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First Experience In London

  • desipapa
  • September 11, 2015

I am aditya {not real name], currently living in London, United Kingdom at east ham. I am from India, Chennai. I came here for my office project. i am working as a software engineer in one of the prime construction company in london. i am a soft spoken guy and because of which i always have a good rappo with girls wherever i go. i did my schooling in coeducation and had many girlfriends but at that time i didn’t do much for some reasons. The reasons were my families financial needs and health. when it came to me to choose between the girls and the studies, i choose studies and concentrated on books hoping that when i attain the place i aspire for, i shall look after my sexual needs. Even though, i tried to focus a lot on studies, could not control my sexuality and at times had had lil of romance and intimacy with the girls not botherring my studies. The result was i scored good marks.

After schooling i joined college for Computer engineering  and i had my first girlfriend in college with whom i enjoyed sex with but she was reluctant for a penetration as she was afraid of getting pregnant. after her, i had had 2 girlfriends and enjoyed sex with them thoroughly. Both the girls liked the muscles all over my 40′ chest and 14′ arms as i work out a lot in gym and at home, room everywhere. i have gotten a mini gym at my home which are enough for my 1 hour of work out everyday in spite of my heavy work pressure. It was the time my weekends were running full with these girls very hot all the day for 1 full year and i had had so many fucking sessions with them. even though i spent time fucking the girls, i ensured that all these of enjoyments comes next to gaining a good career and able to make money for my families financial needs. it was by then i joined a company for job and it fetched more than wat i expected and my family started getting flourished then i got my onsite assignment to london. i cannot avoid as this exposure ll do good for my career and for my families financial needs  so i dont want to miss this opportunity but at the same time, the very thought of missing these two chicks for my sexual needs was also not compromising.  Somehow i had to convince myself and came to London last may 2008 hoping that i shall get a girl for my sexuality. now, with the earning at offshore and onsite my my financial needs are becoming stablised so now apart from my work, i started looking out for girls for my sexual needs. It was by then i saw this girl in east ham.   she was not slim and a bit busty, she must be 35,27,35 and was looking very cute in jeans and shirt, fair in complexion, pony tailed and was tall to 5ft 4.

I saw her in the East ham railway station waiting for the train. For a moment, i could not take off my eyes from her assets and she saw me staring at her. When i realised that she noticed my stares, i immediately turned and pretended as if i am not staring her but that didnt help. she has caught me staring. The train came and i was thought to watch her from a distant so i went to the next door next to that of hers but since it was a peak hour train, there were so many people to get in and therefore i came back to the door where she got in. We happened to stand in closer proximity but still there was a couple of feet of distance between us. There was a smile on her face which i could hardly notice which i was not sure for wat. any how, West ham station came and i had to get down and left the station, with her face and assets still afresh in my brains. The next day, i started to office the same time hoping to see her again and yes i was lucky. she was standing there waitin for the train and  i went and stood right behind her but at a distance and staring secretly at her structure. i felf like she at times, wantedly turned around and saw me but i was not sure if she did so to see me or jus like that.

This time also it happened so like we happened to get into the same compartment and i left at west ham. The same thing happened two more days and the 5th day, we were standing next to each other and jus shared a smile and contining our journey. i was all thinking how to start first and in the plaistow stopping the train took off with a big jerk and she at that moment was standing without any support and she lost her balance and was about to slip and i didnt had much time to move my hand to held her and in that mess, my palms came to a rest on her buttocks over the jeans. i felt her bums strongly and everything happened in flash seconds. Then after that we got an opportunity to talk and i gently smiled at her and spoke casually but carefully. we spoke a lil and exchanged our reasons for coming to london and i came to know that she is working for a software concern is on an onsite assignment.we got friendly until West ham and i as usual left. This continued in the following days and we exchanged our numbers too and then started msging on phone to each other. Then we got a comfortable level to speak on all topics including sex. she sounded to have had a boyfriend already and now broken up with him and with the kind of talk we had, i learnt that she is a hot girl. This continued for a while and as days passed by we became close in terms of friendship and had started sharing our crushes and other things. I started looking for the time to take her to my bed and fixed up a date. on one day, on call, we were chatting playfully about each others cooking skills and i invited her to my room for lunch. she said she ll tell later and i was disappointed. i thought she didnt like the very idea and for a moment i thought my assumptions about her were wrong. anyhow for the next two days i kept going casually and on the third day, she said she ll come on the following saturday. i was happy to heavven as she is also interested. But i was wondering how to make a place for our get along since i am staying along with my 3 other friends in a house  in East ham.

