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Finally Had Fun With Mami

  • desipapa
  • October 16, 2015

Hi to all the iss readers out there. I have been reading iss stories for last 2 years. I just love this site and I use to fantasize when will I get a chance to write the story. My favorite stories are of incest.

Now lets not waste more time I will get to the story. This story is about me and my mami. I sk( shortcut of my name) stay in pune with my family. We have a 4 bhk flat on first floor and my mami stays on the second floor. Let me describe you about me and mami in short. I am a normal guy 22 year of age. A good physique. My mami is a housewife. She has a figure of 38-24-36 she is well maintained.

Me and my mami have a relation like friends. We usually hang out on terrace most of the time. I never had a bad eye on her. I have a great crush on my mom. By reading the incest stories on iss I have a huge lust of fucking my mom.

Once my family members went out of town to attend wedding of my cousin. I was left all alone at home. Early morning my dad mom left leaving me alone at home. I got up at 9 and went to market to get something to eat. While returning I got some hot porn movies of mother and son.

As soon as I reached home I switched on my 55″ lcd tv and played the porn. In excitement I forgot to lock the door. I was busy watching the porn. On the screen a young boy was banging his hot mom. I was so aroused that I took of my shorts and started masturbating.

While I was about to cum the power went off. I was so hot that imagining about me having fun with mom shot huge load. I layed on sofa like that only. After sometime I was hard again. My monster got into its full size. Again I started playing with it. As there were no lights my mami was bored at home so she suddenly came to my house. As I had forget to lock the door she entered the flat directly. I immediately hide my dick in my shorts and stood up. As I was in my football shorts my hard dick was clearly visible. She did not say anything.

I noticed that she had a cruel smile on her face and she was staring at my dick. We had a chat and then it suddenly started raining. She had put her clothes to dry on terrace so she asked me for help or else all her clothes would get wet. We immediately ran to our terrace to remove the clothes.

While helping her out it started raining heavily. We both were full wet. She was full wet and even me. She was looking damn hot. I could not resist. I had an hardon and as I was in my football shorts they were stuck on my body due to water. Hardon was visible. She saw it and asked me whom m I thinking about. I told m not thinking m watching u. And I added that your sexy. You have a hot figure. And tried to hug her. She pushed me and went near the terrace door. And called me.

As from the door no one can see us she smooched me and I started caressing her ass and boobs. But we stopped there as her hubby my mama had arrived. So we went to our respective homes.

Later I got a text from her that she enjoyed the rains and she is feeling cold. I told her to come to my flat we both will get hot. She replied that I will be there at 9. Be ready for action. I was really excited now. I again went to the market got some condoms of different flavors, got chocolate syrup. I reached home by 8. I got a call from mom that mami will get dinner for me and she will stay with you tonight as due to rains they could not make it to return home. I was on cloud nine. I was eagerly waiting for my sex bomb.

Finally it was 9 in the clock. The door bell rang. My mami was there. She changed into saree as we both got wet in rains. She had wore a tight saree her blouse was so tight that there was no need to wear a bra. But still she was wearing a black bra. The blouse was so deep neck that it revealed her boobs. I was feeling to jump on them and start sucking them. She said,” ankho se yahi sab karoge ya mujhe andar bhi loge” and she laughed. I took her in closed the door. She kept the food on table and came in front of me I tried to kiss her. She stopped and said wait you mama is still awake.

Then we sat on sofa and started watching tv. She said me to put on the porn. We watched the full dvd. Her boobs got more hard and my cock was tearing my shorts to get free. I have a 6″ cock. She asked me that why all the porns you have are of mom and son. I said I just love incest and I have a huge crush on my mom. She laughed and said first let me check you then I will help you to have your mom. I could not wait now and I pounced on her.

I started smooching her hard and bit her neck. She was so aroused that she started rubbing my hard cock on my shorts. I unhooked her blouse and started kissing her boobs. She started slow moans. She hold my hairs and started pressing my face on her boobs. I removed her bra and she was half naked in front of me now. Wooww!!! She was looking damn hot. I was having the view of my lifetime. For the first time I have been seeing a nude woman. I didnt wait I started sucking her melons and biting her nipples.

She said lets go to the room. I took her in my arms and we went to my room. There I threw her on bed and started removing her saree. She was wearing black panty. I took it out in other second.

I started licking her thighs and was pressing her boobs. I went near her pussy. Ohh god I got mad by the scent of pussy. I parted her pussy lips and placed my tongue on the entrance. She shivered and hold my head and said please dont tease just do it.

I slowly started licking and sucking her pussy. She was moaning ohhh yeahh ssss umm do it hard umm ssss I started sucking her pussy hard and inserted my fingers in her pussy and started fingering her. She was moaning so loud and enjoying it.

I too got hot and increased my speed and she was about to cum. I did it more hard and she cummed hard. I tasted the cum on my fingers and smooched her. She lied on me for sometime and whispered in my ear that it was the best orgasm she had in her life. She loved it.

Now its my turn she said. I said her to wait. Went to kitchen and brought the chocolate syrup. She smiled and said you are very naughty sk. I sat on bed. She took out my shorts and tee shirt and started playing with my cock. She poured the syrup on my chest and started licking it all over.

She then removed my undies and poured the syrup from chest to my dick. She now came on my body and started rubbing her boobs on my chest. Ummm the feeling was soo good.

Then I sucked her chocolate melons and kissed her. She then licked me all and then hold my dick and erotically started licking all the chocolate on it.

She started blowing me so sexily that within minutes I was about to cum. She stopped and poured more chocolate and started blowing me hard. I cummed in her mouth she licking all my cum and chocolate and came on me and we lip locked. She gave such an amazing blowjob. That was the best smooch tasted best. My cum mixed with chocolate and her saliva. Ummm. I was hard again.

She said have you got condoms. I just gave her all the flavors. She took out one and put it on my dick. She lay on bed and ask me to come on her. She guided my cock in her pussy. She was tight. I slowly started pushing it in. As it was my first time it was paining a bit. She hold me tight and locked her legs around me and whispered in my ears that start moving slowly slowly. I started thrusting her slowly. She was moaning. I started increasing my speed. She was enjoying. The pain was now no more and I was enjoying.

I started banging her hard that my testis started ramming on her pussy and I was in heaven. I made it so wild my licking her earlobes her neck that she was fully aroused. She started scratching my back. I got more hot and rammed her hard I was about to cum. She said dont waste your cum I want it on my boobs and taste it. She took out my dick thew the condom and placed it between her boobs and started tit fucking. I cummed a huge load on her face and tits. She licked it all and we slept nude itself.

Later that night she taught me all new positions and promised me that she will help me fuck my mom. We regularly have sessions on terrace and in my room. We are now addicted to each other. She cant resist without my cock and I cant live without her pus

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