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First And Best Ever Sex Experience

  • desipapa
  • September 9, 2015

I am 25, currently in Melbourne Australia. This story is about me and my neighbour girl who is 4 years elder than me.. To say a little about me.. I am really the ladies guy, really know how to satisfy a girl for sure. Right from my childhood i had a lot of interest in girls. i came to know about everything when i was in my 6th grade. From then on i started to work on how to satisfy a women, because that is the most important part in sex. Ok now lets go into my personal experience…

It was in my 1st year college when this happened and continued until i finished my bachelors degree. Everything started when I went to coaching classes for my maths. There was a girl just after two houses from mine, her name is anjali. She is the most amazing girl i have ever seen. That is because she looks gorgeous even without even a little bit of makeup. Damn! i miss those days.. And she was good in maths. So my parents arranged for coaching classes with her since she had just finished studying. So my parents were happy. Everything was going great with my studies and although she is damn sexy. I always used to take a peep into her melons very often by asking her doubts and she will bend over to clear everything. She never lets any1 into her bedroom, just me and her mother. Now lets go directly to my experience.

One day, 6pm is when my coaching class starts, but i went to her house at 5:30pm and her mom told me to wait for her in her room as she is running late because of some function in her college. I was in her room and her mother asked me to study and closed the door and left me. This is the first time iam alone in her room. I always wondered how her panties and slips were. I would here some footsteps if anyone is nearing the room. And anjali always drives car so its easy to know if she has reached or not.

Now, i was alone and wondered how a girls room looked like and what all they have. I opened her closet and was stunned to see lot of panties and slips in the front and her dresses were hanged in the hanger. The smell of her closet really made me horny and not to mention her panties and stuff. I then went into her whole of the closet and found some unnamed cd’s. I took about 3 cd’s and hid it in my bag,since i was a bit curious of what is there in those cd’s. Anyways, i took one of her slips and went into the bathroom to satisfy myself. When i went into the bathroom i saw her dress,slips and panties that she wore the previous day. I returned to the room and put the one which i took before into the closet. Since i had one in the bathroom. I went into the bathroom and started to think of her with her panties and slips and started to masturbate. And finally i finished everything and took those panties and slips with me(for future use). Then i came to her bed and pretended to study and it was almost 6:30pm then she showed up. She said that she was sorry for coming late and bla bla bla.

She went to change her dress into the bathroom. Now my evil mind made me to see through the key hole. OMG! she is really an angel… damn sexy… i really have no words to explain.. Saw her fully nude for the first time. And my penis was at 90 and hard, when she was about to open the door i just ran to the bed and she almost found it. she didn’t see my eyes or face she was looking at my penis. And she asked me what i did. I said that i didn’t do anything. And she said that if you are hiding anything from me just tell me. I never told her anything and she really didn’t take the eyes of my penis. That was the day when she started to look different to me. Then she taught me something and that day was finished. i returned home and look at those cd’s which she had and i was right.. those where porn. And she was the kinda girl whom i was looking for. She liked to be satisfied by men first, all the porn which she had were of that sort.

The next day i went to her house at 5;30PM itself and waited for her. She came at 5:40pm and asked me why i was soo early. I told her that no one was home and so i came here to study. Now, i took those cd’s out and told her that it fell into my bag by mistake and i took it home yesterday. She was really embarrassed and she asked me if i had seen them. I told her that i saw each and everything of those. Now she was really pissed off on me and was angry on me ans was shouting at me. I told that iam sorry and i really didn’t mean to see those. and finally she was convinced of what i was saying. Then slowly she asked me which one did i like, now i was shy and embarrassed. I told her one cd was good and i liked it.. Because in that video it was mostly licking the pussy. She asked me if i was interested to try it on her. I was like, really waiting for those words to come out of her mouth. I pretended to hesitate and told that iam interested to try. And she locked the door and removed her dress slowly… Damn! it was the first ever strip show for me. never seen anything like her boobs. then she lied down in the bed and asked me to come and lie on her. As i did she kissed me, My first ever kiss… Was flying in heaven. As she kissed my penis was at 90 and harder than ever. It was touching her body and she slowly whispered in my ears to remove her panties. as i did(since i watch a lot of porn), it was the most amazing thing i have ever seen in my whole life.. i could see her lips dry and shaven smooth. She might have done it the last night or today morning, anyways, it was really amazing to see her lips dry. She was fully aroused and caught my hair and asked me to taste it.

