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  • desipapa
  • September 17, 2015

Hi i m Anuraj im right now im 18 years from Delhi I was around 16years when these experince took place, and that time i not even aware of sex, and oral sex and other stuff. u can tell me much sex education was not in my mind when these incident happen.But after these incident my whole life was changed and i m become very perfect in oral sex and other stuff which i still enjoy in sex.I had with my neighbour aunty. Her name is Lakshmi and aged around thirty three. she had a nice figure with 30-29-36. Lakshmi aunty was typical bengali women and her hubby name was deepak and she used to stay alone and she did not had any child so far, her hubby was working in MNC in dubai and used to come once a year for month and then went back for the work. As our family had very good contact and relationship with Lakshmi aunty, i used to do some times lakshmi aunty house hold work, like helping her in shopping, taking her to bank etc. And i never had any bad intention about aunty, nor she had any thing but we were very close to each other and i used to admire her as my friend helping me in studies and other sort of thing. She used to talk with me many time when i was alone and even take care of me, when i was alone, and as a shy guy i never had any friend who were girl and even she knower that thing so we used to share many thing of life and she used to teach me every thing about life, manners etc.. Her house was five houses away from my house.

One day, I was leaving my house to go to the market, I saw her washing her clothes near the tap at the side of the house. She was in her sari which was tugged to her petticoat. She lifted her head as she heard the sound of the bike.

Both are eyes met and she gave a pleasant smile and I also replied with nice one. I was happy with that and kept moving. On my way back, my eyes were searching for her, But I couldn’t spot her. As I raised my head towards the terrace, She was looking at me smiling. I was desperate of meeting her. That day I was dreaming of her and was rubbing my cock that the telephone bell started ringing. I picked up the phone and was surprised. It was Lakshmi aunt’s call, and I was perplexed how she got the number.

Hello Anuraj, I am Lakshmi here. I also greeted the call and then she told me that she wanted me accompany her to the bank where I holed an account to introduce her to open an account. I agreed and the next day I went to her house. She was not ready and she invited me to come in and sit for while. I sat on the sofa and my eyes were roaming to see her house which was well furnished and clean. I got up from the sofa to see some scenary which was on the wall.

Suddenly My eyes fell on the room next to the living room. There I saw Lakhsmi aunty removing her nighty and she was wearing a Black Bra and Black Pantie. My rod was hard immediately and I was pressing my cock. She adjusted her Bra and then put on the Blouse(White in colour). Her arse was round and I was longing to touch them. She turned around to see if anybody was watching her. I moved away. After some time She came in dressed in a light blue saree. She said sorry for the long wait. I didn’t mind if she allowed to stay with her for the rest of my life. She locked the door of her house, while I started my bike and was waiting for the queen to sit.

She sat very far from me. I was dejected but the memories of nakedness was keeping me alive. I was thinking how to go ahead with this lady. The bank was around 4kms from our house. We reached the bank. I took her to the bank manager who welcomed me and aunty Lakshmi. He was thanking me for bringing her to him to open an account in his bank. He called a clerk and helped in finishing all the formalities. We then left the bank, while leaving she said she wanted to do some shopping. She stopped me near a undergarment shop as we were very free with each other .She called me inside the shop. She went to the BRA counter and was asking sales girl to show her size BRA and she told her something in her ear. I went and sat on the chair, but was watching her shape she had. First the sales girl showed a red Bra which had black lace on the cup of the bra. I was surprised when Lakshmi aunty placed the bra on her breast and turned towards me as though she was showing me whether it is nice or not. My cock was rock hard when I saw the sexy bra as well as the sexy attitude of this lady. Aunty was smiling at me and then she went to the Panties section and selected lace red Panties which had Black lace on the crotch of the panties matching the Bra. I wished I could see aunty lakshmi in those even i was not able to understand why aunty was doing these way and showing me her inner garments I was horny and wanted to fuck or shag thinking of this lady. Then she paid the bill and asked me, Shall we go now, Anuraj? Okay I said. She had a wicked sexy smile on her face.

