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Finally Seduced My Aunt

  • desipapa
  • October 16, 2015

My self I am from andhra pradesh aged 20,looks good and average skin tone,my story is about how I seduced my aunt,getting in to the story,my aunt was 55 years old,having good body structure with medium sized boobs, I love her boobs very much,since I was at 18 years old I have a crush on her to fuck,one day I went to her place,she is washing clothes,i called her she suddenly turn back and smile and asking when you came,i said just now…She said sit in the hall within 10 min I will complete my work and talk with you,i said ok,i sat in the hall..

She came in wet I saw her cleavage clearly when she adjusting her saree,that time my dick started erecting,i covered my dick because I wear jeans,immediately I ran to bathroom to masturbate,i imaging her cleavage and masturbate..

I came from bathroom,she asked why you went suddenly into the bathroom, I said nothing just toilet,she asked me to stay and had lunch and go,i had lunch and went to my home,in the night also I am getting dreams of her cleavage and her boobs again I masturbate,after few months in holidays I went to aunt place,she feel happy and gave some food items to eat,i am concentrating her boobs,the shaking of her boobs made me horny,she asked me what are you watching?I said nothing,she asked again then I tensed what will happen,suddenly I made a plan that trying to seduce by hook or crook, I said I am upset,she asked why?

Me: I ask you one thing don’t tell to anyone..

Aunt:what it is?

Me:first promise me don’t tell to anyone?

Aunt: ok, I wont tell to anyone.

Me: I want to know about female…

Aunt: what in female?

Me: I touched her left boob with my left hand…

Aunt:she angrily removed my hand from her boob and watching me seriously

Me:sorry aunt for this I want to know about the female body parts..

Aunt:she slapped me and said this is not good,i wont explain you about this go away..

Me: I kept my face dull and went to hall and sit silently..

After one hour later aunt came and sat beside me..

She telling don’t feel my boy your are like my son..

I didn’t reply about her words..

She taking my head into her shoulders and trying to convince..I thought this is the correct time to seduce…I removed my head angrily..Then aunt asking me I will explain you but don’t discuss it again about this matter this is the last and final..I felt happy my dick starting erect..

She explaining the body parts,i said I want to see..She rejected and I pleased her please aunt this is the first and last…She accepted…My heart beat increased…My inner feeling in my mind that finally I seduced my aunt.. Ready to watch her wonderful boobs and pu**y..Slowly she removed her saree.. My 8 inch dick started to come out from my pant..She observed my pant..She asked to remove pant,she surprised to see long dick..She touched my penis,i asked removed your blouse..She removed it,wahh what a wonderful boobs and her brown colored aerolas and nipple made me horny..She explaining me about boobs… This is the part which we breastfeed our child..From the nipple milk comes..I feel as I dono..

I asked her can I suck it once,she said now milk wont come if you want to suck you can,i take it as a challenge and sucked like anything she feeling horny ahh ahh ahh..Saying slowly my boy..I asked her rub my penis..She asked you masturbate?

I asked her what it is?She replied that you donno what it is..I will do for you..Now suck my boobs untill you satisfy…I sucked and kissed..After that I asked show your down part,she removed her panty and showing me… I saw a huge hair covering her pu**y.. I asked you wont shave your hair..She said no..Before when your uncle was there I used to shave daily,now your uncle is busy in his duty…I asked can you shave and show it for me…She agreed and wait for 15 min I will shave and come..I said no I will also help..She said ok come fast,me and aunt went to bathroom..There is no razor and shaving cream..Because she stopped shaving.. I asked what to do now…I said I will go and bring it for you..She said ok..

Then I again made a plan and asking her please do masturbate now..Then only I will go and bring..She said ok…Listen my boy don’t move I will shake your dick I hope you feel happy for this…I said ok do it..Slowly she sit down in the table in a bathroom asking me to come forward I went forward…First she taken into her hand and slowly rubbing,after that she kept my di*k in her mouth and started sucking like anything..She asked to hold my boobs with your hands..I pressing her boobs slowly..Now she took out my di*k from mouth and started rubbing up and down..Again she said don’t move..She rubbing…Ah ah finally with a high force and load of sperm I cummed in her face..I feel ahh ahh..She cleaned her face and my dick,she asked you like it…I said yea fully…She said now go and bring razor…

I went to shop and bought a nice razor and shaving cream..I went to aunt place fastly she waiting in the hall wearing nighty..She asked you brought I said yes..She said ok come to bathroom..Me and aunt went to bathroom..I opened the shaving cream and applying to her p***y hair,now she taken the razor and shaving slowly,i watching and waiting to suck her pu**y..She asked shave my armpits as it is also having some hair,i said ok and shaved the armpits what a armpits she has,i shaved both the armpits and said take bath and come fast I will wait in the room..I am waiting in the room.. I turned on ac and sprayed some room spray..After 10 min she came to room with a towel covering her nice boobs..

I removed my shirt pant and under ware to fuck her hard,she removed her towel and sat in the bed and wide opened her p***y..My dick wants to starts going into it,but I watching it closely I asked her can I lick your p***y lips,she said ok,i started licking,she felt ahh ahh..Then I asked her can I put my di*k in it,she refused no no,i forced her and put my dick in it,she said don’t insert more inside,it pains hard I said don’t worry,i will take care,i feeling like heaven,i pressing her boobs and fuc**ng…I started licking her juicy armpits it tastes awesome,both are fuc**d each other and satisfy our needs…Every month I take leave and go to aunt place for fu**ing…

Hope you enjoyed my real life story..

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