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First Encounter

  • desipapa
  • September 11, 2015

Hi Desipapa Readers my name is neil and today I am going to tell you about my amazing experience with my moms sister her name is Meenu and she is 32 years old now and having two kids. I am 30 years old. The incident happened when I was only 17 years and she was 19.She used to come at our place frequently. I dont want to waste your time let me tell you the story


I was preparing for my boards and suddenly my mother had an heart attack, I was very much worried about my mother and not able to concentrate in studies. My father asked my grandmother to send my mausi ( Meenu) for some days at our house. She agreed and sent her. I was quite happy let me tell you I was very fascinated about her. At that time she was newly married and her husband went to ahemdabad for his business purpose. Let me describe her figure. She was 19 years old at that time very fair complexion with long hair. She was quite attractive and had amazing figure. She was slim and her boobs size was 34 (came to know later). Any men will die for one night with her. She came to our house. There were three rooms in my house and menu used to sleep in guest room. I was very happy as she used to bend down while cleaning the floor and showing me her sexy white cleavage oh man I cant tell you in her clothes when she used to bend down I peeped my pre cum in my pants so many times while watching her boobs.


One day she was sleeping in her guest room and suddenly she shouted from her room. My father and me went there and saw her fainted. We called the doctor and doctor gave her some medicine and injection. Next morning I asked her what happened yesterday and she smiled and said that she has seen a ghost in her dreams and from now on she cant sleep alone. I asked her to sleep in my room she agreed. In the night we chatted on different matters and she was looking quite sad and when I asked she just ignored and said you wont understand. I was not a kid so I judged that she was missing her husband as she was married one month ago and may be she wants sex. I didnt say anything and just smiled at her she responded too. Then we had a ludo session and during that time I was staring at her boobs. She was wearing a red colour shirt with buttons and a yellow lower. She was looking amazing. It was winter so all the buttons were closed. She saw me once staring at her boobs over her shirt but didnt say anything, may be she thought I was not looking there. Then she asked me that she was feeling sleepy so please switch off the lights. She asked me to switch on zero watt lamp. I did that and she went to sleep. I was looking at her in the lamp light she was sleeping on her back and I turned my face so that I can see her boobs breathing. Oh god she was looking an angel lovely and juicy lips I was totally out of control and I was sleeping with a girl for the first time. We both were in the blankets. In the middle of the night I took my chance and slowly slid my hand towards her boobs I touched her left boob and felt 440 volt of electric current in me. The boob was so firm. She didnt say anything might be she was sleeping. I got some courage and press it slowly I was in heaven. Till 5 o clock in the morning I kept my hand there and enjoyed feeling her boob.


