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First Encounter

  • desipapa
  • September 4, 2015

Hi every one, Myself Rajiv (name changed) from Bangalore 25 year old. I am tall, good looking guy from a middle class family. The story which I am telling you is my first encounter with a lady who is my internet friend. Her name is Maya (name changed for privacy reason) and she is a working widow from one of the beautiful place in India.

The incident happened very recently, but I and Maya knew each other from past 1 year as internet online friends. It was way back in 2008 when I and Maya first met in a chat room in yahoo messenger. It was after my graduation I was still looking for job and being in home without any work its really big boring thing, so the chatting became one of the favorite time pass hobby during those days. That’s when, one day as usual I was looking around every room, and suddenly got a message saying “Hi”, the ID was so different that you can’t make out if that was a female or male ID. Thinking this could be another male looking for female, I too sent a message saying “Hi”, then got one more message asking for” ASL”.

I told my “ASL” and asked what about u… then I got a reply as “27 f (SOME PLACE)”. I thought wow someone finally sent some message, thinking we started to chat for some time… it went on. I asked for her “cam”, for which she sent the invitation and we started “Cam 2 Cam chat”, she was good looking and cute face. After some time I was not getting any topic to chat on, and same with her. Then I asked then what else.. as common I got an reply,” as you have to tell”. After some conversation like this.. I asked” what u would you love to chat”, she told “anything”. I asked “do you like hot or cool”. Again she replied “anything is ok”. Now my heart started to beat little faster. First time cam2cam and she is ready to chat anything. I asked are “size”, like wise some interesting question which was making both side hot. Then when I asked her “are you virgin” she said “no”.. I felt bad, then I asked “who is that lucky boy”, she told “its my husband”. Oh man is already married but doesn’t look like when I saw her in cam. Then I came to know that he expired a year ago due to some disease. We suddenly shifted our chat to something good other than hot stuff.. and added each other in friends list.

It was next day itself we met again, but it was really a very hot chat I ever had in my chatting so far. We enjoyed together speaking about each other’s body. And for the first time I was fully nude on cam and she too was nude. We were seeing each other in cam and feeling every bit of the hotness in our body. She was so sexy.

For almost a year or so we were chatting like this very often, I too got my first job and even still we were chatting in the night and evening whenever possible. We exchanged each other’s number and started talking in phone for long hours. We became very close as good friends, well wishers and as partners who are more comfortable in each other’s company in all the way.

Every time when were we chat we use talk that we have to meet some time in real but one fear was parents and what if anyone knows. But this fear didn’t stop us meeting it was last year end we met in a hotel. And I have to tell you all, it was the most beautiful and memorable time we spend each other in that 2 days we cannot even forget if we get apart also.

One day, when she called and started telling she wants to meet me, but I told it too risky to do so. But she insisted to meet me then we decided that we will meet in Bangalore only and in a hotel. The day was finalized and every day as the days were coming near I could feel the joy in my heart and mind and same time the fear which was also warning to be very cautious about the situations. I took leave for that 2 days in office and told my parents that I am going for a trip with friends, so that I can spend quality time with her.

It was the day, when were suppose to meet. In the morning I got a call from her and told she is already in hotel. Listening to this my heart beat started beating very faster and I told her I will be in hotel by 10:30. I reached hotel and asked in the reception and they enquired with her and asked me to go to her room. I knocked the door, she opened the door. I entered in to the room behind me I closed the door. She told thanks for coming, and then I told I have to say thanks for you to coming all the way to meet me here. We were talking and she told” it seems like dream we never thought of meeting but today we have”. Feels so good.

I was seating on separate sofa and she asked to seat next to her for which I went and sat next to her. My heart was beating very loudly and then she took my hand in her hand holded crossing her finger in the middle of my fingers, that touch itself was making me to feel that I was in heaven. Seeing my fear in the face she asked I am ok.. I told I am ok. She took her hand from the crossing and holded me from my back near my stomach and kept her head on my shoulder. And started thanking again… like wise we were talking for some time. Then she suddenly came in front of me on floor on her knee and told Kiss me, I hold her face by my both hand and took my face near to her and started kissing. Wow even today when ever I think about that kiss I still feel every touch of her lips and tongue which was rolling on my lips and in my mouth. By now we both were getting hotter and hotter. But we sat on next each other and started touching each other with our finger and making ourself preparation for next big thing.

Slowly one by one we had taken out our dress, and were fully nude and this was the first time that I was looking a woman fully nude in real. Her body was really good with good structure as if she is a film actress. And butts were so good too. From sofa she guided me to take her to the bed, on the bed she was on the bed and me kissing all over body .. starting from the toe , knee, the sexy thigh, her vagina, stomach, breast , neck and lips. Every bit of that was so good. I started to touch her vagina with my fingers and same time was touching and sucking her nipples. It was so good that even she started moaning with sounds. Then I went down and she came over me kissing all over the body, and she asked me that she wanna take my long dick in her mouth for which I was also waiting as soon I said yes .. she took my dick did up and down for some time and took him in her mouth. That moment was like getting in to full joy… my body was shivering and some time use to get bend without my knowledge and she was busy in sucking and loving my dick with her mouth. Her tongue tip touching my dick’s top was really good.. it was one of the best thing I would ask any one to go for and I would go for with any female, it feels so good being sucked.

Almost 1 hour we were teasing each other body like this.. and then she asked me enter her, this could be one of THE best thing probably in the love making. But at that point of time I was surrounded by fear what will happen if something goes wrong and I ejaculate inside. But she gave me the confidence saying she already taken the tablet for avoiding that. And she asked me get the condom which I had brought so that she will put on to my dick. She put the condom to my erected dick and asked me to go inside her. I slowly took my dick near her spread legs between and slowly touched my dick around her vagina and slowly started sending him insider her vagina, it was bit tight and to guide correctly first time was difficult , and then he went inside , getting inside her feels so good, warm, 100% more good than using the hand for masturbation and more good than having dick in a female mouth. It was so good…….. there is no words to express the first feel of that moment. Then slowly I started moving in and out it went on slowly and moment by moment I started to raise the move faster and this is when me and she both started enjoying each other, she suddenly started to asking to move more faster and faster and started making sounds like hmmmmmmmm., uuuuu hmmmmm haaaaaaa that sound was also making the both feel more erotic and started moving faster and faster, and I took her both legs up on and touching my chest and started stroking her vagina.

She started to make the sounds more .. and me too was feeling very hot inside and outside. From that position we shifted to up and down , me down and she on me and when was seating on my dick her full weight was making us to go deeper inside her vagina and due to her every up down moment her boobs were playing up and down … having fun in that position we slept side by side and started forcing from each side to make my dick as inside as possible and touch all her inside. Her face expression was so erotic and noise which she was making seeing that I felt so happy and over joyed that I would make her happy and we made love for 2 times in one session. And we slept full naked in the bed side by side hugging each other for some time and went to take bath got refreshed , went out for lunch to near by restaurant and went to movie for evening show. More than the movie we were interested in each other, but all day love cant be done and more over we were afraid if we spend more time in hotel itself what could they think about so just to have time pass we went to movie as we didn’t had choice of moving very openly in public aswell… But we enjoyed the movie also as we saw each other together. And while coming we brought some pizza to hotel and the night ……….ssshhhhhh it was so good too, she in saree and dim light wish we had some more freedom to do more arrangement to make the place more romantic but with what ever we had we made mood right and had good time each other that night and next day.

I hope you all liked my experience , I have tried the best to put on the best experience of our love making which cannot be explained to words and if anyone feel they want to say anything about our story please do send your comment to

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