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  • desipapa
  • September 14, 2015

This is shilpa from India. I am a regular reader of stories and thus I too decided to send my story to u.At present I m 26 and enjoying a married life.

It was my 18 Th year, I took admission in pharmacy in Bangalore. My sister was living there so there was no difficulty regarding all the minor problem that used to come while shifting to the new city. On 15 Th June I took Karnataka express. My parents came on the station and at 9.15 I moved to my new designation. It was along journey and after spending two nights in train I reached b,lore at about 2 pm and I was welcomed by the rain. and it rained very heavily and to my surprise when I reached my sis house there was not a single drop of water over there and thus I learned the first step of b,lore never believe on the rain of Bangalore and during my stay in Bangalore I practically noticed . My sis welcomed me with open arms. The whole day went in no time but our talk was not finished.

My sis was living in the apartment as her husband used to stay out of station for many days due to official work. At that time he was J.E. in the government department. And she herself was employed in the public school as a teacher to primary class she was having the top floor. Bangalore is a nice place full of greenery pleasant atmosphere nice people. The time was flying like the bird and life was going in the very pleasant way
In the flat next to us there live on old women and her son who was about 23 and was doing B tech. several time I saw her passing smiles to my sis but took that in a causal way as being neighbor but one day I went to see the movie with my college friends I saw her with him. I made some excuse to my friends and rushed to home. Lots of questions were flowing in my heads and a war of conflict was going on inside me. I came to house and went inside my room and was waiting for her to come.

My classes were from 9.30 to 4.30 and took about 45 mts to reach the home. Each moment was like the year and becoming hard to pass the time and finally I heard the sound of opening the door. I was about to came out of my room I heard some male voice and I free zed there only .slightly opened the door and looked from there it was to my surprise it was that neighbor guy He was passionately kissing my sis on her lips and his one hand was on her back and the other was on her chest. He was sucking my sis lips and then took his both hands at her boobs and pressed them. Now he slides his mouth to her chest and ran down to her stomach and kissed the very lower portion of her stomach. He made her sit on the sofa and himself on the floor. His hand touched her feet and moved on her leg. Her sharee began to move up and up. he then took his tongue on her feet and moved it on her leg and slowly he reached her black panty moved her sharee upwards and massaged her with soft hands and slowly removed her panty oh that was a clean shaved .she spread her legs apart and the clitorious could be seen not to me but I assumed to him. My goodness he starts kissing there and was floating his toungh in the deep his toungh was in the whole deep and moving head up and down. Fucking her with tongue.

Till then I had only heard about it but I was seeing that first time she was moaning and for about 15 mts the same thing goes on he stood and my sis on her knees opened the belt and then his pant. he was not wearing underwear and his cock was hard she touched with her hands and rolled it on her face and kissed she took her toungh and lick ed his cock and finally opened her soft lips and allowed it to go inside her mouth and the boy began applying strokes slowly and alowely he raised his speed and finally he cummed on her lips and face she got up and went to toilet washed her face and returned back. that guy now opened her sharee and the blouse and then the bra leaving her top less she was having the beautiful pairs of boobs pure white with brownish nipple and were about 34 and tight now he stretched the string of her petticoat and it fall down . my sis was totally nude by now and was having beautiful body and the boy himself too become nude and the ocean of love waved in the room and they two became one that guy fucked her and took her to climax . They both recovered there breaths and took to their clothe and the farewell kisses were exchanged and that guy went away. She lay still on the sofa and then went to bathroom. I liked the show and softly went out of the flat and then out of the apartment. It started raining and the cold water was pouring on my hot body a very new kind of feeling for the first time of life striking me. I moved on the road in the rain and for about 20 mts I walked in the rain and being fully drenched I made my way back to home. rang the bell and the smiling face of my sis in front of me I went inside and having finished all the necessities I came out of the room and we both sit in the balcony with the cup of coffee in our hand the wind was bring rain showers to us The days go on and the time passes on & we both become more close to each other and I too used to take more interest in his talks I can’t forget that day.

It was Friday and my sis planned to go for picnic to Sang am which is about 100 km from Bangalore when asked about whom were going she told about that neighbor guy and his friend which filled some fear and along with that some enthusiasm in me . My position was same like the kid going to take his result and finally the time arises and we four started the journey it was 6 in the evening and after a drive of about two and a half hour the car stopped at the lonely place. We all came out it was dark and could not see anything. my heart was beating heavily with some unknown fear but after I could hear the sound of water and it become easier for us too the shorts distances and slowly and slowly we became familiar to darkness and we could see the near bye places clearly.

It was the jungle I was told that it was the elephant wild life Sen. And we r on the outskirt of the jungle there were hills all around. The main stream of water was deep inside the jungle and where we are standing was having a little stream of that river and that too was having a little island in between him. We slowly move down and after crossing 3 to 4 ft of water we reached the island it was half moon light making things clear and the reflection of moon in the water was delighted and moreover the sound of water is making the envoiourment beautiful and charming. Both the guys went back to car to fetch the bags and other things we had bought. My sis and I sat down on the cool sand my sis was smiling at me and I was feeling shy. She came closer to me and put her lips on mine and penetrated her tongue in mine mouth and pressed my boobs which became hard.

The guys came and neighbor guy came to me and sit very near to me and the other took me sis in water and lavishly started kissing my sis at her lips and his hand rolled over her body and chest. He stretched her share took it out and threw on the sand. Then he went to her back and opened her blouse and from the back itself opened her petticoat leaving her in bra and panty which he removed later on. Her beautiful white body was shinning in the moon light. Now he removed his cloth too and they both were nude in the open cloud. mean time the guy sitting near me pressed my hand and I respond in the smile which gave him courage and he start kissing me at my lips my cheeks my neck and opened the two button of my t shirt and removed it opened the hook of my bra and grabbed both of my boobs I myself opened my jean and removed it and then panty he too removed his clothes kissing and hugging goes on. In the mean time my sis and the guy too came here and the three began to press my body. We both sis were on knees and the two guy took their tools to our face. its was my first time but there was no hesitation and I took his tool in my mouth the second guy too was fucking my sis mouth I sucked deeply and finally he chummed over my face I run to the water and washed my face again again and when I back they both were screwing my sis .

We came inside water and the whole play started again with diff. person
I lay by my back the guy lifted my leg and parted them to have a view of my hole and then his tool in my hole in the starting it was the unbearable pain but in no time it vanish and I enjoyed he started his speed and the deeper he strikes and more I feel pleasure for 10 mts he fucked heavily and when was about to cum he took out and cum on my stomach oh what a lovely feeling it was I don’t have words to describe he grabbed me and took me in water sucked my boobs in water pressed them and gave a message to my hole in the mean time the second guy came and he started giving me pleasure this time he laid down and made me sit on his tool while sitting he guided his tool and the same entered in my hole now he asked me to move up and down and he too strokes from downwards to up wards this results in deeper penetration the second guy came to my face and put his cook in my mouth now I was having one in hole and one in mouth and the ocean of love was poured on me . I feel tired of being fucked twice. I relaxed We all had our dinner and rested for sometime and then again the game started It was 1 pm and we all were tired and as a result we all slept but not the sound one By 4.30 in the morning the darkness was on his last stage and after the sky become red because of the rising sun and we make our way back to home Write to me at

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