Next day I was waiting for my school bus and suddenly I saw her coming towards me. She was looking amazing in black suit salwar. There was a smile on her face and she asked me to have my breakfast. I took the toast and was going to eat the first bite when she asked that your eyes are looking red, didnt you sleep last night. I said yes I slept and I saw a smile on her face and she said I knew what you were doing last night. I got afraid of the fact that she might tell it to my mom or my dad. She walked away and I ran for my school. I was not able to concentrate in my school and in the night not able to eat properly. On dinning table she was staring at me and smiling. I went to bed and switched off the lights and was cursing myself for what I done. She came to bed after one hour. She was wearing black shirt and white lower. She smiled at me but no response from my side. She just entered in my blanket and turned her face towards me. I shut down my eyes and pretended to sleep. After half an hour I felt one hand on my palm. It was her who took my hand and placed it on her right boob. I was shocked and opened my eyes. I was able to see her as the zero watt lamp was switched on. She smiled at me and said I liked what you were doing yesterday. I got some courage and said that you are gorgeous and I am in love with you. She laughed and asked me what do I like in her. I was afraid but she kept on asking so I said your boobs during that time my hand was thereon her boob. She came closer to me and asked do you want my boobs I said yes. So she pressed my hand on her boob I was in heaven. She asked me to come on top of her. My dick was in his full erection. She was looking beauty queen at that time. Fair complexion with red lips I placed my lips on her forehead cheeks and finally on her lips. She moaned ahhhhh, and opened her mouth I entered my tongue and she took my tongue and started sucking and then she gave me her lips they were juicy and she smelled nice I ate her lips kissed her passionately she enjoyed every moment. Then I kissed her on her neck, earlobes and cheeks. She took my hand and placed it on her boob I got the signal she was thirsty so I didnt waste time and squeezed her boob over the shirt she moaned ahahah then she removed her shirt and showed me her treasure. In black bra she was looking amazing I kissed her boob over the bra. She liked it and brushed my hair. I asked her can I do something and she said what I said just 2 min and I came back with chocolate syrup. She smiled at me. She removed the blanket and asked me to come fast I placed my hand on her boob again and squeezed it she asked me suck them honey please I asked her I cant see your boobs she pulled her bra and showed me her boob and said look honey arent they good. Oh god they were so firm, so white and with a pink nipple which was erect due to my act. I was just looking at them and she said you just want to see them, I placed my palm and pressed her boob. She moaned and take my head and placed my lips on her boob. I placed my tongue and started licking them I was moving my tongue in circle on her tip and finally she broke down and pushed her boob in my mouth I took the nipple and started sucking it. She was moaning and brushing my hair I was sucking them like a baby and she was enjoying that I did the same with the left boob. After that I poured a lot of chocolate on her boob now they were looking like chocolate melons. She liked the idea and asked me to come in her lap. I was amazed as she wanted to give me her breast feeding like a baby. I slept in her lap and she took her boob in her hand and put it in my mouth and said come baby have chocolate milk I sucked both of her boob for near about 20 minutes. Then she asked me to remove my boxers I was a shy guy so she did that as soon as she saw my hard penis she was shocked to see the length. Let me tell you mine is 8 and a half inch she placed her hand and started playing with that I was going to come so I told her she looked at me and placed her tongue on my tip she was killing me at that time after that she started licking my penis fully and finally started sucking it I was not able to control and told her and she said no problems come in my mouth. I exploded my cum and she took it on her tongue and on her boobs. She rubbed my cum on her boobs and they were looking shiny at that time. I looked at her and she removed her lower. Mind blowing legs and white milky thighs were in front of me. I poured the chocolate syrup and started licking her legs and thighs I pressed her ass cheeks also. She was wearing the panty so I asked her to remove she told me to do it myself I had a plan so I didnt and just licked her inner thighs she was moaning ahhhhhhhhh soooooooooooo sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet I entered my tongue in her panty and my tongue touched at her cunt she moaned heavily aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I was doing that for some time and finally she pulled me on the bed and sat on me she removed her pant and showed me her shaven cunt oh god it was amazing she opened her cunt lips and pushed my head in her cunt I liked that so I started licking her clit with my tongue and sucking her cunt walls. She was fucking my mouth and suddenly she shivered and had an orgasm. I felt the sensation when she moaned annnhannnah. I liked her cunt juice and drank all of that.


After ten minutes she again wanted me and she placed her lips on my dick and started sucking it my dick was fully erect she asked me to have sex with her. I agreed but realized that the door was open we both laughed and had a long kiss. I bolted the door and came near to her she was standing she take my lips and guided her nipple I was thirsty so I sucked them hard she was very cooperative as she was pushing her boobs in my mouth with her hand. I sucked them for 15 minutes and after that she asked me to come inside her. I looked at her she was gave me a wild smile and turned around I looked at her ass white skinny and sexy I bit on her ass cheeks she liked that. She wanted to have sex in doggy style I said dont worry you wont be able to forget this encounter and took an olive oil bottle. I poured some in her anus and placed my tip on that she liked that I rubbed my penis there. Then I slid down my penis and pushed in her cunt it was wet and but very tight. She took my hand and placed on her lips smart female didnt want to scream. I pushed again and felt tears on my hand and I removed my penis as id didnt want to hurt her she smiled and said dont worry I am ready for the pain and took my tool and placed it on her cunt lips I pushed and half of my dick was inside her cunt was so tight that I was feeling pain I got some courage and pushed again and now I was in her cunt fully she looked dreadful tears on her face but still she smiled and said come nonu fuck me I moved slowly and now we both were enjoying I was stroking her inside out and she was moaning aahhhhh come honey have me fuck me. Go in my anus I did the same and entered in her anus I jerked her both ways in her anus and in her cunt and after hitting her for near about 20 minutes I felt her orgasm as she shivered. I was also going to come but she asked me to remove the penis from her cunt I did that she turned around and took my dick in her mouth and asked me to fuck her mouth I did that and finally exploded lot of cum she drank all of my cum.we both were exhausted so we kissed each other passionately. She slept on me and asked me to have her nipple in my mouth all night I was in love with her boobs so I took that….. hope you liked the story will send one more encounter with her next time.

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