They were kissing in French type as he runs is tongue in her mouth deeply she was moaning very slowly and he started to squeeze her boobs and it was not able to hold in the single hand and she her moaning became little louder I was disturbed very much and I was seeing Banu at this time she too seeing the couples in very aggressive and suddenly the person runs his hand through her blouse and started removing it I got hot my dick started to raise on seeing this because this was my first experience seeing naturally a sex in front of my eyes. I was seeing Banu for the fourth time which she also noticed me while I was seeing her.

Suddenly I turned my head because fearing that she might mistake me. I started to see the movie again and the couples also came to a halt. I was seeing the movie suddenly Banu touched her hand in my thighs I was excited and enjoying this act as she runs her hand in my thighs my dick started to raise as it was already getting excited it touched Banu’s hand she suddenly took off her hand and she seen me with an exciting!! I too understand her feeling I slowly whispered her that we will leave now. We came out from the theatre at this moment. When we were coming I packed lunch from an restaurant , I asked her to come to my residence so that we will chat and you can leave by evening as my mother and father were working no one was there in my house I had an set of keys with me I asked to her come inside when she comes inside I closed the doors immediately and she understood me and I started to kiss her from head, eyes, face and at last her mouth gently I started and at an stage I go wild and my tongue was rolling in her mouth and her tongue came to my mouth this gone for few minutes and in mean while I started to squeeze her boobs when I was touching her boobs it was so soft and of course I am touching first in my life there is a high voltage on my body some thing is happening on my body I cant able to say that in words Banu was murmuring as aaaaaaaaa! Oahu! She suddenly pushed me and was shocked I ask her anything wrong? She replied that she was hungry.

Then I realized I was also hungry both for my appetite and the feelings in my mind. We finished the lunch after finishing the lunch we once again started the show! Again I was kissing and squeezing her boobs and buttocks I removed her tops as she was wearing suditharr again her chimmies and in mean while she removed my shirt running her hands in my body and I removed her black bra wow!!! The shape of her boobs is too good and it stands erect as the symbol < . I started to squeeze the left boob as much as I can another one is in my boobs when I saw Banu she had closed her eyes and enjoying herself I slowly moved down and removed her pant and black panties. To my surprise she cleaned her pubic hairs few days back and it was smooth and some little hairs started to grow I was kissing her pussy tasted with my tongue there is her liquid coming out she also removed my pant briefs and vests and started to move my dick up and down and it had gone to nearly 7 inch she pushes my front skin and takes that in her mouth I was enjoying it lot she told to do the same we turned to the position of ‘69’ and her liquid comes out and I tasted each drop of that mean while I told Banu that I was going to release immediately on saying these she suck my dick very fast I was murmuring Banu Banu make it fast and I cum in her mouth she drank everything.

Her throat was moving up and down so that every bit of my juice as she was drinking a cold drinks. My dick started to get low and I turned down and I squeeze her boobs ran my tongue in her mouth. later she takes my dick to her mouth and started to suck again as it was getting grow I take out from her mouth and made her to sit in the corner of my bed and started to enter in her pussy she was saying no I slowly kept at first she started to give some gentle storks she was crying of pain but I was slowly increasing my speed she started to shout oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I placed my mouth in her mouth and kiss her deeply she lost her virginity! And she was saying kumar make me fast! Fast!! I rapidly increase my speed she was moving her body so that I got comfort and feels not much difficulty in entering her deeply my whole dick got in to her she was saying aha ssssh aaaa sss aaaa sss I increase the speed maximum saying Banu Banuuuuuuuuuuand I felt that I was going to cum I take out from her and she asked me why? I told her and replied me that she was in her safe period let falls that in her. I was enjoying myself and started to push my dick in & out after few minutes I loaded my cum inside and I was lying in her top.

We both got exhausted and there is been sweat in both of us. Later we was in the bed for half an hour with playing with her boobs. I asked her to take bath we both entered at once she was applying soap on my body and I started to do the same when she turned back I thought of fucking her ass she was saying yes and the water was flowing from the shower and she bent down I placed my dick in her ass and I was pushing it was so tight I felt difficult as water flows rapidly in our body it’s made me easy at last I succeeded and moves my dick in out she enjoyed this and moaning aaaa hhhhh aaaaa hhhh shshsh shshhs shshsh shsh and when I got climaxed I told banu she ask to take my dick out and to keeping her mouth and she started to suck deeply I released my cum in her mouth and she runs deeply so that every drop she had taken and later we finished bath and came out. She told me that she needs to move now and I asked again when? She doesn’t reply me any thing and said bye. Any way now we were doing twice or thrice in the week. Before her marriage also I fucked her and after the marriage also I fucked twice when she comes to Chennai. She got married 10 months back and she was in Bangalore now. Whenever she comes to Chennai she would call me and we are enjoying these still. Before her marriage she informed this to her friend Divya we both three had a chance at Divya’s Residence that I would write it later. Any interested housewives or girls need to have an act of pleasure in riding, especially in Chennai and its surroundings you can contact me & send your comments on my experience with Banu

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