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First Experience

  • desipapa
  • September 13, 2015

I m Raj (not real name) now in vizag (visakhapatnam). I m 21 years old male. I like to share my great experience. This happened in 2 year back , when I was studying in bhubaneswar (orissa). I am very much interested in sex.   I was staying in a rental house. To my left side, a family was leaving. The family consists of father, mother and there lovely daughter (Maya). She was 25 years old. Whenever I saw her, I used to masturbate thinking of her. She was having a wonderful structure of about 32 28 36. In few days we became good friends.

I noticed that she use to stare at me and started giving me mysterious smiles, I thought it was my doubt, but then one day I noticed that she is taking interest in me in a very special way. She would very often call me in her house with some reasons and would love to have a talk with me. I started getting aroused by such gestures from her and started looking her in a special way.   Mostly she used to wear a saree with most of the times a transparent blouse from which her bra was clearly visible. One day, we were having a chat in her house and no one in that room. She had a pen in her hand and she was playing with it. Suddenly the pen fell down on the floor and as she bends to pick the pen. The dupatta of her saree went off and I could literally see her big boobs inside her bra. One day evening I was roaming in the Terries and saw her in her Terries. We set together and chat for a while. She was going back to her house but suddenly she slipped and fell down.  So I rushed to give some help. When I went near her she was fainted.

I don’t know what to do. I went to her house by Terries for help. But her house was locked from inside and no one there. I came up back, I saw her in a position that erected my penis. Her nightee’s buttons were removed & I could see her nipples. I touched her nipples .I hared a moan. Then I understood that it was intentional. I gave my support so that she could get down. While coming down she touched my crotch intentionally as it was erect. Then I hugged her and gave a kiss on her lips she too responded well. Then I removed her nightee and I could see her wearing a white bra and a pink panty. Then we went inside hre house as no one was there. Without a word, I pulled her panty down. She stood up and stepped out of them. I went to work  on white bra, deftly unbuttoning it. Her bra snapped in front and when I removed it, this girl stood totally nude in front of me. Then she took out my cock. She stroked my cock with one hand and explored my balls with the other. I gazed into her green eyes and then began to look over her nubile young body. Sitting atop her smallish breasts were two almond-colored areolas with great looking nipples sitting atop them, which were already beginning to harden. Her pussy was virtually hairless, although at this point I could not determine whether none had grown there, or if this little darling shaved herself.

Her skin was virtually flawless, save for a few freckles near her neckline. Naked, she was a very fine looking female. I started rubbing her legs and she was begging me to fuck her. She was moaning and cooing as I lifted her top and started to suck on her beautiful breast. I was careful to suck each one equally. I then began to kiss her neck and then her lips, her cheeks and the rest of her face. Her hands were inside my pants stroking my cock. As she parted her legs, I began to finger her. She felt so wet and warm. I looked at her cunt in the dim light and stuck my face between her love pegs. I put my tongue as far as it could go into her sweet cunt, she moaned and grind her pussy against my mouth. I was eating her for only a few minutes when I felt her nails digging my flesh through my shirt and she was screaming her head off. I told her to eat my cook.

We kissed and she bent over and put my swollen cock into her cute mouth. She was sucking me so hard that I felt that she was pulling my sperms out. I was so sexed that I feared that she would make me come to soon. She started licking my shaft and then started taking all of my cock into her throat. I could hear her making those swallowing sounds. She sucked and licked me for a few minutes and then I exploded. I pumped so much cum into her mouth that it was running down the sides of her chin. She sucked ever drop of jims from my cock and licked me clean. I rested for a while, put my fingers into her cunt, let her put her head on my shoulders and I was playing with her pussy until she began to get wet again. I took my fingers out of her pussy, tasted it and gave Maya a long kiss. I sat on the bed and invited her to sit on my cock. She jumped on my boy and started rocking, them humping. I fuck her so hard and gave her so much pleasure by constantly sucking her breast and nibbling her nipples that she was moaning in ecstasy.

We fucked for about fifteen minutes breaking our routine to suck on each other and to change positions. I fucked her with her two legs up in the air and then I fucked her from behind. I enjoyed looking at her nice ass and running my fingers over her ass’ rosebud. She did not want me to finger her there and I did not want to force the point at that time. Then I told her, I was going to cum. She turned around and took my cook in her mouth again. I burst her mouth with my cum. She took all at a glance and looked satisfied. After that day, we did not get any chance to do sex. Then I shifted to vizag (visakhapatnam).   ANY LADIES, AUNTS WHO NEED A NICE FUCK CAN CONTACT ME with garneted privacy AT   Ok bye for now Happy Cumming

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