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First Experience In A Trip

  • desipapa
  • August 16, 2015

I have read a lot of stories on your site. some are beautiful and some are fantastic. keep the good work going. i share my story which happen very recently. I would love to have your reader comments on this write-up……………………………….During the days, when I was a representative for a company, I had a lot of touring to be done; I preferred travel by night and work by day. Most of my travel was by bus. I write about one of the most unique bus journeys. I had a reservation on the 11.00 p.m. air-conditioned Coach from thane to Pune, India.

The journey was about four hours. On entering the bus and reaching the seat No.10 reserved for me, I was pleased to see a young woman, dressed in a light yellow coloured sari-occupying seat No.9 that would be the one besides mine! I heard my heart skip a beat; my eyebrows lifted and cunning smile appeared on my face. “Boy! What a babe?” I thought.I sat on my seat, keeping a small distance from her showing my decency.

The bus started and its momentum made our thighs and upper-arms touch slightly. I could feel her slight warmth at the points of contact through her sari. My heart was pounding and praying away in anticipation, “muma, I want this babe”. “Excuse me,” she said, in a voice filled with a million tinkling bells and stood up to put a magazine she had been reading into her hand bag that was kept on the overhead rack of the bus. God, What a sight! I was staring at the best curves on earth. The thin sari she was wearing was see-through chiffon and the way she had it on was “cover less, expose more”. Her body was fair and her exposed navel, which was an inch from my face, so beautiful that I was instantly on fire. Her blouse under her sari was a sleeve less with small steel hooks holding the front. The tightness at the hooks was evident and the two beautiful mounds protruding out of her blouse were mind boggling. Boy, this was a dream girl. Her age would be about 26years. Her body was certainly 36.23.36. I saw the smooth hourglass shape of her hip. Her armpits were clean and sexy; I smelt her perfume it was an original ‘intimate’. She sat down but the earlier distance I had kept between us was gone. Her full body length was firmly stuck to my body.”Pune?” she asked to break the ice.

“Yes, you?” I asked.” Me too” she said. “You live there?”” No, it’s my job that takes me there every fifteen days” said I.” What’s the Job like?” she Inquired” I am a Representative of may company ”

” Oh! Really?” she purred “you sure you enjoy life” and smiled a knowing smile.

Both of us were so comfortable with the touch of our warm bodies that neither of us moved a hair. The moving bus helped us adhere to each other and with even more vigor at every road turning. The air-conditioner on the bus had been turned on “high” and within half an hour we started feeling cold.

I tried to switch-off the blower above us, when she asked “Cold na ?” “Yes very cold” was my reply.

“One moment” she said and again stood up to pullout a soft woolen shawl from her handbag. Her long hair touched my face, its fragrance was of a very good shampoo. My heart fluttered.”There, I think this should help us keep warm” she smiled with a twinkle in her eyes. And covered both our bodies with the shawl.

Moments after the shawl had covering us, I felt her warm hand slowly inch its way on to my thigh. I reached for her hand, put it on top of my hard-on and squeezed her hand onto my cock. This was enough signal for her to get to my zipper, reach under and pullout a thick 7 inch long meat pole from between my legs. My hands started feeling her body. Her breasts were hard and firm. On touching the nipples from outside her blouse she gave out a sigh, I noticed the nipples grow under my palm. Bud, this was my day. I turned my head all around the bus to see if anybody was aware of anything out of the ordinary. Everyone was engrossed in the movie playing on the TV. She then scooted close, bent onto my lap and her hand was replaced with a warm set of lips. She licked little circles around my penis head and in one gulp, swallowed it deep down into her throat. Her mouth was on fire; I could feel the heat from her breath and thought, maybe she had fever. I was trying to keep my breathing even and not make any noise as I eased my hand down her soft tummy to touch her beautiful navel. I explored the classic curves of her hips and the perfect female shape the lord had given her.

I lifted her sari and slowly felt her legs, soft creamy thighs. Her legs parted slightly as I rubbed the damp panties over her pussy. I began a steady massage as she fastened her lips at the ridge of my cock-head and stroked with her fingers along the shaft insistently. How long could I hold myself, I came to a mind-blowing orgasm that popped off straight into her mouth. Jets of fluid ejected from my balls reaching straight into her mouth. The loud music of a sexy Hindi song playing on the TV covered the sounds of her swallowing my juices. I worked frantically at her wet pussy through the side of her panties, but she was getting nowhere. She kept up the sucking till I was totally limp. She noticed the slower movements of my tired hands and she pulled my hand from her panties and whispered “later! You will either need to fuck me or suck my tits like hell to make me come.” I couldn’t believe it; I had just had a classic blowjob by unknown beauty while at least 25 people sat inches away. I was so fagged out, that her assurance that this was not the end calmed me down. I settled back into the seat, sent my left hand down from above her shoulder to hold onto her left breast and the comfort of holding on to her sent me to an instant peaceful sleep.

The motion of the bus stopping for a short break, at a Highway-Motel awakened me. I checked my watch it was 1.45 a.m. I had slept for nearly two hours. I got off the bus to have a pee; she too walked with me to the toilet block behind the Motel, all Dewey eyed. She was at least 5′. 4″ tall and with the three inch heal under her sandals she nearly met me eye to eye. Her walk was that of a confident woman who knows she is beautiful and admires herself. Her hair was long enough to cover her ass and during the walk she casually caught hold of it, twisted it and tied it into a bun above her neck. I love females fucking around with their hair. Her motions of lifting her hair showed me some beautiful sites of her nape, her yellow see through blouse could not hide a black bra under, her hourglass shaped hips, her super shaped ass, her soft tummy, her exposed deep navel and the rich fully ripe breasts. I was so hot, I felt I would faint.

