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  • desipapa
  • September 28, 2015

Hello readers! I have read many stories on this site and found many interesting stories. At last I decided to share my own experience to you all. This happened with me when I was 15 years old. I was studying in 11th standard in the city with my parents in a boy college. I never experienced practical fucking before this incident but had a little knowledge by reading the mastaram books and porno magazines.

These magazines, I hire on rent from nearby a shop and jerk off regularly. I usually went to my village on summer vacation. There was my uncle, his son (my cousin) and his daughter-in-law (my Bhabhi). Whenever I went to village, my Bhabhi always tease me by making vulgar remarks and showing her nice boobs. She has dark complexion with nice slim figure. I have never seen her big boobs with bra under the blouse. My Bhabhi has 3 sons and 2 daughters and she was still in her 30s. Because in my village the marriage happened upto 8-10 years of age. And gauna (final Vidai) is performed in the age of 15-18. But she has slim body, nice boobs and most attracting big eyes. My brother is an employee in the govt. office. So he used to go in morning and come back at evening. When I was taking rest after lunch, I found some books lying in open almirah. I started looking those magazines for time-pass. I found one book that was written by my favorite writer mastaram. It made me too horny. And I started jerking with my hand. At that time I saw that my Bhabhi was coming. She was in sari, blouse and petticoat. I hide that book under my pillow. She came and starting to teasing me as I was hiding my hardness of 6. While teasing, she lied on me on her back. At once I touched her nice firm boobs. I got shivering. She made no protest on that. Slowly I started massaging the boobs over blouse.

I saw she was smiling at me that gave me some courage. She said, What will you find by pressing these boobs because I am too old for you and you are so young and can find some young girl easily at city. But I was not listening anything and continued massaging those firm boobs and nipples. She opened her blouse and showed her full beauty. After seeing those large and firm, I started to suck those nipples. I was shivering with pleasure and lust. I asked about the kids she informed that they all are playing outside and no one would come. She told me to be patience and not to make to haste and enjoy slowly. My hands moved below toward her navel. And slowly through the navel I found the knot of sari and petticoat was too tight to enter my hands into. Therefore I slowly started massaging from her leg. She was slowly moaning like ahhhh…what….are……you……doing……please…….do ……… slow. I started moving my hand upward toward her love gate but she made her thighs too tight. There was no panty under the petticoat. I continued massaging her thighs slowly, after 2 minutes she opened her thighs and first I touch her love gate (Choot). It was full of fluids and leaking with juice. When I touched the upper lips of Choot, she started moaning loudly. Oh…Ahhhhh…..DewarJi……slowly……..Ohhh…….. Mazzaaaaa….lo… Suddenly she touched my Lund with her hand and she was surprised to see 6 length hard. She asked me to become normal and she will teach every chapter of fucking slowly.

She started to and fro action by her hand and I was in seventh heaven. And now shivering heavily. She made me comfortable. She undressed me fully and after that she made me totally nude. I started fingering her hole and massaging her clitoris with finger. She was releasing flood and it become too wet. Since it was my first time, I do not know how to proceed further but as I have read many porn magazine and pictures, I started inserting my Lund into her Choot slowly without any difficulty. It was too slippy. It slipped easily in full length. I stopped for some moments. My Bhabhi was under me and was smiling and moaning. She asked,From where have you learned all these lesson? I was not able to even speak due to excitement. Slowly I started my strokes. Since the floods were coming out from her Choot and her Choot became loose, I could not feel the tightness. Perhaps Bhabhi realised that and she joints her both thighs together. Due to this the passage of Choot became too narrow I was started feeling pleasure of life. And now my strokes become harder and harder. After about 5 min. my Bhabhi started shivering and crying: Jaldi Jaldi……Main aaaa rahhhin hoon…..aur jaldi……ahhhhhh………ohhhh……..jor se……. jor se……..ahhhhhh. I could not understand what has happened. Suddenly my Bhabhi become still, she was taking heaving breathing. I continued my action she said Main to aaaa gayi hun. Magar tum kahhhan ho, Dewarji? I replied,Pata nahhhi Bhabhi par bahhhut maza aaaa rahhha hai. She advised me to continue. After 5min. she again started moaning and started crying. Ohhh…. Main phir se ……….aaaaa……rahhhiiiiiii…..hoon……..ahhhhhh. She again cummed. Now she seemed totally exhausted and was lying still. I was not felling good due to her looseness of Choot now. So I took out my Lund from her Choot and started jerked off and came with a heavy load of cum.