Damn! was delicious than anything in the world. I started to lick it fast, but she asked me to do it slow and steady and leave my tongue inside her lips. Her pussy was very wet and she climaxed with in 5-6 minutes. kissed her in her mouth for sometime and slowly she got hold of my penis and i was still kissing her and she started to give me a shag, i really wanted her to suck my ‘dude’ but i didnt say anything about it. she asked me to lie down in the bed and slowly she stopped kissing and moved down kissing my chest and slowly she took my dude and started to lick it, damn it was wonderful. She took the whole of my dude inside her mouth she circled my dude with her mouth and gave the best blow job ever. I finished off soon and she took the whole of mine in her mouth, it was wonderful to get a BJ after finishing. Then she asked me if i had fun and i said laughing,yes. She then took of her slips and lied down next to me and asked me if iam ready. I was amazed and asked her for what. She then kissed and told me to get into her, I slowly took my dude and entered into her pussy, i could feel the warmth inside of her and she was very wet and i started to get into her little by little.
Finally went inside of her completely and she was kissing me since it was paining, i started to shift my gears and made her to lie down the bed and i was on the top. Never stopped kissing her because she was in pain and i don’t want to see her scream. went in and out completely and i just carried her with my dude inside of her and made her to sit in the corner of the bed and fucked her hard, Then we shifted to doggy style and felt the depth inside of her and she orgasm ed and asked me not to stop.. i didn’t stop fucking her and fucked her harder and harder.. slowly she asked me to change the position and fucked her in The missionary position as i could suck her nipples, as i sucked it became harder and harder and never stopped sucking it. And few kisses in the middle and she was satisfied like hell. Started to bite them a little bit and she asked for the same. Finally after 30-35mins of pleasure i was about to cum and she asked me to do it out and i finally cumed on her as she was jerking me off and gave me a little head to increase the pleasure. We wiped off everything and kissed for sometime and was hugging her for sometime in the bed and then we both took a bath together and it was almost 8:45pm and i had to return home at 9pm. Now she told me she had the first and best sex ever in her life and also replied the same. She told me not to tell anyone about this and she told me we could do this often. I was very happy and returned home. For the next 2 days she called my parents and told them that she is having some work so no class.

Then it was Saturday, since it is a holiday the classes are at 11am. I went to see her and to my surprise she had a friend(divya) of her’s in her room, i asked her if there is no class, smilingly she said yes, today we both are going to teach you. Nobody was there in her house and only we three were there. I knew something is not right and when i looked keenly i could see her not wearing anything underneath her white night dress. Her nipples were hard and i could see them pointing and i swear it was hard which made my dude hard. Then she asked me if i had fun for 2 days. I smilingly said yes. And she took the bag off from me and kissed me on my lips and her friend was giggling, I said iam a bit shy, but she said everything is fine, she knows about us and asked me to sit next to her friend. Then she said “you can satisfy your teacher only huh?”. I was smiling and shy. She then asked me to kiss her as i kissed her anjali removed my trousers and my undies, looking at my dude divya said look at you, you are soo big. Anjali replied yes and started to blow me she was doin that i went deep into divya’s mouth, i gotta say this, she is a good kisser.

She then unbuttoned her shirt and she was wearing a black color slips, she unhooked it asked me to feel her nipples. I then slowly kissed her ears and down to her neck and finally to her boobs, was nice and tender, nipples became harder as i started to suck each and every bit of it. i slowly lied down in the bed and she removed her jeans and her panties, meanwhile anjali never stopped blowing me, she started to shift gears and divya asked me if she tastes good, i was flying in pleasure and told yes. now divya went down to take her place and anjali left it to her and removed her night dress slowly and came on me making her boobs touch my body and we started to kiss. Now, i was gonna climax and divya took all of it in her mouth and gave head even after that. then anjali asked me if i want to get inside and i said definitely, then i slowly i went into her in the women on top position and divya was watching it, was warm inside and slowly went completely inside of her. now divya came towards me kissing and i told her that i want to taste her pussy, smiling she said yes and showed her pussy, it was very small and tender, started to lick it slowly, she was moaning hmmm, aaaaah, she definitely liked it and i enjoyed licking her, she became wet soon and after sometime she reached her climax.

Meanwhile anjali was hard on me and was in full swing, she had the best sex ever. I told divya that i want to get inside of her and so anjali stopped and my dude was still hard and still wanting for more. i asked her to lie down and told her that i want to take her from behind. Her pussy was very small and it was hard to get into her, when i finally went into her i could feel the warmth and wetness inside of her, damn! her pussy was tight and tender. Slowly went in and out a little bit and she was crying in pain but she wanted it badly as my dude is irresistible, slowly went half way inside of her and she was moaning hard and asked me to get deeper… Anjali started to kiss me and i steadily increased the speed of my penetration, finally i was fully into her and and was THE best, she wanted me to fuck her harder and i did faster and faster. I know she liked each and every time i went in and out of her. was fucking her harder and harder and she started to moan and she was holding the pillow. After some time i was about to cum and i did cum outside on her ass. anjali jerked me off and gave a cool head while i was cumming. She never stopped licking my penis and now divya sucked hard of my penis and it was really hard and she is a good sucker for sure. now i lied down in the bed with both of them on the either side and looked at the ceiling and said thank you very much god for this moment. I always had a fantasy to be with two girls and my dream came true. From that day on we decided to have this every weekend and some times only me and anjali. We tried every different styles and i had fun with some of her other friends too. But never failed to be safe. And now she is married and iam here. Even now she and her other friends calls me and asks me when i will return back. But i really don’t know…. But sometimes we try phone sex. but iam not much interested in that as i could do it in live and action. I had lot of fun in melbourne too. want to know more of my personal experience feel free to mail me @ The email might sound strange but iam not, Iam really the ladies guy.Try me if you want. Bye for now….

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