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Female Doctor In Train

  • desipapa
  • October 5, 2015

Hi Desipapa friends . I am too a Desipapa vistors.I am disclosing a TRUE SEXUAL & EXCITING Incident of my life. My name is Vishal (Nick Name) 22 yrs old, very fair complexion, a gym and exercise addict. Female friends of mine have told me I that I am very handsome. I am from Bhubaneswar into family business.

The morning started with a phone call from my girl friend sheena Matthur we been in love with each other from last two years. She belonged to another caste and I to another caste. I had told her to talk her parents about us getting married. she while crying on the phone she said that her parent are not ready for the marriage in any case. After knowing about her and me they said that they shifting from this place soon. So I am talking with you last time. I am sorry please forgive me and I will not take any step which will hurt their hearts. She kept the phone. I was very sad after that. I was scheduled to leave for TATA in the night by train. In the evening the pain was becoming uncontrollable, so took vodka in a bar while my way to station. As I was drunken 1st time so it had intoxicated me well. I took my seat in the compartment there very few people in the train I was alone in the birth that night. Just after one station one lady came into the birth. She 26 years old lady ,tall, very fair, her figure was 38C 26 34 in wearing tight salwar & kamaz of yellow with flowers printed and was wearing nice jewelry seemed to be from a very good family. Our eyes met I saw her she saw me but I was not interested in anything at that moment. My face was expressing my internal pain and sadness to its fullest extent. She was looked at me 4, 5 times. At last she asked me are you not feeling well do have fever? I said thanks for your concern but I can manage. She replied don’t hesitate I am Doctor. Tell me what is wrong? (The A.C was making it very cool place and due to alcohol consumption for the first time i was headache too.) She came on my sat seat I was lying on seat she was seating on the little place near my stomach her soft buttocks (Gand) was touching my stomach. Doctor she said yes I have headache and I feel little feverish. This pain is not bothering me much but the pain which is really bothering me is something else and no doctor can cure that pain.So what is the fun in curing this pain? Relax, realx After a moment she said you are young enough to have problem like that in this age. She said my name is Shipla Arora I am doctor in Delhi. Your? I said Vishal Ok Vishal let me check up first your fever she placed her soft hand on forehead and you having very slight fever I am carrying pills which will make you good in a hour or two. Got up from seat opened her small carry bag and brought the pill and balm for headache. She said apply this balm on your forehead and after that take this medicine.

I said thanks doctor I am not in position to apply this please keep it their I will apply when I can. Ok I will apply it on your fore head she sat near my shoulder and her buttocks (GAND) and part of thighs were touching shoudlers. She started applying it on my fore head with her soft hands I was able to see her upper part of her white BIG BOOBS (DHOOD) said Vishal you seem to be a nice guy from a good family what is the problem? Tell me it will ease your pain. Take me as your friend and tell me. I said Doctor Call me shilpa I said it would be of no use it will not ease my pain. Try it I assure you it will relief. I told her the whole story. She answered this world is very Bad Vishal with attraction, affection and love for me in her eyes I could see it. Mine was a love marriage. My husband is doctor too. It is two years we have been married. I recently found out he cheating me. He sleeping and having affair with a nurse.(She said many things after that I know you not eager hear all that You wana hear about fucking I am coming to it started from here.). I am too very unhappy for that. I felt from her body language she is getting attracted to me. Ok now sit up for a moment she sat in the place where I kept my head she folded her thigh and said keep your head on and I will apply the balm nicely now with naught smile on her beautiful face and I was also getting attracted to her now. I placed my head on thighs now while placing head on thighs not intentionally felt soft BADA BADA DHOOD (BOOBS) on my head. I placed my head on her thighs she started to apply the balm I was fully able feel her stomach and Boobs on my head. After that she pulled my head more and more closer to her boobs. As I was intoxicated caught her one hand my hand very tightly. She asked is this first time you consumed alcohol I said yes but how you know? she said alcohol smells one can know it and seeing your condition ? Forget all that for better and this time to enjoy life. I tighten her hand more tightly and closed my eyes. She then put her hand inside shirt on my chest slowly messaging my chest. This gave my 8-inch dick (LUND) a instant erection. I felt she bending I felt her lips on my lips and her teeth slowly biting my lips her tongue touching my tongue. Kissing went for one two min. Now very hot my dick (Lund) was standing like a pole in the tent. She took her hand from my hand and started to press my dick over my pant and this made kissing more & more wild. I started biting her lips with my teeth. I had still my eyes closed and enjoying the love. She came over and slept on me started kissing my neck her tongue was moving all over my neck .I had hugged and I was too kissing her neck .We both were very aroused now and moaning. She got up and I opened my eyes to know what happened she took the blanket covered me & herself and closed the curtain of the seat. I smiled at her lovingly she too did the same. I kept my hand on her BIG BOOBS ( DHOOD ) they were bigger for my hand I was fondling it over her kurta she was moaning mmmmmmmm I felt so good. She opened my zipper and brought out the my Lund (dick ) out of the cage her garbed my dick tightly said good size Vishal I am proud of it .I removed kurta she was wearing black bra her boobs were fair or white complexion she was looking like queen of beauty I unhooked her bra and two mountains were out her light brown color nipples was hard and pointed asking to be sucked very hard. Placed one hand on the boobs and with other I looked for the Nada of her salwar and opened it removed and her salwar was wearing black panty there was smile again on her face. I pressed her large pussy lips she now moving doing my dick up and down with tight grip of her hand. I removed her panty and saw clean shaved pussy. She told lie in the 69 position I did it she started sucking my cock (Lund ) Vishal meri choot ko chato zhorsay chato plz I had never I had never did it before so with some hessitation I sucked after some I too felt good licking her clit and pussy her juice was coming out .She making my cock fuck her mouth wildly and sucking it with good force. I said Shilpa I am about cum she cum in my mouth. I cummed in her mouth. We got and smiled at each other.

She signaled me to wear the clothes and come to the bathroom. We went to bathroom removed all our clothes and I inserted my cock her wet pussy stroked it very hard tore pussy apart for 20 minutes she was moaning ah ah ah ah oo oo oo oo I about cum and brought my COCK out sprayed on her boobs. I thought now we go back but no today for first I had fuck the ass also. After 4 5 min she said garbed my dick sucked it was again hard and standing she bend while opening her legs her hands straight holding ply for support and asked apply the cum on asshole and fuck her. This was my first time to fuck a ass I did it put my cock in her ass hole she shouted pain and I ignored it and stroked it well for 10 min I cummed on her ass and sprayed it on her ass. Kept dick against her ass till become soft again. Then we put on over clothes and went back my seat. Talked about each other and shared jokes. She gave her visiting card and told me to mail her and if possible after finishing my work at TaTa come to Delhi and meet her. I would inform her in one to days. I gave her my visiting card too. After I never got chance again to meet her but we exchange mails often. We are very good friends.

All Desipapa loving females I would love to receive mail from you You can share your experience and fantasies. We can have lot of fun.

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