So i asked if it could be on a week day and she said she ll tell that after some time. Later we discussed and fixed that she ll visit my room on friday. My heart was racing to see to her in my bed. Its been a long time since i fucked a girl and i was almost desperate to pump my cock into a sweet cunt and lick the cunt for hours to glory. I started working out things at room. In my room, my roommates will start to office by 10AM and room will be free after 10. so i informed her to come by 11 and i cleaned my room until thursday. on friday, i woke up pretty late and pretended as if i was not feeling well and waitted for my roommates to leave to office. it was 10:20 when the room got deserted with jus me flying in my fantasies. i woke up and took bath and got ready to invite her to my house. she came by 11:15, in blue faded jeans and white shirt and jerkin and i showed her my room and kitchen. my room was a typical bachelors room and she was seeing my room with the exercise equipments and was all commenting abt the bachelors room. i was all staring at her and she noticed me staring her and she blushed and turned away. i immediately leaned forward and kissed her cheeks and she laughed at that. as it was pretty long since i had sex with a girl, eeach and every cell of mine was dying to have her. I hugged her gently and kissed her lips passionately. she was very tender and was very soft and smooth. our tongues were clasping each other and we were kissing very deeper, while my hands were busy running her back and pressing her bums. she had a huge buttocks and i was not able to hold one ass cheek with my one hand over her jeans. i gently held her and my hands were softly running all over her body and i made her fall on the bed and i myself lied on her.she was very soft and my mouth easily came to rest on her boobs from above her shirt. i was showering kisses all over her neck and chest from above the fabric. she was so very hot and eas hugging tightly. while kissing her lips and neck i slowly inserted my hand inside her shirt and i felt her soft moist skin. I reached upto her bra and cupped her boobs under her shirt while i was kissing her boobs and neck.

Then i slowly unbuttoned her shirt and removed from  her shoulders and now she was wearing only bra at the top. Her boobs were big and soft and was making a deep cleavage with the bra. i was pressing  her boobs and hid my face inbetween her boobs in her cleavage. she pressed my face onto her boobs and my hands were running under her pants inside. by then she started moaning and i undid her bra and she helped me doing so. i released her both boobs and she her boobs were dangling. i cupped and pressed one while sucking on the other. i was hard sucking them and pinching her nipples and pressing her other boob with my right hand palm. then i slowly pulled down her pant and took it off. now she was only in herpanty and she was in the bed under me like a babe. my cock went rock hard and was hitting her thighs and i inserted my hand inside her panty and was pressing her ass cheeks and pussy.   we started sweating and my cock was hard like a rock and i felt like pumping so very badly. i pulled down her panty and made her full nude. she had cleanly shaved her pussy and it was already dripping like anything, i inserted my fingers into her hole and her hole was very narrow and tight and sensitive. she jerked a bit when i touched her inner lips.

I inserted my finger into her hole and slowly moved it to and fro. Then i took my hard cock, covered with a condom and placed it at the hole. Her hole was already dripping and there was enough lubrication for me to thrust. I gently pushed my cock inside her cunt and at first it was a bit tight and she felt a bit of pain as she jerked a bit again. i then thrusted my cock further in and with much difficulty it went in and i felt like something was tored inside as she literally cried with pain and blood came out shortly lightly. i kept on thrusting and moving my cock in and out and she was crying intially but later, she too joined me as it was no longer painful and that she started enjoying it. i started pumping slowly and steadily and all the while she kept her legs wide open in the yawning with her legs wide, and i pumped for along time until i felt like cumming. i came inside her in the condom and my cock was jerking inside hard. i came deep inside and i finally took out my cock. we were exhausted and was lying naked on each other embracing and kissing each other.

We fucked thrice on that day and I pumped her thrice and at the end she sucked me dry each time i pumped her. we fucked each other three times till evening until 6PM and was all enjoying each others bodies. So this is how it all happened with her. i still have contacts with her and there are many more that we expect so. i will write to you all more on those of my

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