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Finally I Got Satisfied

  • desipapa
  • September 22, 2015

Hello! My name is Zoobia, a 24 years old working married lady from Pakistan. According to my friends, I am good looking smart and a sexy girl. Usually boys stare at me as if they want me with them wherever I go. I have a figure that measures 36-28-36. My husband is very loving. He works abroad. But that wouldn’t be any problem for me if he could satisfy me. The fact is that he doesn’t have enough strength to hold his cock as long as I need and within few minutes, he ejaculates and discharges. That is why I am not satisfied with him.
This is the incident of a few months back. My husband came back home after about 6 months. I was without sex for the whole time. I took leave from my office to give time to my husband and was hoping to have good sex after long time. But I got nothing but frustration. He fucked me more than once per day. But never could he satisfy me. He left me wanting more every time. When I joined office again, I had frustration written all over my face. I was not able to concentrate on my work and was unmindful. One of my colleagues noticed that and she was asking me what the reason was. But I was ignoring her. This was going on for a few days. One day, we both went to the canteen for our lunch. I saw our boss there. We took the next table and she was again insisting me to tell what was going on in my mind. This time I couldn’t resist myself. She was a good friend of mine and I thought of getting rid of some burden of my heart. So I told her everything. She was sympathetic to me. After lunch, we went back to our tables. After some times, the peon Came and told me that the boss was calling me. I went to his room and he asked me something about different official things. Then he told me That there was a meeting with a client in his house and asked me to take some important files and go with him. I came back to my table, took the files and started for his house with him. At his drawing room, I was sitting on the sofa. He was lazily walking around and was teaching me the strategies to talk to the clients. While talking, he came behind me. I felt his breath on the top of my head. Almost imperceptibly, I felt a small kiss on top of my head. I was shocked. I turned to him quickly. By now he had good grip on my shoulders. I asked him what the hell he was doing. He smiled and told me he had listened to everything that I was telling to my friend during lunch time. He told me I was the most beautiful girl he had ever met and I need a lover like him who can satisfy my hunger. I refused strongly and tried to stand.

But he had a strong hold on my shoulder and by now he had started to rub my neck slowly. Then I felt a kiss on my earlobe and the very next moment, my earlobe was being sucked. I leaned back against him, excited about what was happening and curious about where it would lead. Now, feeling no resistance, he began to nuzzle lower around my ears while dropping his massaging hands from my neck to my arms. As his kisses trailed lower to neck, I turned my head and reached around to pull his mouth to my lips. As we kissed, my tongue sank into his mouth and he sucked on it hungrily, getting more excited by the minute. Then his hands left my shoulders and began playing across my Kamiz. As he continued exploring my mouth, he began lightly rubbing my breasts with his palms. Again sensing no resistance, his caresses became bolder. He began massaging my breasts, hefting their heaviness in his hands. I was getting very turned on and wanted him to touch me. Grabbing his right hand from my breast, I moved it back to the neckline of my kamiz and guided it inside both my kamiz and bra so he was caressing my bare breast. He began rolling my nipple between his fingers, getting it hard and almost painfully sensitive. I was getting wild. My husband never played with me much. Glued to each other, while we moved around the floor, I could feel his manhood dash against my yielding mount of Venus. Although lost in another world, I could feel wetness welling up deep inside me. Aroused by the erotic encounter my vagina was beginning to fill up with juice. Unable to resist the temptation, I pressed myself even harder against his pelvis. He understood my feelings very well. Without further ado he carried me over to his bed and started kissing with intense ardour. My body became hot and my mind became delirious with the loving that I was receiving from my Boss. His hands had already made inroads under the salwar, cupping my bottom, caressing the smooth skin and kneading the supple flesh.

