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First Experience

  • desipapa
  • October 1, 2015

I am desipapa fan I met her in the train coming from surat to vadodara. I published my story at desipapa as another name that is my first experience, her name is rashmi (name changed), we were there in the first class compartment after talk of at least one hour she told me she is not satisfied by her husband, he only does sex with her once a month, she is 31 she does not have children she is house wife, her husband is businessman, he always tours for his business but not bothering her, not looking after her needs, she gave me her number asked me contact secretly, at a particular time.

I contacted her, she responded happily she is from akota area and some times she used to contact when ever possible it went for two weeks, i told her I am ready to come to her place to satisfy her, she told me her husband is leaving tomorrow for business trip and come today evening by 4 pm evening , she gave me her address, i went her to place when her husband had gone for a business trip to another city in Delhi when I went their she was dressed in a blue sari and a very tight blouse she is 31 fair , she spoke good English and had a great pair of tits with an round ass. We sat in the hall for a while she offered me tea and when she was giving tea her sari fell and I could see the lovely shaped tits and her nipples were sticking to the fabric.

I could not hold my self she was too hot, some one had to make the move first she went in the kitchen to keep the tray I followed her, went up to her and put my hands around her waist and my hands touched the skin on her tummy it felt great she did not move and smiled and said “naughty boy”, “I said yes you are so cute and sexy I cant wait to long to touch you”, then I moved my hands up to her tits and caressed the round mounds of her tits. I could feel the nipples getting hard she moved a bit back and her body was now touching mine. My cock was erect and I started to rub it against her ass, it felt great while caressing her tits I kissed her on the neck she moaned and took a deep breath. Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!. I bit her ears and licked them from the back she was now hot and gave a moan again Ahhhhhhooooooccccchhhhhhh. I turned her face to my side and we kissed she grabbed me and we had our tongues in each others mouth like hungry people licking and sucking each other lips kissing passionately and breathing heavily. I was caressing her tit and then opened the buttons of the blouse was so tight that her tits popped out I moved my hands up the mounds and squeezed them.

They were firm and hard and tiny nipples were stiff now I took the nipples between my thumb and finger and rubbed them she was on fire and was biting my lips then I bent down and started to lick her nipples moving my tongue around them one at a time then holding them between my lips and sucking them, she was going crazy and said oooooohhhhhhhh!!!!! yes pls suck them oooooohhhhhhh yes I love it, I then went down on my knee and slid my hands along her legs up to her ass and caressed her buttocks they were firm and tight. Was not wearing a panty, I guess she expected this to happen. I stood up with my hands still in the sari and moved one hand to her cunt, it was clean shaved and small. She started to unzip my pants and it fell to the floor she took out my hard cock and started to rub it up and down, my cock was all wet and slippery with the fluids coming out it felt great “its so hard i like it, you like me choot? Let me see your cock ‘she sat down and looked at my cock then without wasting a time she took my cock in her mouth i felt so good, she started moving in and out with her wet lips faster and faster I held her head and increased the momentum faster. I was about to come and asked what to do she told come inside my mouth and I exploded in her mouth and she drank each and every drop.

Now the time is for the real action, I pulled her sari off she was now naked in front of me what a figure she is having white skin tight tits shaved pussythe best part I like it. I make her sit on the kitchen counter and spread her legs. Slowly I started to caress the inner walls of her cunt it was wet she was going crazy.

ooooooohhhhhhhh yesssssssssss itssssss sssssooooooooo nice oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh she cried. I bent down and started to lick the inner walls of her wet cunt moving my tongue up and down of the wall she tasted so good. ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh jaaaaaaaan oooooohhhhhhhh yes its feels so nice oooooooohhhhhhhh I shoved my tongue in her cunt hole moving it in and out this drove her to orgasm ? ooooooooohhhhhhhh i have never felt like this much satisfied now fuck me with your cock pls ooooooohhhhhhohhhh” she cried. I shoved one finger and moved in around inside her cunt she was crying with pleasure ooooooohhhhhhhhhh i am comiiiiiiiiiiiiing aaaaaaaahhhhhhh. she came and jerked like a crazy women then, she told I can’t wait too much she get down and pulled me to the bed room. She threw me on the bed and came top of me she held my cock and said “ill fuck you, just lie still like this, she guided my hard cock in her wet cunt it was tight ohhhhhhhh god it felt so goooooood. She started to ride and slowly moves the speed, faster and faster ‘oooohhhhhhh yesss!!!!! aaaaahhhhhh yes i love it fuuuuuuuccccckkkkkk hhaaardddeeerrrr’ she cried.

I was in heaven she was kissing and biting my lips, breathing heavily moaning and groaning my cock went deep in her choot she was so hot from inside that my cock was melting. I told her that i want to fuck yyyyyooooooooouuuuu all day. yyyyyyeeeeeeaaahhhhhh fuck meeeee she yelled.. I then moved her down and went top of her sliding my cock in her cunt this time I was in control ,,,oooooohhhhhhhh yes i love your cunt aaaooo fuck aaaooo I said she was yelling in pleasure “ooooooaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh come oooooonnnnnn fuuuuuucccccccckkkkk me jaaan. I could not hold my self and shot my cum all inside her I kept the momentum, I kept moving in and out in a few seconds I had another hardon and my cock was up again. “Fuck me more please its been so long i want you to fuck me every day pls” she said. I told her that I want ot fuck u in the doggy style and she agreed for it and I turned her on her knees and shoved my cock in her cunt from the back in the doggy style in my favorite position. I started to fuck her fast and hard in and out my cock is moving faster n faster she was enjoying it and she was moaning ooooooooohhhhhhhh yeeeeeesssssss aaaaaaaaaooooooo we were enjoying it for more then 15 min and cuming she told me come inside me and I exploded inside her ass hole and within a few seconds she also came.

We laid next to each other because we were so exhausted we put each other arm in arm, it felt so nice that she was very happy and soft she said “I felt so nice” we caressed each other parts again and again and got aroused. We fucked three times that day, and I told that I’m here for 3 more days and we enjoyed those three days and she told me that whenever u come down to vadodara u r always welcome and u can fuck me whenever u want. We are very good friends now and talk on the phone about any problems. Some times. It’s a great relationship. Any women who is not happy with there sex life can contact me, secrecy will be maintained.that for sure. Any ladies from around Karnataka and Vadodara can mail me on :-

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