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Finally Got My Sudha Aunty

  • desipapa
  • August 27, 2015

Hi readers of desipapa. This is Satya. Iam a regular reader of these stories especially the incest ones. After inspiring with the stories, i thought to put infront of you the first experience I had in my life initailly

I want to make one thing clear that nothing was creative in this story but ofcorse names were changed. Please provide your valuable feedback to

To publish more of my experiences in future.
Let me explain the basic characters in my story. Myself Satya, mom and one elder sister who got married and staying with my BIL. The incident which has changed my life was happend in my +2. I am from Kurnool.

My uncle (elder brother of my mom) got married and they already celebrated 5th year anniversary. But they don’t have kids. My uncle’s wife (my aunty’s) name is Sudha who is at an age of 38 when the incident happend.

Let me explain something about Sudha aunty. Eventhough she is not so beautiful, her physique is so attractive. Her size is 36-30-38. Ofcorse i didn’t have any wrong intentions towards her right from the time she came to our family. But things changed when I’m in +2.

As started watching blue films and porn movies, my thoughts keep on changing week by week. Here comes the story. My uncle use to stay in the opposite house where we stay. It is my summer gap between +2 and B.E. By habbit, my uncle is a drinker and he usually comes to home by 11:00pm daily.

One day at 6:00pm in the evening, I went to my uncle’s home to give some grosseries to my aunty. Once after entering into house, I found the house empty. It is a small three rooms house (1BHK). I understood that Sudha aunty is bathing and I thought lets wait and give it to her by hand and waiting in the living room.

As she is not aware that I am in home, she came out of the bathroom with her petticoat alone. I am shocked looking at her for the first time in such a petticoat which was already wet. Even she shared some of my shock. I told her the reason I am there and handed over those grosseries to her and came back to home.

May be thats the moment when my thoughts regading my aunty changed. I started masturbating thinking of her from that day.
I have never expected that a day will come where i will njoy her beauty. Finally the day came. It is 2:00pm in the afternoon and as it was summer, it is so hot.

Unfortunately the power supply wire to my aunty’s home got broken when a big lorry passed towards our road. So there is no power supply to their home and we understood that the problem will get solved only the next day. We have a habbit of sleeping for some time in the afternoon after lunch. As there is no power in my aunty’s home,

I asked her to come to my home and sleep. Even my home consists of 3 rooms, a hall a middle room and a kitchen. I arranged a mat to sleep on floor in our living room. She slept right to me. We watched TV for some time and switched it off when i found my aunty was already in sleep.

After some time I remembered the day when I saw my aunty in her petticoat and the smae personi now sleeping beside me now. I thought of utilizing this opportunity. She is in an ordinary saree and to check her conciousness, I turned towards her and placed my left hand on her waist. After confirming that ther is no jerk in her, I proceeded further.

I slowly started rubbing her waist over her saree. Then I placed y hand inside her saree and sensed her bare waist. I pressed it smoothly for whcih there is no reaction. I felt happy and moved my hand slowly towards top to touch her boobs. I finally reached and landed my palm over her right boob.

No reaction was found. I slowly caressed it and then reached the left ones. after enjoing it for about 10 min, I tried toplace y hand inside her blouse. SO, I tried to remove her blouse hookd from bottom. Suddenly the telephone rang and infractionfor seconds I reoved my hand.

I went and attended the call and came back. After coming back I found my aunty opened her eyes and looking at me. I am afraid and asked her whether she need some blanket to cover herself. She said yes and I provided one.

After half an hour I started the same act which I did previously, reached to remove her blouse hooks from bottom. To my surprise I found last two hooks were already opened. I remember I didnt open. So it was my aunty who opened. I got some dare and slowly tried to push my hand inside the blouse from bottom.

Finally my hand is inside her blouse and I sensed her nipples. My hand got struck inside Iam unable to bring back my hand. My aunty understood my difficulty and slowly opened the all the other hooks. So I understood I am invited to enjoy her. I made the sleeves of her blouse wide open and removed her saree from top.

I started sucking her boobs starting with the left and then the right. After doing it for 15 min, I slowly placed my left hand inside her petticoat to touch her pussy. With no objections I reached there and inserted my left middle fingure inside her vagina.

It was already wet. I pushed it in and out for few minuted and removed her petticoat completely. Now she is totally naked. I adjusted myself between her legs and slowly inserted my already stiffened dick inside her hole. With and easy push it reached the depth of the hole.

She moaned and slowly later it lead to shouts of aaahhhhh sssssssmm fuck. She totally got into mood and started fucking her as fast as possible and discharged all my cum into her. I slept on her for 5 min and woke up. This is the way I had my first experience. And this continued when where possibility arised.

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