On the way back, I wanted to feel her boobs, so I sat little in the middle so that I was closer to her boobs. But she was not touching me. After traveling a few distance, she put her hand on my thighs and leaned herself on me. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, what a feeling I got. It was really nice and my cock was wanting to be sucked or buried in a pussy. Anuraj, dear, Do you like it this? She said. I am loving it ? I told her. She pressed my thigh so hard. As we were reaching our respective homes, she moved away so that nobody saw us in that posture. I expected that she will call me to her house, but she just got down from the bike, thanked me and left to her house as though nothing had happen between us. I was angry with her and left the scene. I never lost hope, but I expected something to happen very shortly. Just then I had a call from lakshmi aunty, Sorry Anuraj, I couldn’t kiss you good bye also? Then she carried on telling me how lonely she was since her husband was working in Dubai for the past four years and is not bothered to come. She asked me if I can come over for dinner at her place in the night at around 8.30pm so that nobody saw me. She told me that she want anybody to know about this. I was excited and went to her place at the time she mentioned.

All the doors of our neighbours were closed, I went to tap laksmi aunty’s door. To my surprise it was open. I pushed the door and when in. I called for aunty lakshmi. She called from the bathroom telling me to sit and see TV while she was having bath. I was not interested to see TV, but wanted to see her having bath, so I on the TV, kept some volume, closed the entrance door and moved towards to the bathroom door. My bad luck there was no hole on the door since it was a sintex door. I came back dejected and sat on the sofa. I looked at the direction of the TV and decided to watch it atleast. My mind was on Lakshmi aunty having bath. I switched on the TV using the remote and my cock was rock solid see the screen. It was a hot scene in foreigner was inserting his cock in a Indian women’s cunt. Then I noticed that the VCD player was on and that’s aunty was insisting me to see the TV. I was stroking my dick seeing the scene. I didn’t realize that Lakshmi aunty had come behind me. She put her arms around my neck towards my dick and hold me tightly. I was also excited and wanted her badly. She took my face in her hands and started kissing me. We both kissed for quite some time and then she told me, Darling Anuraj, lets go to the bedroom and Fuck. She took my hand and I followed her like a slave even she used to know that i was vargin She was wearing a transparent nighty which had buttons in the front, once we were in the bedroom, she removed those buttons and nightie was off.

OHHHHHH she was looking so beautiful and sexy with the same BRA and Panty she had purchased. I was sitting on the bed and watching as she getting restless. She really had a fantastic figure. Nice milky thighs and those boobs nicely embedded in the cups of the BRA. She came forward and placed her boobs on my face. Anuraj, I can’t wait please fuck me hard, she said. I pressed myself on her boobs feeling the softness of the flesh. I put my arms around her back and unhooked the BRA. I pulled the BRA away and she had round and brown nipples. She told me to suck them hard. Now I pulled on her and threw her on the bed and started kissing her toes, thighs and reached her crotch area which smelled wonderful after the bath she had. I slowly removed her Panty as I looked at her, her eyes were closed and she was enjoying every moment. She a nice bush of pubic hair on top of her cunt. I put my hand back of her sexy ass and brought her cunt close to my lips and I started licking her pussy. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, MMMMMMMMMMMMMM,yesSSSSSSSSS she was making all love noises. Comeon Anuraj show me cock she said. She got up and started to remove my clothes and underwear. She saw my cock and said her husband’s cock was limp and not hard like mine. She kissed my cock and then hugged me and said lets do 69 position. I was surprised at her sexy attitude. I continued with my licking and she was eating my cock with her hot mouth. I was feeling I was in heaven.

She was hot and wanted to be fucked right away. We then changed position and she came on top of me and placed her cock inside her cunt. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aatish, ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm come on john fuck me. My cock was going in and out of her cunt. She was enjoying and I pulled her towards me and I licked her nipples they were becoming hard and after few minutes we both came together. She had a big orgasm and she fell on me. I hugged her and she too hugged and was kissing me all over. I was beginning to get excited all again inside her cunt, she got up from me and looked at my oozing cock with cum juices, she bent down and licked all the cum on my cock.I was getting hard once again. I lifted her face and gave her nice kiss on her lips, rolled my tongue inside her mouth and told her I want to fuck her ass. She was quite and It was a signal to go ahead. I placed my hot rod inside her ass. It was very tight, I asked her for some oil, applied some on my dick head and thrusted my rod inside her gund. It was nice fucking her tight ass and she loved it. I came inside her and she smiling at me after the act. We remained in each others arms till dawn.

These was my first incident and how i break my varginity on lakshmi aunty. our affairs contiued for another 4 years and she taught me eveyr thing in sex, and even introduced me to some of her friend who wanted to have sex, even did group sex with some of her friend, and finally deepak took her to dubai where they r right now settled. Right now im very alone no one to express anything to anyone .so if any girl from delhi wana share some thing with me im there for you………….  If you are interested  e-,ail me at

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