On returning from the toilet block we were having a cup of tea at the open-air restaurant, when she whispered “So, how was it. Good?” With a gleam in her eye. I was thinking about someway, I could get her somewhere out of the way, and give her a poke that she would remember for the rest of her life and also break that ‘over confident’ air in her eyes “Yea!” I said. “You are the best and the most beautiful chick I have met, for Gods sake please think some way I can compete it for you too.” “I would love to” she hissed. “But how? ” and like a starter clicking a tube-lamp ‘ON’, her eyes gleamed as she took my hand and led me from the restaurant to the toilet block she had visited earlier. Her smooth movements with me were suggestive of a newly married couple on their first honeymoon I had noticed that nobody from the bus, neither at the restaurant was interested in us. We walked to the toilet block marked “Ladies”, entered one of the toilets and when the door closed and was latched securely, I embraced her and kissed her deeply. She responded eagerly, she engulfed me in a wild passionate embrace as she explored my mouth with her tongue. She had a full mouth with sugar-sweet thick lips that one could suck for hours. Her height was just correct for me. I could feel my erect cock trying to dig through her sari exactly at her bush. She went to her knees and started tugging at my zipper. I couldn’t believe how brash she was. I helped her along, and as soon as my cock cleared my pants she engulfed it in her hot mouth. Exhibiting wild abandon, she really gave my cock a workout. As it grew in her mouth, she vacuumed it up and stroked it with her tongue.

In no time it was at full staff, she was having a hard time getting it all in her mouth. I concentrated on the blowjob ’till I felt the pressure build under my balls. I pushed her out and she came reluctantly. I pressed her against the toilet wall and opened the hooks of her blouse and black bra so I could get at her breasts. Her nipples were like pink marbles between my lips and teeth. I tried to poke them in with my tongue but they were too firm. The texture of her breasts was butter smooth I kneaded her tits with all my strength. As my mouth was sucking away at her tits my hand worked at her sari. I eased it up to her thigh and tugged at her panties. In my haste I guess I pulled too hard, they ripped and came away in my hand. I threw them in the corner, and traced a line with my tongue between her tits, rested my forehead between those gorgeous moulds of beauty then down her belly, navel and then under the sari straight to her pussy. I was greeted by drenched bush that had an overpowering pungent smell. I parted her cunt lips and dove on her snatch with my tongue. She tasted like honey and lime mixed. I pulled the hood from over her clitoris and my tongue lashed directly on her love button. She responded by rotating her hips, and succeeded in drenching my face with her love juices. I could stand it no longer. I stood up and dropped my pants. I grabbed her by the buttocks, and lifted her onto my cock. She let out a sigh as she slowly sank on my engorged tool. Her legs encircled me. Damn, her vagina was tight. She was as tight as a teenager was. I paused just long enough to turn her over so that her hands were holding the toilet seat, lifted her sari high above her waist and pounded into her from the rear furiously. She came quickly in a great shuddering orgasm that threatened to milk my juices before I was ready.

Her tight snatch met every thrust as I pounded into her, her pubic bone rubbing the tender spot under the head of my cock. My balls smacked her clit with each trust. The pressure in my balls was getting almost too much to contain, so I pulled all but the head from her dripping snatch. I fucked her with short jabs with just the head, Then holding her buns so she could not back onto my cock. Moments later the pressure subsided and I knew we could continue. She was straining to have my whole manhood deep in the folds of her flesh, and I released my grip on her ass and caught hold of her breasts in each hand and with one great rush, she impaled herself on my member. I held her to me with her beautifully shaped hips, loving the way her wet snatch was pressing on my balls. She reached back and started playing with them. Her sharp nails created an electric current that flowed through me. I figured that it was now or never. I started building my strokes until I was ramming my dick furiously into her tight snatch. I started playing with her clit and she shuddered in another orgasm. The contractions of her pussy put me over the edge. I buried my cock and shot great streams of sperm deep into her cunt. I could feel her cunt expand and suck with each spurt and soon it was filled to overflowing and cum oozed out onto my balls. I bent down on her back kissed her back bone and luxuriated in the feeling of my dick in her cum-filled pussy as she contracted her cunt around my shrinking cock. She wordlessly moved up, pushed me away and picked up her panties, and held them to her pussy pressing hard. She then went down and licked the droplets from my balls and limp organ. Standing, she gave me a deep kiss and said ” Thanks”. We dressed each other in silence and smiling made our way to the waiting bus. Once inside the bus, everybody was staring at us with anger for the delay we had caused. “I’m sorry Grandma, but my periods just started, we had gone to get something, you know.” she lied to an old lady sitting on the next seat. I could see the old lady’s angry contorted face change expressions within micro seconds ” what a sales girl you could make” I said.

The old lady transferred the information to the other passenger’s by super E-mail and we all relaxed. While on the last lap to Pune, we just enjoyed being close to each other and breathing the smell of both our cum and fell asleep. I kept reliving that fantastic fuck in my dream.My dream came to an abrupt stop when she woke me and said ” Listen, this is where I get off ” I looked out and saw we were reaching the outskirts of Pune. She said,” Please, I want to tell you a few things, thank you for having planted your seed into me, I needed it. I pray it matures inside me into a child; my husband’s tried, but his seed has been useless. We have been married for four years with no issue. I sure hope you have pumped a baby into me. You know, even my timing was perfect for conception. One last word, I am not a slut, as you must be thinking.”It took at least 30 seconds for the words to sink into my sleepy brain and understand what she had just said. I did not know what to say. I only uttered ” OK! Will I ever see you again?””No and GOODBYE” and she was i am writting this story buz she mat me last week in bombay in beech there we have a nice coffe & i asked to poblish this story she said ye so i m writting this .

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