Occasionally his hands wandered over to my pert bosom, groping for the swelling globes of flesh. I knew what I had been missing for so long. But there was hardly any scope for regret, as my new lover spared no effort to express his most intimate emotions. Soon my clothes became history. It was only then that he found the opportunity to savour my physical charms. Panting with his recent exertion he stared at my hot body that was all aglow with passion and yearning. Was he pleased with the sight! Without wasting another precious second he started to get rid of his clothes. I watched speechless when he was down to his underwear. A massive lump poked against the taut fabric presenting a shocking, yet somehow gripping sight. Embarrassed although involved in the whole act, and uncertain about what to do, I sought to hide me face in my hands. But he would have nothing of it. He urged me to get over my abashment; but there was precious little I could come up with. Thankfully he knew a better way. Leaving me in my own world he took recourse to a different route. With skilled moves he started to explore every inch of my flesh with his hands and mouth. He kissed my forehead, my eyes, my neck and then the twin peaks of my bosom. In a no less loving manner he licked and nibbled my nipples, tweaked them with his teeth, and sucked them with sweet tenderness. Meanwhile he lovingly stroked my mane of silky hair and massaged the nape of my neck. Sensuously he sucked my fingers and toes. He even licked my clitoris in a slow and titillating way that almost pushed me to the brink of orgasmic nirvana. Gradually I could feel my initial shock of seeing his erect manhood fade away. I started to run my hands over his hard torso. This went on for a long time, licking, nibbling and kissing. I felt his manhood poke insistently against my treasure trove. My lover covered in sweat paused to unpack a condom, which he then deftly wrapped around his glistening wand of love, ready to perform its magic.

I knew my hour had arrived and looked on with anxiety as he placed it at the mouth of my tunnel of love. I managed a little smile and opening my thighs invited him to become one with me. With a smooth move, accompanied by an unusual sound of flesh against flesh, he entered me. Sooner I was entirely filled up. I felt my interior throb as his bundle of flesh wildly pulsated against the wall of my excited organ. My insides quivered with each pulse of pleasure that his manhood exuded. It was something that I had never experienced before; so delightful, so gratifying were the sensations that swept over me. Something that my husband couldn’t do to me. The sensations grew stronger when he started to make his moves, his muscled length jostling in and out of my slippery cunt. Slow in his rhythm, yet cocksure, he plunged even deeper inside me while he showered his affection on my bosom, his hands fondling my supple peaks, his warm, ever willing mouth sucking my nipples swollen with satisfaction. Responding to his moves, my hips started a bump and grind routine on Its own accord. Matching my lover’s shoot and scoot my crotch rose and fell in a rhythm that flowed naturally. With my hands clawing at his Muscular bottom, while he drowned me with nudges and kisses, never for once did I feel sheepish. On the contrary, as the pace of our lovemaking quickened, I only became more confident, till at times I felt myself to be in total control. That was some high, the power to use my own sexuality to derive such unalloyed pleasure. So this is what being a female was all about. He must have noticed my newfound confidence because promptly his tempo soared to an even higher level. I knew I had to rise to the occasion, and throwing modesty to the winds that is what I tried to do. Wedging his head in the cleavage of my bosom, I wrapped my supple thighs around his waist, drawing his bottom even closer so that he was lodged deep inside me. Before he knew it, the quivering muscles of my warm pussy were pumping and milking his throbbing manhood. Groans of pleasure, wild and free were all that he could manage.

Currents of pleasure raced through my body and mind as I felt my interior come alive with stunning euphoria. Breaking free from my grasp, my Boss could merely look at me with surprise as he started to tremble and shake, and then started to come, squirting his precious potion of love deep inside my feminine core. Moments later, prompted by the flood of his coming, I had my orgasm in an amazing explosion of ecstasy. Drained and exhausted by our efforts we lay in a tight embrace savoring the sweet sensations of erotic intimacy. He played with my bosom, lingering on to nibble my nipples and caressed the cheeks of my bottom. I could feel his manhood slowly lose its rigidity and my love juice flow out of my tunnel of love in a copious stream. This was the very first orgasm I got in my whole life, although I am a married lady. We were lying there, exhausted, and I was thinking of the pleasurable orgasms that I was going to get in future. Send your feedback to You can also contact my lover at

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