I became so exhausted that I was unable to move my body. First time I experienced that practical fucking gives so much pleasure totally different from the imagination and jerking off with own hand. It requires so much power. Now my Bhabhi and me slept for one hour. When we wake up, she was smiling and became happy to know that it was my first time. We adjusted our clothes and she went out. As there was no electricity in my village, people take their meal too early in the kerosene lamplight. At evening after taking dinner, she told me to sleep on her bed with my brother and kids as they all used to sleep together. My heart was beating very fast. All of us were under one big Chadar. Bhabhi was in middle of my brother and me and in both sides all kids were sleeping. As there was darkness, no one could see each other. We were talking on different topics with each other. Suddenly I felt that Bhabhi one hand was on my lungi and was searching my Lund. I become too frightened as brother was next to her. In darkness I saw that her other hand was on the Lund of my brother Lund under Chader. She was holding both Lund with her hands. Soon my Lund was in his full length. After some time I saw that Bhabhi and my brother went into other room. I understand that they went for fucking. Now my Lund required immediate attention. I started jerking slowly. After half an hour, I saw that my Bhabhi came back. She told me in whisper that my brother fucked her 3 times and she became very tired. I asked whereabouts my brother. She told me that my brother was in sound sleep in the other room and he would not awake until morning. So she told me that now I could fuck her. I thought that Bhabhi might be much tired due to fucking with my brother just before. So, I told Bhabhi not to bother about me. She smiled and told that she loves me and she can do anything for me and advised not to waste this golden chance for fucking. Suddenly she took my Lund in her hand and started to fondle my Lund in its full length under Chader.

Since my Lund was already hard, soon it comes in full length. She lifted her petticoat with one hand and coming over me, she took my Lund with other hand straight upward and guided into her Choot slowly. Since her Choot was well fucked just before by brother it was full of fluid and my Lund went in fully with one stroke into the depth of her Choot. She started pumping hard over me. She was on top of me. I felt sweet sensation on my Lund and I started to lift my back to accommodate her fully. I was in heaven. My Lund was straight up and was wet with the water of Choot. Bhabhi was pumping hard and since in was summer season, we both were sweating heavily. But at that time, I was only feeling the pleasure. Bhabhi was saying,Dewar ji, le lo maaaza…… yeh lo…….. acchha …. Lag raha hai…….. aur jor se lo….. batao kaisa laga raha hai tumhe…? I replied,Bahut maaza….. aaa…. Rahaaaa….. hai……. Bhabhi…… Thanks…. Ohhhh….. ahhhhh……Bhabhi….. please….. slow. Bhabhi was saying in very slow voice as kids were sleeping to our next. Suddenly she started very fast strokes saying,Raja….. Main aaa…….rahi……..hooon……ahhhh…….ohhh. The room was full of sound of love making fuchhh…. Kachhhhh…… fuchhhh……kachhhh. Soon her Choot became too wet with fluid and juices were flowing very fast. She soon cummed and started taking heavy breathing after lying over me. I could not understand how should I move my Lund as she was lying still above me. Soon she understand my problem and came under me. Now I was on top of her and started pumping hard. She was co-operating in every way. She again started moaning slowly after 5min. Ahhhhh. Dewar Raja……… Main Phir se aaaaaaaaa….. rahhhiiii….. hoonnn….. ahhhhhh……..ohhhhh. She cummed and become still. For some time I alone was pumping hard and she was not responding at all. Suddenly she told me to take out my Lund from her Choot. I followed her instruction. My Lund was very hot and stiffed. She moved back and now she on her knees in doggy style. She told be to enter my Lund from backward.

She guided my Lund with her hand. In a single stroke full length of my Lund went into her Choot. I felt the root of her Choot by my Lund. Again I started pumping hard. After 15 min. I felt some tension is building in my body. I whisper into ear to Bhabhi that I was near to come. She told me to cum deep into her Choot as these are her safe period. After one or two strokes I exploded globes of sperm into deep of her Choot. And she also came third time with me. We were fully exhausted. I kept my Lund in her Choot for some time. But slowly it was loosening so it came out. And the white semen was coming out from her Choot. It was of marathon round of nearly one hour. I saw Bhabhi was in deep sleep. I adjusted her petticoat and blouse and my clothes and went to sleep. In morning I wake up too early. I found that Bhabhi was not at her place. She was coming out from room of brother. I was surprised at her fucking capacity. She has fucking of 6times in night at morning she was again with brother for fucking. When brother went to office, she told me that your brother want fucking at every night and morning. He has fucked this morning for two time! I was very surprised with the fucking capacity. In daytime she was very much tired but she gave me some nice oral fucking with her sweet lips for my Lund. She taught me every lesson of fucking in practical and safety measures, to keep fucking long time, how to wear condom etc. I stayed there for 3-4 days. I enjoyed every acts of sex with the help of my Bhabhi. Then after I came back to city. There were tears in her eyes at that time. After that, I could go to my village after on one year in next summer vacation.

I found same love in her eyes and we fucked with secrecy. Whenever I went to my village my Bhabhi gives me the pleasure of life with her body. After some time she admitted that she loves me and admires me. She assures that our physical relationship will continue upto my marriage. I can enjoy whenever I want before my marriage. After marriage all this will be for my wife. Now I am married am enjoying my sex life with my wife but I am very thankful to my Bhabhi who educated me, loves me, sex with me without any return from me on the risk of her life and her family. I always respect her. With her help my sex desire could have been fulfilled and sexual tension could be released that is why I could concentrate on my study better and could get better results in all my examinations and life. Today I dont know whether it was right or wrong but our relationship has some dedication with each other not only lust. We respected eachother secrecy that is why I could not share this with anyone else. This is all for this time. I will some more experiences with you all on the basis of encouragement and comments. Please send your comments on If anybody want to share his/her personal fucking experience, he/she can mail me on above address. I am sure that by sharing our experience we can improve our fucking abilities and enjoy our life in better ways.

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